Philips Cafe Gaia

Name: Gaia Coffee
Brand: Philips
Type: Drip
Operation: Automatic
Capacity: 1.2 litres

The Philips Cafe Gaia coffee machine (also known as the Philips HD7546) is a superb example of the new generation of Philips drip coffee machines.

It is a coffee machine with a thermal carafe, with a large capacity (1.2 litres) and a traditional design, which is within the medium range in the drip coffee machine sector, and which is mainly focused on the regular user (daily and intensive use) of these coffee machines.

So, if you are thinking of buying a filter coffee machine soon, this can be a great recommendation. Let’s get to know it better:

philips cafe gaia 1

Philips Cafe Gaia: Thermal Drip Coffee Machine

As we said, the main quality of the Philips HD7546 coffee maker is that it includes a thermal jug made of stainless steel. This type of carafe keeps the coffee temperature longer and is especially useful in large drip coffee machines (like this Philips Cafe Gaia).

The carafe fits perfectly under the filter (no need to force anything or make any sudden movements). It has an ergonomic black plastic handle open at the bottom, which makes it very easy to handle. In our opinion, jugs with open handles are always more comfortable than those with closed handles, especially if the user has very large hands or fingers.

Also noteworthy is the practical closure incorporated into the carafe, which is completely airtight and prevents the coffee from spilling if we want to use this container as a service carafe.

The robust presence of the steel decanter is complemented by the filter holder, which is also metal, giving this Philips Cafe Gaia coffee maker an unbeatable appearance. Solid, durable and easy to clean.

The filter holder is also foldable. It opens outwards, like a hatch, and the inside is perfectly accessible for pouring coffee or changing the paper filter (which is a conventional size, by the way). There is also a top cover, made of black plastic, which is lifted to expose the inside of the tank so that it can be filled with water without having to separate it from the main body of the coffee maker.

In short, the Philips Cafe Gaia has given us an excellent impression, with good workmanship and very simple handling.

philips cafe gaia 2

Philips Cafe Gaia: General Features

  • 1.2 litre water tank, with filling level visible from the outside Maximum capacity: 12-15 cups.
  • Includes a stainless steel thermos flask, with a hermetic seal and a black insulated handle.
  • Folding and removable filter holder.
  • Dishwasher safe components.
  • Works with 1×4 size paper filters.
  • Anti-drip safety lock: the extraction process stops if the jug is removed from its position under the filter.
  • Non-slip temples.
  • Energy saving: the coffee maker switches off automatically after the coffee has been brewed.
  • Cable length: 90 centimetres.
  • Power: 1000 watts.
  • Dimensions: 25 x 22 x 37 cms.
  • Weight: just under 2 kilograms.

Advantages Of The Philips Cafe Gaia

  • The hermetic closing of the thermal carafe. It keeps the coffee perfectly hot for a long time.
  • The automatic switch-off when the coffee has been made.
  • Good aesthetic presence, elegant design and well finished.
  • Perfect if you need to make a lot of coffee in one go.

Disadvantages Of Philips Cafe Gaia

  • It does not include a permanent filter, although we can add one if we wish (as long as it is size 4, just like the paper filters).
  • There are coffee machines on the market with thermal carafes that are cheaper than this one, although it is clear that the prestige of the Philips firm has to be paid for somehow.

Philips Cafe Gaia: Videos

For you to get to know this Philips Cafe Gaia model closely, nothing better than watching this unboxing to pay attention to all the details it shows us:

If you would like to see a slightly more didactic demonstration of use, then take a look at this test:

Why Buy A Philips Café Gaia Coffee Maker?

If you’ve read the full review, it’s already clear that the Philips Cafe Gaia is a filter coffee machine designed for very specific users. If you brew a lot of cups at the end of the day, if you want to keep your coffee at a good temperature from day to day to avoid overheating, if you attach great importance to the quality of your drip coffee pot… then there’s no doubt: this Philips HD7546 model is made for you.

If you are not in any of these situations, then we must honestly say that you can find a coffee maker just as satisfying (for your requirements) at a lower price. It’s all a matter of searching and knowing what you’re buying.

Fortunately, the thermal coffee machine segment has enough representatives to choose the best alternative according to our needs (and also according to the offer we find at the time of purchase). The Clatronic KA-3327 or the Tristar CM-1234 are really cheap, although our favourite, in this case, would be the Russell Hobbs Illumina (which is more expensive and has more options than our protagonist of today).

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