Nespresso Zenius

Name: Zenius
Brand: Nespresso
Type: Capsules
Operation: Automatic
Capacity: 2 litres

Nespresso is a company that has never settled for leadership in the capsule segment but has always tried to go one step further. Proof of this is its firm commitment to office coffee makers, known as Nespresso Business or Nespresso Pro.

Today we’re going to look at the Nespresso Zenius model, as we did with the Gemini. It’s a Nespresso Pro machine with a two-litre tank, which works with Nespresso Pro capsules (not with the normal ones, mind you), and which perhaps has a less demanding profile than the Gemini.

In terms of design, the Zenius looks vaguely like the Pixie model, one of the brand’s most popular home coffee makers. The housing is made entirely of black plastic, but it has two rather eye-catching aluminium panels on the sides. However, they always come in silver. There are no bright colours for this coffee maker.

Nespresso Zenius: Very compact office coffee machine

The most remarkable thing about the Nespresso Zenius coffee maker is that it offers some features – or functions – that are not easily found in other rival or similarly-purpose machines.

These include, for example, the eye-catching metal handle (which makes it easy to pick up the coffee maker from above and move or transport it from one place to another in the office) or the aluminium tray that serves as a cup holder and is adjustable in height.

We also highlight the decalcification notices (so we don’t forget when we have to decalcify the machine). Also, the possibility to determine the exact amount of water we are going to use for each of the three cup sizes that the Zenius can make: espressos, lungos and ristrettos.

On a more general note, we must also point out that this Zenius is a much more compact and reduced coffee machine than a standard office coffee machine. It can be a good option for users – or groups of users – who are looking for a coffee machine with these premises.

On the other hand, we must point out that this simplicity can go against its performance and make it an attractive option for the most demanding communities (that need a lot of capacity, several dozens of services every day, etc.). It is an exciting coffee machine, but it needs to go “that step further“.

Nespresso Zenius: General features

  • Capsule coffee maker with 19 bar pump.
  • Very robust design, with a black plastic housing and two aluminium panels on the sides.
  • It allows to define up to 3 coffee sizes for each cup: ristretto, espresso and lungo. The three buttons are programmable.
  • Folding handle for easy transport or moving the coffee maker.
  • Water tank with a capacity of 2 litres.
  • Automatic decalcification warnings.
  • Used capsules are placed directly in a container that can hold up to 25 units.
  • Adjustable height of the anti-drip tray, which allows the use of very high glasses or cups for our preparations.
  • Automatic and programmable switch-off function (we can configure the coffee maker to switch off when we are interested).
  • Thermoblock water heating system, which ensures that the coffee maker is ready in just over half a minute.
  • Hot water service to prepare infusions.
  • Power consumption: 1560 watts.
  • Weight: 7 kilograms.
  • Dimensions of the piece: 19 x 31 x 40 cms.

Advantages of the Nespresso Zenius

  • Decalcification notices, a feature not found on standard Nespresso household coffee machines
  • The size of the container for used capsules (up to 25 units).
  • The possibility of customising the actual volume of each of the three coffee sizes.
  • It is a much more compact and manageable machine than other machines aimed at a similar public.

Disadvantages of the Nespresso Zenius

  • The 2-litre water tank would be more than enough for a home coffee machine, but considering that it is a coffee machine designed for workplaces, it might be a bit short for huge audiences.
  • It cannot be connected directly to the tap or any water outlet; we are 100% dependent on the water tank.
  • It is a little illogical that the container of used capsules has more theoretical capacity (in number of services) than the water tank.

Nespresso Zenius: Videos

To complement our review, we are going to provide a video offered by the Nespresso firm itself. Thanks to it, we will be able to learn more about the machine and see it in operation beyond the static images.

Why buy a Zenius Nespresso?

First, we must make it clear that the Nespresso Zenius is not a suitable coffee machine for use at home. Neither by price nor by consumption. It is only intended for places where many services are consumed every day (catering, offices, receptions) so forget about this machine if you are looking for a home coffee maker. It does not even work with standard Nespresso capsules but with Nespresso Pro capsules (which are different).

We do this because many users are not familiar with the Nespresso range of machines and their divisions and may be confused into thinking they can take a coffee machine like this home with them.

That said, the most immediate comparison is with the Zenius and the Gemini, another of Nespresso’s office coffee machines. In this respect, the Zenius is a much simpler, more affordable, and smaller coffee maker.

Other similar options are the Lavazza Blue range (with capsules, and cheaper) or high-capacity automatic coffee machines like the Saeco Royal Office.

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