Russell Hobbs Illumina

Name: Illumina
Brand: Russell Hobbs
Type: Drip
Operation: Automatic
Capacity: 1.1 litres

Russell Hobbs ILLUMINA THERMAL - coffee makers (freestanding, Drip coffee maker, Ground coffee,...
Russell Hobbs ILLUMINA THERMAL - coffee makers (freestanding, Drip coffee maker, Ground coffee,...
4-colour Illumina light ring which reflects optisch aroma stage of coffee wider; Spray Head Technology – better Coffee Extraction for excellent aroma

There are different coffee machines to the rest, that’s for sure. No matter how densely populated a certain segment is, as is the case with drip coffee machines, there are still models that differ from the others in their own right. This is the case of the coffee machine that occupies our review today: the Russell Hobbs Illumina.

The first thing we have to comment on is its name. This Russell Hobbs Illumina is a coffee machine that lights up, just as it sounds. Its main feature is a ring of light that surrounds the entire base of the machine and lights up when the machine is running. Its activity gives the Russell Hobbs Illumina a personality of its own, as we shall see later on.

The Russell Hobbs Illumina is a drip coffee machine with a stainless steel thermal carafe and a 1.1-litre water tank. It has 1000 watts of power, and its front panel, also made of polished stainless steel, stands out, with the brand logo engraved on it. According to the manufacturer himself, it is capable of heating the water to the optimum temperature up to 65% faster than other coffee machines from the firm.

Russell Hobbs Illumina coffee machine with thermal carafe

It’s time to talk in-depth about the most striking element of the Russell Hobbs Illumina coffee machine: the coloured ring. The interesting thing about this indicator is that it changes colour according to the warning it wants to give us. When the coffee machine is switched off, it doesn’t work, but if you activate the machine, you will see that the ring communicates with you by means of a peculiar colour code:

  • Blue: the coffee is being prepared (not yet finished).
  • Green: optimum flavour. The coffee takes between 0 and 15 minutes to prepare, which is exactly what we recommend.
  • Purple: good flavour. Coffee takes between 15 and 30 minutes to prepare. It is still good, but it is only suitable for those who prefer a slightly more bitter coffee.
  • Red: alert. Coffee has been in the filter for more than 30 minutes and is in danger of being over-extracted. It is advisable to stop the coffee machine immediately, at the risk of spoiling the coffee.

Surprising, isn’t it? There is currently no such machine on the Drip Coffee Machine market.

The thermal carafe of the Russell Hobbs Illumina looks like the one you see in the following picture. It is very elegant, solid, and the black lid allows the container to be closed tightly. The handle is wide enough to handle it comfortably, and as you can see, it has a spout opening to serve the coffee directly from the carafe, as if it were a serving instrument.

Russell Hobbs Illumina Thermos flask

For this Russell Hobbs Illumina model, British engineers have significantly improved the system for spraying water over the filter. The water is now distributed much more evenly over the ground beans, resulting in a more homogeneous brew, i.e. a more intense flavour and better use of the raw material.

Russell Hobbs Illumina: Main Features

  • Light ring that lights up in different colours depending on the stage of extraction of the coffee machine.
  • Includes a stainless steel thermos flask that keeps the temperature of the coffee longer.
  • Tank capacity: 1.1 litres. Sufficient for a maximum of 8 cups.
  • The top lid opens by pressure.
  • Heats up to 65% faster than other coffee makers of the same brand.
  • Polished stainless steel front panel.
  • Transparent, removable water tank, which can be seen from the outside.
  • Advanced water spraying system on the coffee filter.
  • Power: 1000 watts.
  • Weight: just over 3 kg.

Advantages of the Russell Hobbs Illumina

  • Above all else, the innovative light ring and its informative colour code.
  • The metallic or lacquered finishes and materials used in the finishes.
  • The possibility of using a conventional glass carafe, or a thermal carafe that keeps the coffee hot.

Disadvantages of the Russell Hobbs Illumina

  • Due to the use of the thermal carafe, the capacity of the coffee maker is not as large as that of other Russell Hobbs models.
  • The difference in price compared to other competing coffee machines (with similar performance) is remarkable. Stainless steel is clearly worth the price, but is it really worth the extra cost of the light ring? Surely more than one user questions this…

Russell Hobbs Illumina: Videos

Thanks to this commercial presentation in the British way, you can see in detail what this Russell Hobbs Illumina coffee machine looks like:

Why Buy a Russell Hobbs Illumina Coffee Machine?

Russell Hobbs is one of those brands that specialise in a particular type of coffee machine (drip or filter coffee machines, in this case) and is able to take it to another level. The Russell Hobbs Illumina is a paradigm of elegance and modernity and includes all the advanced features that the demanding consumer can expect from a drip coffee machine. Programmable with timer, high-quality finishes and materials, stainless steel thermal carafe, the unique light ring, without a doubt, a drip coffee maker that is at the forefront of its segment.

We recommend it for medium-high level users who know what they are looking for and can squeeze the capacities of a thermal coffee maker like this one. For low profile users, it is probably an expensive product that will not be fully exploited.

With a similar potential to this Illumina coffee maker but more modest, we find the Russell Hobbs Jewels. Other good options are the Russell Hobbs Legacy or the Siemens TC86505, each with its own particularities.

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