Nespresso Gemini

Name: Gemini
Brand: Nespresso
Type: Capsules
Operation: Automatic
Capacity: 6 litres

Nespresso Gemini CS223 Pro
Nespresso Gemini CS223 Pro
Fitted with the double head technology and milk frothing function

We traditionally associate the success of Nespresso coffee machines with their sale and distribution to households around the world. And, in part, that’s true. But the Nestlé company also has a line of professional coffee machines, which often goes unnoticed by the general public. It is generically called Nespresso Pro (or Nespresso Business), and it includes the coffee machine we will be assessing in today’s review: the Nespresso Gemini.

The Nespresso Gemini CS223 is a capsule coffee machine (but not the standard capsules; we’ll talk about them later) with 19 bars of pressure, 6 litres of capacity and a digital display that can be configured in multiple languages.

As a curious fact, we will mention that the water tank is divided into two containers, one on each side of the coffee maker, which accompanies the two extraction heads.

The greatest virtue of the Gemini CS223 coffee machine is its double outlet spout, which allows two different coffees to be prepared at the same time. It has a hot water service to make infusions (a function that does not exist in most home capsule coffee makers) and three different coffee sizes, whose volume can be configured: one short, one long, and one extra short for ristrettos.

Nespresso Gemini: the Nespresso business pro solution

The first thing we have to clarify, especially to those who do not know this type of machine, is that Nespresso Pro coffee machines have nothing to do with Nespresso home coffee machines.

It is a line of products, which includes both machines and capsules, specially designed to be consumed in large quantities, for example, in workplaces, meetings, offices, caterings, etc. They are not suitable for use at home and not even the same capsules.

The professional Nespresso machines do not work with conventional Nespresso capsules but with different capsules, which are marketed under the name Nespresso Business or Nespresso Pro capsules. These are not hard single-dose capsules like the official ones, but instead pads or softer single-dose capsules (similar to, but not the same as, the typical bags used by, for example, Senseo coffee makers).

Our reader Salva rightly points out that Nespresso Pro pods are made of aluminium-coated plastic and are much smaller than conventional pads. A very exclusive format with which Nespresso will undoubtedly seek to restrict compatibility with other single-dose systems.

The Gemini model, which is the subject of our review today, is by no means the only one. The Nespresso Pro also has other options on the market, such as the Zenius or the Nespresso Aguila coffee machines.

Nespresso Gemini: Prices

The Nespresso Gemini coffee machine has two different models on the market, the CS223, the CS220 and the CS200.

All machines behave similarly and have virtually the same range of features. The only difference (which is no small one) is that the more advanced Nespresso Gemini CS200 model does not allow for milk froth, and therefore the production of milk-based drinks and other mixed specialities.

Here you can see the current prices and offers on Amazon for all models:

Nespresso Gemini CS220 Pro
Nespresso Gemini CS220 Pro
Nespresso Gemini CS220 Pro; Power (in watts) : 2410 W; Pressure: 16 bars; Weight: 18 kg; Disposable Milk Nozzles
Nespresso Gemini CS200 Pro Espresso machine 1.8L 2cups Black
Nespresso Gemini CS200 Pro Espresso machine 1.8L 2cups Black
Pressure:19 Digital display of choice of languages - Hot plate for cups
Nespresso Gemini CS223 Pro
Nespresso Gemini CS223 Pro
Fitted with the double head technology and milk frothing function

Nespresso Gemini: General features

  • Nespresso Pro capsule coffee maker
  • Double outlet head. Allows you to make two different coffees at the same time.
  • 6-litre water tank.
  • Container for used capsules: capacity up to 70 remains.
  • 19 bar pressure pump.
  • Three sizes of coffee available for each cup: ristretto, espresso and lungo.
  • It is possible to customize the volume of water for each of the three sizes mentioned.
  • Hot water service (for infusions) through the central tap located between the two heads.
  • Digital LCD, with language selection.
  • Direct connection to the water outlet.
  • On the top of the coffee maker, there is a reasonably large tray that serves to preheat the cups before serving.
  • Removable metal drip tray.
  • It is recommended, depending on the manufacturer, for 20 or more users.
  • Approximate weight: 15 kg.
  • Dimensions: 56 x 39 x 37 cms.

Advantages of the Nespresso Gemini

  • The 19 bar pressure.
  • The possibility of being able to make two independent coffees at the same time.
  • That allows us to personalize what is the exact size -volume of water- of each cup.
  • The vast space available for preheating cups, glasses and plates.

Disadvantages of the Nespresso Gemini

  • In the CS200 version, it does not allow for the production of milk foam, so it is only suitable for black coffee (we have to serve the milk separately).
  • In the CS220 and CS223 version, which allow cappuccinos to be prepared, we would have liked the outlet head to be height-adjustable, to use taller glasses.
  • The price. You have to think about it and do the math to know if in the long run having a coffee maker like this one is going to pay off for us.

Nespresso Gemini: Videos

To introduce you to the use and installation of this enormous coffee maker (somewhat less immediate and straightforward than the one in Nespresso’s home range). Let’s watch this official video from the firm itself, where they give us all the information we need to get to know the Gemini.

If you already have one and want to know how to decalcify it, in this other tutorial, you can see the process:

Why buy a Nespresso Gemini?

The reasons for buying a Nespresso Gemini coffee maker online are obvious. Firstly, we must advise against purchasing this machine from any home user. Neither by size, nor by price, nor by the availability of its capsules (which we insist are not the same as the standard Nespresso capsules) is this machine suitable for installing at home and using it at most once or twice a day.

The Nespresso Gemini is a coffee maker that has been conceived and designed 100% for use in businesses, office buildings, meeting centres, etc.

That said and knowing that other brands are also developing similar options on the market (for example, the Saeco Vending or Lavazza Blue lines), we recommend buying a Nespresso Gemini.

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