Princess Compact 4 All

Name: Compact 4 All
Brand: Princess
Type: Combi
Operation: Automatic
Capacity: 0.3 litres

Princess 244000 Compact 4 All Koffiezetapparaat Wit
Princess 244000 Compact 4 All Koffiezetapparaat Wit
Voltage: 220-240 Volts, Power: 600 Watts

When we get copies like this Princess Compact 4 All we can’t help but remember the clichés that coffee machines are a very traditional sector and that everything has already been invented in these lines.

Have you ever heard of breakfast centres? Yes, those machines that, within the same product, allow you to carry out all the necessary or usual tasks at breakfast time: preparing coffee, boiling water for infusions, toasting bread, making natural juice… well, this Princess Compact 4 All comes to revolutionise the traditional concept of these combined coffee machines, and offers us an absolutely unique and original product: a modular breakfast centre, made up of 4 independent elements.

However, let’s start by talking about the coffee machine, which is what interests us most.

The Princess Compact 4 All, or Princess 244000, is a single drip-coffee machine with a capacity of 0.3 litres of coffee (for 1 or 2 cups at most). It has very small dimensions and is very compact – a must, as it has to fit into the Compact4All complete breakfast kit, as we will see below. It is a perfect cube with a 20 cm edge.

To make the coffee, our Princess Compact 4 All uses ground coffee, and instead of the classic paper filters (disposable, single-use) it uses a permanent filter that we can remove and wash or rinse when we have finished using the coffee machine.

The water tank can be removed and cleaned or refilled independently. It is transparent and we can read its current water level from the outside, thanks to the scale drawn on its wall. The scale measures a maximum of 2 large or 3 small cups, although we have already said that for measurements and tastes it is more logical to consider between 1 and 2. The on/off switch, located in the lower-left corner of the coffee machine, has an indicator light, which tells us when the coffee machine is in use and ready to serve coffee.

The following picture shows how the Princess Compact 4 All coffee machine looks when integrated with the other components:

Princess Compact4all 4 in 1 coffee machine

Princess Compact 4 All: all you need for your breakfast

As we have already said, the most interesting thing about this Princess Compact 4 All coffee machine is that it does not come alone, but is presented within a modular set of 4 elements. This unique example of the modular kitchen consists of the aforementioned coffee machine, a Princess toaster, the Princess kettle and the Princess juicer. Breakfast tower, called by the Princess firm itself on its website.

What makes this set special is that, unlike other combi-coffee machines or other breakfast centres, the four modules of the Princess Compact 4 All can be purchased and used separately. Each of them costs around £35. So we don’t need to buy the whole set if we are only going to use, for example, the coffee machine and juicer, or the coffee machine and kettle.

The four components of the Princess Compact 4 All (coffee machine, kettle, toaster and juice maker) have exactly the same cube design, and the same dimensions. If you want to arrange all four together, they fit together perfectly to form a bucket twice the size. Naturally, they also retain the white colour and cohesion in all the aesthetic elements and parts (appearance of the buttons, pushers, etc.).

In short, a very original proposal that transcends the old concept of a breakfast centre, where all the services were integrated in the same device. With the Princess Compact 4 All the four functions are executed in four different products, and you can take home only those that interest you. And link them as you like to each other.

Princess Compact4All: Main Features

  • The coffee maker is part of a Princess Compact 4 All breakfast bucket, consisting of coffee maker, kettle, juicer and toaster.
  • Removable water tank with 0.3 litre capacity.
  • Used with ground coffee.
  • Remaining water level indicator visible from outside.
  • On/Off switch with pilot light.
  • Stand-by function.
  • Drip coffee maker with permanent and removable filter
  • Power: 600 watts.
  • Weight: about 1.8 kg.
  • Dimensions (only of the coffee maker): 20 x 20 x 20 cms.

Advantages of the Princess Compact 4 All

  • If we buy it and use it separately, the coffee maker is so small that it is perfect for taking it with us on camping trips or excursions.
  • The design is super original, and really saves a lot of space in the kitchen if we use all four elements every day.
  • It can be cheaper than other similar breakfast kits. We will go over some of them in the last section of this analysis.

Disadvantages of the Princess Compact 4 All

  • If we look only at the coffee machine, it is rather short and insufficient for more than one person. It produces two fair cups.
  • The use of permanent filters in drip coffee machines is always controversial, because if you don’t like the result it is difficult to fit lifetime paper filters. These in particular are very small in size, and you’ll probably have to cut them out or adapt them to fit the filter.
  • It has no anti-drip blocking system. The coffee machine still drips, even if you remove the cup from underneath. You have to wait until the whole tank is emptied.

Princess Compact 4 All: Videos

To complete our analysis, we leave you with this commercial presentation of the Princess Compact 4 All breakfast kit, courtesy of the manufacturer himself:

Why buy a Princess Compact 4 All?

A breakfast centre like this Princess Compact 4 All makes sense as long as we take advantage of and use all its elements on a daily basis. If we stay alone in evaluating the coffee machine, we find ourselves with a very small, single-use drip-coffee machine, similar, for example, to the Melitta Single5 or the more basic model of the Ufesa CG7212. If you are only interested in making drip coffee, then we think it’s better to opt for a stand-alone coffee machine.

There are other options on the market similar to this one, such as the Beem Ecco Deluxe 4 in 1 or the Beem Ecco 3 in 1, but these are compact breakfast centres and you have to buy the complete appliance. You cannot separate them into modules, as is the case with the Princess Compact 4 All.

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