Moulinex Principio

Name: Principio
Brand: Moulinex
Type: Drip
Operation: Automatic
Capacity: 6 or 12 cups

MOULINEX - Principio -15 tasses-1000 W- Anti-gouttes - Porte-filtre pivotant - Arrêt auto 30 min -...
MOULINEX - Principio -15 tasses-1000 W- Anti-gouttes - Porte-filtre pivotant - Arrêt auto 30 min -...
Design = coffee dispenser; Power = 1,000 W; Tasse number = 15; Capacity: 1250 ml; Design of the flask mm = glass teapot

With the Moulinex Principio, the company completes its range of basic drip coffee machines (a product line headed by the popular Subito), which have catapulted it to one of the privileged places within the sector. This Principio model corresponds to the FG20 (and later) nomenclature and is marketed in two sizes.

The Moulinex Principio is a medium size, with a capacity of approximately 6 cups of coffee. On the other hand, we find a larger size sufficient to make 12 to 15 cups of coffee in one sitting (12 cups in normal size, or 15 if we like our coffee a little shorter). The water tank in the latter case contains up to 1.25 litres.

We must also warn you that this coffee machine has been redesigned and you can find under the name Principio two designs with obvious differences (and surely, different numbering too).

In this review, you can find images of both, although most of the photos belong to the Moulinex Principio with the original design. Perhaps the only noteworthy feature is that the glass carafe in the current Moulinex Principio (modern design) has an open handle, while the original coffee maker has a closed handle. In any case, a small detail.

Finally, you have a choice of two colours, both of which are very much in demand as befits an economical and functional coffee machine: black and white. Here are the direct purchase links for both models, in case you want to take a closer look.

Moulinex Principio: Efficiency at low cost

The Moulinex Principio is the “entry-level” model in the Moulinex drip coffee machine range. It is a very economical machine (you can find it for about £25), very easy to operate, and of course, with hardly any options or settings. Just brew your coffee, and you’re done. This is its main virtue and also its main drawback for those looking for a higher level of demand.

The differences with the Subito, which would be the superior model within Moulinex, are few and far between and are mainly due to the design and materials used to manufacture it (stainless steel trims, etc.).

Both offer a similar capacity, include a glass jug, anti-drip system, have plastic bodywork, and their operational control is reduced to an on/off switch, without any further ado. This On/Off button is located at the base of the coffee maker and has a pilot light that warns us whether the machine is on or off.

Access to the interior of the Moulinex Principio is from above by lifting the top cover. The filter compartment pivots outwards so that it is easy to pour the ground coffee into the filter without spilling it. The same cannot be said of the water tank, whose access hole is, in our opinion, very limited by space. We recommend that you use a funnel or similar instrument to hit the water jet in the right place and avoid pouring it out and then having to dry our kitchen worktop.

Moulinex Principio: Main features

  • Glass jug with heat-resistant handle.
  • The carafe is microwaveable, so we can reheat the coffee as many times as we want or need.
  • Pivoting filter holder.
  • Uses standard size 1×4 replaceable filters.
  • Anti-drip function: the coffee machine stops dripping (serving coffee) if the carafe is removed from its correct position.
  • On/off switch with pilot light.
  • Available in black and white.
  • Available in two sizes: medium (for 6 cups) and large (for 12-15 cups of coffee with a full tank).
  • Power: 900 watts.
  • Final dimensions: 34 x 26 x 22 cms.
  • The unfilled coffee machine weighs about 1 kilogram.

Advantages of the Moulinex Principio

  • This is a really economical coffee machine and perfect for those who enjoy their life’s coffee without overspending.
  • The transparent water level allows us to know at all times how much is left in the tank without having to open it.
  • The price/performance ratio of this coffee maker is transparent and pure. It doesn’t fool anyone…

Disadvantages of the Moulinex Principio

  • There is no heating plate or anything else that helps us to keep the coffee at the right temperature after brewing.
  • The entire construction of the coffee machine is dominated by plastic material.
  • The design is slightly old-fashioned.

Why buy a Moulinex Principio?

When we talk about coffee machines like the Moulinex Principio, we must be clear that they are aimed at a very specific type of consumer: one who does not want complications, who wants to be able to make his or her own everyday coffee without spending too much money, and in short, a type of user who may not be the most demanding or thoughtful when deciding to buy. (OK, it may not be the profile of a user who is most used to getting information and reading comparisons on the Internet either…)

We should not be surprised, therefore, by the massive presence of this and other similar models on the shelves of hypermarkets and large general stores.

The Moulinex Principio beats its rivals for simplicity and economy. If you want to evaluate similar alternatives, you should go to the Moulinex coffee machine immediately above (Moulinex Subito) or the classic drip coffee machines from Ufesa. Even the Solac CF4021 falls within these same parameters.

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