Oster Prima Latte 2

Name: Prima Latte
Brand: Oster
Type: Espresso
Operation: Manual
Capacity: 1.5 litres

The Oster Prima Latte 2 is a coffee machine that already has a certain amount of experience in the market (the first version was on the market at the end of 2012) and competed directly for supremacy in the manual espresso machine segment.

The Oster brand is trendy in America as a manufacturer of numerous household appliances (not only coffee machines). Its flagship coffee machine (Prima Latte 1) has a good market share and is even available in supermarkets within reach of everyone.

Much more recent (2017) and more powerful is the Oster Prima Latte 2, an improved version of the original which we will also talk about at length in this review.

At the moment, we are evaluating the characteristics of the Oster Prima Latte 1st Generation.

The control panels of the Oster Prima Latte are located on the front of the coffee machine, except for the on/off button, which is located on the right-hand side (almost at the back).

There are three buttons located vertically, with their corresponding indicator lights, to start the preparation of espressos, cappuccinos and lattes (for each of the three types, you can choose short or long). It is a straightforward panel and quite easy to use, very suitable for users who are not very experienced in handling this type of coffee machine.

If you have any doubts about the operation of the machine, be sure to consult its official user guide: the Oster Prima Latte instruction manual.

Finally, since the Oster Prima Latte is a manual coffee machine (and therefore, you should use ground coffee with it), we recommend that you visit our section on coffee grinders to ensure the best quality in grinding. However good your coffee machine is, if the coffee is not of good quality, you will not be able to work miracles!

With your Oster Prima Latte II, you can prepare: single or double espressos, large or small cappuccinos, and large or small lattes.

Below you will find the characteristics and technical specifications of this magnificent manual Oster Prima Latte coffee maker.

Oster or Breville Prima Latte?

Uninitiated users may be confused because Breville is an Australian firm that operates worldwide with dozens of own brands and subsidiaries in its name. That’s why if you go to buy your Oster Prima Latte or Oster Prima Latte in any physical store, you will always find Oster coffee machines. But at Amazon, you can find both distributions and buy both the Oster and the Breville VCF108 One-Touch.

Don’t worry and don’t be confused: both are the same machine and have the same features and look. Just change the brand under which it is sold: Oster or Breville. And to prove it to you, here are their purchase sheets for both Breville Prima Latte 1 and VCF108 One-Touch:

Oster Prima Latte – Main features

  • Prepare espressos, cappuccinos or lattes by merely pressing a button (automatic mode).
  • Thanks to the manual mode, you can customize the amount of coffee you want to make: an advantage that you can only have with a manual espresso machine.
  • If you wish, you can program it only to make foam (without preparing coffee).
  • The pump reaches 15 bar pressure.
  • The water tank has a capacity of 1.5 litres. According to the manufacturer, it lasts for up to 8 cappuccinos. It can be easily removed for refilling or cleaning.
  • The milk tank is also removable. It has a capacity of 300 ml.
  • The cup holder can be adjusted in height to use the cup of your choice.
  • A feature that we think is great, and that we have not seen in almost any other coffee machine with an automatic milk frother: the Oster Prima Latte has an automated frother cleaning system. It is activated effortlessly: remove the milk tank, place an empty cup or glass underneath (to collect any remaining milk) and press and hold the cleaning button (LIMP) for three seconds. Your steamer tube will be as good as new and ready for the next use.

Oster Prima Latte 2 or Breville VCF108 One-Touch: Review of the new version

The essence of the Breville VCF108 One Touch coffee maker does not change concerning the original model: an armoured coffee maker with a milk tank included, which allows us to make preparations with milk foam (cappuccinos, lattes, emulsions) quickly, automatically and without effort. Just by pressing a button.

However, its price increases considerably, and the functions are also different – more extensive, in this case. Let’s take a closer look at the differences between the Oster Prima Latte 2 and the original Prima Latte:

  • The milk tank is larger: 650 ml.
  • The control panel is handy and has a more significant number of indicator lights.
  • You can regulate the amount of milk foam to be served in each cup.
  • The finishes and tops are of higher quality.
  • The tray where the cup (or glass) is placed is wider than in the previous model.
  • You can configure or pre-program the brewing process, so that at the touch of a button, the coffee comes out with your favourite configuration.

Characteristics of Oster Prima Latte II (2nd Generation)

  • Semi-automatic 3-in-1 espresso arm coffee maker.
  • Produces milk foam drinks at the touch of a button.
  • Integrated milk tank of 650 ml.
  • 19 bar pressure pump.
  • Milk foam quantity regulator.
  • Manual setting of each cup of coffee.
  • Compatibility with POD or ESE single-dose cups.
  • Transparent, removable litre water tank.
  • Included accessory: pressing-dosing spoon.
  • Automatic cleaning program.
  • Dimensions: 27 x 32 x 36 cms.

How to use the Oster Prima Latte 2

The most exciting thing is that, despite being a much more powerful machine, the operation of the Oster Prima Latte II remains intuitive and straightforward.

In this video, you can see how the Oster Prima Latte 2 works when it comes to making a creamy latte:

Oster Prima Latte: User manual

Like any coffee machine, your Oster Prima Latte may have problems or doubts in the long run, which in most cases are solved or clarified by consulting the instruction leaflet.

We have enclosed it here in case you have lost it or don’t know where you put it after opening the machine’s box.

How to make a cappuccino at the Oster Prima Latte

When you’re buying a coffee maker like the Oster Prima Latte, it’s logical to use it to make cappuccinos. Well, find out how they prepare to look like a real expert to your visitors and guests from the very first moment.

The first thing is to fill the water tanks (as if you were going to make a standard espresso) and milk. The milk compartment can be filled but stored in the fridge, which will always be better preserved, and the cold milk foam will be thicker.

Secondly, pour the ground coffee (or the ESE pod) into the filter. You can use as much coffee as you like, according to your taste. The cappuccino will come out more or less intense according to this variable. Place the cup or glass where you are going to enjoy your cappuccino (note that it comes out more than a regular coffee, so if you have never made it before, use a large one).

From here on, you must choose one of the two operating modes of the Oster Prima Latte: automatic or manual. In the first mode, the coffee maker will extract and serve the coffee with the programmed dose at the touch of a button. Then, by pressing the Cappuccino button, you can serve the milk foam to your liking on top of the coffee.

If you opt for the manual mode of the Oster Prima Latte, you will have to press the espresso button once to get the coffee and a second time to stop it. The same applies to the milk froth tube. In other words, you have more control over the proportions, but you have to press twice as many buttons. You choose how to do it.

Advantages of Oster Prima Latte

  • To be able to make milk foam drinks with an armoured coffee machine at the touch of a button.
  • The foaming tube cleaning system An original and practical solution.
  • The automatic switch-off mode allows you to save energy by disconnecting the machine when it is not in use. Still, a great advantage is that the internal circuit and the cup warmer remain at the right temperature. It means you don’t have to wait like you would for a cold coffee maker.

Disadvantages of the Oster Prima Latte

  • The finish of the materials, with a predominance of plastics, gives it a less robust appearance than for example the Saeco Poemia. And that is not good because Saeco Poemia is one of its biggest rivals on the market.
  • It takes about 2 minutes to be ready once you turn it on. This waiting time is longer than other models.
  • Its price is less competitive than that of other manual espresso machines.

Oster Prima Latte: common problems, breakdowns and doubts

In this section, we are going to deal with some of the most frequent doubts and problems with the Oster coffee machine that assail the users of a Prima Latte. We want to make it clear that it is challenging to give diagnoses without seeing the coffee maker directly, but in general terms, we will provide you with some guidelines to try to help you in each case. Here we go!

Oster Prima Latte: First use and essential tips

The most important thing before using your machine for the first time is to clean it thoroughly. You must make sure that there is no residue, either in the internal pipes or in the milk tank. In this video, we show you how to prime the Oster Prima Latte coffee maker:

My Oster Prima Latte doesn’t work

It is a problem with the Oster coffee machine, perhaps too generic, but if your Prima Latte doesn’t turn on sometimes, it may be due to a problem with the electric plate that governs the machine. It can be solved by simply changing the capacitors on the board, but you will need to have some knowledge of electronics or experience to do this.

My Oster Prima Latte doesn’t pour water

To purge or rinse any manual espresso machine, you must use clean water and start it up as if you were making coffee but without coffee.

In the case of the Oster, you have to remove the red cap that is located in the water tank, and that comes as standard. A lot of people forget. Here’s the picture:

oster prima latte red cap

Oster Prima Latte does not pour milk

Check that the milk tank is correctly coupled to the machine (there is no system to warn us of this), and of course, that there is enough milk in the tank to make the amount of foam we want to serve in the cup.

Oster Prima Latte: no coffee comes out

If coffee doesn’t come out of your Oster coffee maker, the most common reasons are these:

  • The tank doesn’t have enough water.
  • The coffee is too finely ground, and the water is not filtered.
  • You have put too much coffee into the filter.
  • You have compacted or pressed the coffee too much.

Which coffee does the Oster Prima Latte machine use?

Either ground coffee or POD soft single serves.

So I can use Nespresso capsules in my Oster Prima Latte?

No. Only single-serve soft drinks.

How the Oster Prima Latte works – Videos

Before you buy your Oster Prima Latte online, you will surely want to see this video. It is a complete review that will undoubtedly help you to clarify the last questions before buying your Prima Latte.

When you buy your Oster Prima Latte, you will also need this…

Why buy an Oster Prima Latte? Opinions

If you are looking for a manual espresso machine that makes excellent cappuccinos, the Oster Prima Latte is your best option. The milk compartment, together with the skimmer, is undoubtedly its most characteristic feature. This coffee maker incorporates numerous quality details, as we have mentioned throughout this review, for a not high price. Without a doubt, its popularity is not coincidental.

If you choose to buy the Oster Prima Latte at Amazon, take a look at the new model. The Oster Prima Latte 2 has a higher price, but overall it is a much better machine. It’s up to you to assess whether the price increase will compensate you.

NOTE: Remember again that to get the most out of your Oster Prima Latte you may also want to buy a good grinder.

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