Moulinex Subito

Name: Subito
Brand: Moulinex
Type: Drip
Operation: Automatic
Capacity: 6 or 12 cups

Moulinex Subito FG3608, Filtermaschine
Moulinex Subito FG3608, Filtermaschine
Glass pouring capacity: 1.25 litres or 10 to 15 cups; Swivel and removable filter: easy to fill, easy to clean

A household appliance firm as popular as Moulinex also has to offer a range of coffee machines for home consumption. In this case, Moulinex focuses on the drip coffee machine sector, and of all its models, the most popular is the FG36: Moulinex Subito.

The Moulinex Subito is a basic, functional and economical filter coffee machine. It comes in two versions or sizes: a standard 12-15 cup capacity and a 6 cup capacity (Moulinex Subito Mini). Both have the same functions and the same finishes, with the metal front and the stainless steel finishes. You can choose between two colours: metallic grey and a much more attractive deep red – in our opinion, of course.

It must be said that the Subito line by Moulinex also includes many other products, such as roasters and kettles, so the “artistic name” is not exclusive to this coffee machine. That’s why we also provide the specific model and numbering: Moulinex FG36.

Moulinex Subito: Two sizes, identical performance

The truth is, as we have already pointed out in the introduction, the Moulinex Subito is a very basic coffee machine. It is very cheap and easy to use… but naturally we cannot expect it to offer any surprising options or features.

Focusing on the essentials: with this Moulinex Subito, we can see at all times how much water is left in the tank, thanks to the transparent water level on the left of the machine. As usual, this level shows us a scale in normal-sized coffee cups and in large cups.

We also make sure that the coffee will not spill if we remove the carafe in the middle of the process (by accident or necessity).

The Moulinex Subito coffee machine works with full-size paper filters (the classic 1×4), and to access the inside; you only need to turn the pivoting filter holder outwards. This allows you to pour the ground coffee comfortably into the filter or to fill the tank with extra space.

The On/Off switch is located at the base of the coffee maker and is the only button and operating control available on the machine. As you might expect, it is as simple as it gets: pour in the water, add the ground coffee and press the button. That’s all there is to it.

Moulinex Subito: Main features

  • Main body in black plastic.
  • Available in two sizes: Moulinex Subito (12 cups) and Subito Mini (6 cups)
  • Includes a glass carafe of the same capacity as the coffee maker’s tank. This carafe can be used without problem in the dishwasher (for cleaning) or in the microwave (if we need to reheat the coffee).
  • The water tank has a reference level visible from the outside. We always know how much water is left to make coffee.
  • Anti-drip safety system: the coffee machine locks automatically if the carafe is removed from its position.
  • On/off switch with indicator light.
  • Uses standard size paper filters (1×4).
  • Pivoting removable filter holder. You only have to turn it to be able to access comfortably to its interior.
  • Stainless steel metallic finish.
  • Available in two colours: red and metal.
  • Dimensions: 21 x 18 x 26 cms. (Subito Mini) and 25 x 22 x 34 cms. (Large Subito).
  • Power: 650 watts in the case of the 6-cup Subito, and 1000 watts for the 12-cup Subito.

Advantages of the Moulinex Subito

  • Overwhelming simplicity of use and operation – you almost miss being able to do more!
  • The colours are very striking and the stainless steel finishes are of a high quality for such an economical coffee machine.
  • The pivoting filter holder makes it much easier to perform such everyday operations as filling the tank and filter. Much more convenient than having to lift the lid and do everything from a small hole, as is the case with other drip coffee machines.
  • It is true that this is a very basic coffee machine, but its value for money is unbeatable.

Disadvantages of the Moulinex Subito

  • No heating plate to keep the coffee hot once it has been prepared.
  • The glass carafe is sold as a spare part separately, but it is quite expensive compared to the total price of the coffee machine.

Moulinex Subito: Videos

Here’s a brief review of the Moulinex Subito, which at least gives us a chance to see it live and not in pictures:

Why buy a Moulinex Subito?

This Moulinex Subito is the ideal coffee machine for those who want to brew and consume filter coffee at home without major complications. Just like a lifetime ago. If you don’t care too much – or will appreciate – the advanced features of this type of coffee maker and are interested in spending as little as possible, this is one of the options you should consider.

On the other hand, it’s clear that if you’re looking for something else you should already look at other models and other prices. Go for the medium-high range of drip coffee machines.

We always like to recommend alternatives to the coffee machines we analyse, not only for readers to find other interesting models, but also to be able to make comparisons and have other coffee machines as references. In this respect, the Moulinex Subito is a drip coffee machine very similar to the Solac CF4021, the Melitta Enjoy or the classic Ufesa CG7230. Coffee machines between £20-40, very easy to handle, and which go to the bean. No superfluous options or unnecessary expenses.

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