Nespresso Fiorella NP150

Name: Fiorella NP150
Brand: NPG
Type: Capsules
Operation: Automatic
Capacity: 0.8 litres

This Fiorella NP-150 coffee machine is not a typical example, as it is a coffee machine compatible with the Nespresso capsule. Still, it does not belong to the Nestlé firm; its manufacturer is NPG Tech. It doesn’t add any additional functions to what we already know about Nespresso coffee machines: it behaves like one of them, even looks vaguely similar.

The NPG Fiorella NP150 works at 19 bars of pressure and has a 0.8-litre capacity tank. It is fully automatic, which means you can start making the coffee, but you don’t have to worry about finishing it. The Fiorella NP150 itself has two predetermined drink sizes to choose from before starting (long and short coffee) and comes with a pack of 10 capsules as a gift!

Fiorella NP-150: A coffee maker for Nespresso

As we have already said, the first thing that strikes you about the NPG Fiorella coffee machine is that it is not from Nespresso. Yes, friends, it sounds strange, but it is. It is a machine that is compatible with Nespresso capsules (official) or with compatible Nespresso capsules, and it does not work with single doses of any other system.

But if we look at it more closely, we discover that its greatest virtue is its integrated milk container (the same as the Nespresso Lattissima).

It allows us to enjoy our favourite Nespresso capsules with a touch of milk or freshly made foam. Cappuccinos? Lattes? No problem, with your NPG Fiorella coffee maker, you’ll have it ready in seconds.

On the other hand, the control panel of the Fiorella NP-150 is quite peculiar and gives this model a great personality. It is entirely touch-sensitive and is illustrated with very intuitive icons. Each one is used to start different processing.

Overall, this Fiorella coffee maker from NPG is an excellent alternative to Nespresso’s exclusive (and expensive) Lattissima.

Fiorella NP-150: Main characteristics

  • 19 bar pressure pump,
  • Removable water tank of 0.8 litres.
  • Two pre-set coffee sizes to choose from: short (35 ml) and long (70 ml)
  • Container for collecting used capsules.
  • Touch control panel.
  • Coffee temperature varies between 72º and 84º C
  • Integrated and removable milk tank.
  • The coffee machine switches off automatically.
  • The drip tray can be removed and cleaned separately.
  • Includes ten free Duke coffee capsules (NPG’s brand).
  • Weight: less than 6 kilograms.
  • Dimensions: 54 x 30 x 25 cms.
  • Photograph of the milk tank of the Fiorella NP-150

Advantages of Fiorella NP-150 for Nespresso

  • Its milk tank gives this machine endless possibilities.
  • To be able to enjoy any Nespresso system capsule at a significantly lower price than usual.
  • The touch control panel.
  • It is complete: no essential feature or function is missed.

Disadvantages of the Fiorella NP-150 for Nespresso

  • It only works with capsules from the Nespresso system; it is not a multi-capsule machine.
  • It is not a well-known brand in the kitchen or coffee industry, and that can play against it.
  • We cannot expect the same reliability or the same finishes that we will find in the much more expensive Nespresso coffee machines.

How does the Fiorella NP-150 coffee machine work?

The truth is that the operation of the Fiorella NP-150 is the same as that of any Nespresso coffee machine and very similar to that of any other single-serve coffee machine. But just in case you have any doubts, here is a video to clear it up:

Why buy a Fiorella NP-150?

There are two points of view when evaluating this Fiorella NP150 coffee maker. On the one hand, we can compare it with the Nespresso Lattissima, which is the equivalent model in terms of performance to the Nespresso itself. The Fiorella allows us to do the same but costs about half as much.

On the other hand, we can see it as the same coffee maker as the normal Nespresso, but with the added possibility of using the milk tank to make mixed drinks. You choose how you prefer to see it.

When buying the NPG Fiorella NP150 coffee machine, there are three alternatives:

  • On the one hand, there’s the Fiorella NP100, a lower model of the same brand, now discontinued.
  • On the other hand, there is the Nespresso Lattissima, which serves the same purpose and is much more expensive.
  • And finally, we can always get a Nespresso official coffee maker, which can cost us the same or cheaper than this one but without the advantage of the milk tank. The Inissia or the Essenza Mini is the most affordable.

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