Philips Saeco Poemia

Name: Poemia
Brand: Saeco
Type: Espresso
Operation: Manual
Capacity: 1 litre

The Philips Saeco Poemia is a manual espresso machine that is among the best-selling and most popular on the market. This manual Saeco Poemia includes premium features and functions for a very affordable price (just over £100, as we shall see below) and therein lies much of its success. You will also find it referred to as Saeco Poemia Focus or Saeco Poemia Class.

Its operation, for a handheld espresso machine, is very simple. Turn on your Philips Saeco Poemia, and while the systems are heating, you can place the cup (or cups, because you can prepare two at once) on the stand to heat them up at the same time. An indicator light on the front will light up when the coffee machine has warmed up and is ready.

Then pour your coffee into the filter, adjust the arm on the coffee maker, and start it up to get a delicious, freshly brewed espresso in a few seconds. It has some little details that could be improved, as discussed below in the disadvantage section, but overall and for the price that has the Philips Saeco Poemia is one of the best options you will find in the segment of espresso machines (and in particular the manual espresso machines).

The control knob, located on the front of the Saeco Poemia Focus, is made of the chrome finish and has only two active positions: one to prepare coffee and the other to activate the steamer function.

NOTE: To get the most out of your Saeco Poemia, you may also need to buy a good grinder, right? If you are interested, don’t forget to visit our section of coffee grinders.

Saeco Poemia – Colour range

The Philips Saeco Poemia manual coffee maker comes in a range of cheerful colours, incorporating models such as grey or red, a far cry from the traditional and serious nature of espresso machines (which are usually black or grey).

Saeco Poemia Class

The Saeco Poemia Class is a slightly more advanced and stylish version of the conventional Philips Saeco Poemia. Its main advantage is the stainless steel front and main body, instead of the plastic used in the other models.

Naturally, its price is also slightly higher – the choice is up to you!

Saeco Poemia – Main features

We will now explain what makes this Saeco Poemia a unique manual espresso machine.

  • Pressure filter for cream: The cream is one of those details that differentiate a good coffee from a superior coffee. The Saeco Poemia incorporates a pressurized filter holder (they call it the Great Cream) that prepares an incredible, dense, long-lasting cream that satisfies a delicious cream with a long-lasting and unbeatable taste. The best ending for your espressos.
  • Ground coffee and Easy Serving: You can use in Saeco Poemia both ground coffee and ESE single-dose pods (E.S.E is a standard single-dose pod that stands for Easy Serving Espresso).
  • Removable elements: All the elements of the coffee maker can be removed, cleaned, replaced, etc. We refer to the filters, the drip tray, the water or coffee tanks…
  • 15 bar pressure pump: A good espresso cannot be guaranteed without a good pump.
  • Cup holder: Very original and practical: Always keep your favourite cup or glass in the coffee maker. Forget about taking up space in cupboards and always keep it within reach. And you can also heat the cup while you wait… no more warm coffees forever!
  • Pannarello: Behind this name lies one of our favourite accessories for the Saeco Poemia: a manual milk frother that you will have to insert yourself into the milk and turn (spin) it very slowly to create a handmade, and of course instant, milk foam. Simply spectacular.

Advantages of Saeco Poemia

  • The fact that we can use single doses (the ESE type) seems to us to greatly extend the possibilities of this coffee maker.
  • The finishes and materials are of excellent quality (just look at the photos below for the chrome-plated controls or coatings).
  • The milk frother or the cup holder are top-of-the-range features, not at all common for coffee machines of this price.

Disadvantages of Saeco Poemia

  • The water tank has a capacity of one litre, which is not bad but it is not like throwing rockets either.
  • The space between the dispensing arm and the cup holder is 7.5 cm, and cannot be adjusted. This forces you to use small cups, or to pour the coffee into a larger cup after preparing it (if you want to prepare a long coffee, for example).

Saeco Poemia coffee maker – Videos

Before you buy your Saeco Poemia, it’s a good idea to see it in operation. That’s why we present you with these two videos that for sure will help you to clarify all the doubts you may have about this coffee maker. Firstly, a global demonstration of how the Saeco Poemia works:

The second video is a very detailed explanation of how to prepare a cappuccino with the Saeco Poemia.

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Philips Saeco CA6700/10 Liquid Descaler 250ml ( Pack of 1)
Philips Saeco CA6700/10 Liquid Descaler 250ml ( Pack of 1)
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Why buy a Saeco Poemia Focus?

The Saeco Poemia coffee machine is the most popular and best-selling manual espresso machine on the market. This is no coincidence.

It doesn’t have the convenience of an automatic espresso machine, but its price is also much more affordable (between £100-120), allowing it to compete head-to-head with capsule machines. And best of all, it guarantees you an exquisite coffee with nuances and details that automatic machines can hardly match.

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