Saeco Estrosa

Name: Estrosa
Brand: Saeco
Type: Espresso
Operation: Manual
Capacity: 1.5 L

The Saeco Estrosa completes, together with the Saeco Poemia, the range of manual espresso machines from the prestigious Italian company Saeco.

The main differences between the Saeco Estrosa and the Saeco Poemia are that the Estrosa is a top-of-the-range coffee machine, with better materials and more details or advanced functions than the Poemia, such as the cup warmer, the boiler built-in steel instead of aluminium, or the power (almost double the wattage). Although the basic functions are the same in both coffee machines, everything has to be said.

How the Saeco Estrosa works

The front panel of the Saeco Estrosa is very simple, with just four indicator lights (one of which is for turning the machine on and off). The body of the Saeco Estrosa is made of stainless steel and quite robust black plastic.

The overall impression is very good, hard and elegant. It also stands out for its pressurised aluminium filter (a system patented by Saeco), which allows us to obtain a dense and creamy foam at the end of our coffees.

The operation of the Saeco Estrosa espresso machine is very simple. Once we have added the ground coffee to the filter-holder ladle and put it in place, we have to press the brew button once to start serving the coffee and a second time to stop it. We can also place our cups or glasses while we wait on top of the coffee maker (see photo below), which also works as a cup warmer.

saeco estrosa 1

Characteristics of the Saeco Estrosa

  • You can use either ground coffee or E.S.E. type single-dose coffee. (Easy Serving Espresso).
  • Pre-preparation system: this function, exclusive to Saeco coffee machines, allows the coffee beans to be moistened before starting the preparation. This process enhances both the aroma and the final taste of our coffee.
  • Decalcification alarm: The Saeco Estrosa espresso machine warns us by means of a light indicator when it is necessary to start a decalcification process.
  • It includes a milk frother to enjoy a delicious and creamy milk foam in your coffees.
  • The cup tray can be removed. This is very useful to clean it well, or to place larger coffee containers under the ladle.
  • It also has a cup holder.
  • The pressure pump is 15 bar.
  • The boiler is made of stainless steel.
  • It is compatible with Brita water filters (although it is not included by default, you must purchase it separately).
  • The water tank is also removable and has a capacity of 1.5 litres.

Advantages of the Saeco Estrosa

  • It is a very versatile coffee maker: you can use either the ground coffee you like or the ESE standard single-dose cups.
  • High quality materials, finishes and details.
  • Cup holder, milk frother… the most gourmand coffee lovers will enjoy this kind of details.

Disadvantages of Saeco Estrosa

  • If you run out of water, you have to go through a long process to completely fill and purge the circuit.
  • It is much more expensive than the Saeco Poemia, when its basic features are very similar.

Videos of the Saeco Estrosa

We always like to show you some video of the coffee machines in operation, so that you get a better idea of the product you are going to buy. For that reason, if you are going to buy a Saeco Estrosa, we recommend you watch the following video carefully:

Why buy a Saeco Estrosa?

If you are looking for a Saeco manual espresso machine, you have the option of the Saeco Poemia, more basic and cheaper, or this Saeco Estrosa, with more options and better qualities but also more expensive.

Your choice depends on how demanding you are with your coffee machine and what you are willing to spend. If you get the budget, you can be sure that the Saeco Estrosa is a great purchase, that’s for sure. But you must evaluate if it is really what you need or if it is worth it with a more basic coffee maker.

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