Moulinex Accessimo

Name: Accessimo
Brand: Moulinex
Type: Drip
Operation: Automatic
Capacity: 6 cups

The Moulinex Accessimo or Moulinex FG5118 is a very popular drip coffee machine in Italy. The Principio model and, above all, the Moulinex Subito are much more popular, but we thought it necessary to make room for it in our pages… because we would agree that the Italians in terms of coffee are reliable types, aren’t they?

The Moulinex Accessimo is a coffee machine with very similar characteristics to the other two Moulinex models mentioned. The body is mainly made of black plastic, the capacity is between 4 and 6 cups, and its final price makes it suitable for the most basic range of domestic drip coffee machines.

A very sturdy glass jug, access to the filter holder and water tank from the top and the classic On/Off switch with indicator light complete the sparse list of qualities of this Moulinex Accessimo, a filter coffee maker designed for users who do not want to complicate their life when preparing their daily coffee.

Moulinex Accessimo:

Moulinex’s Accessimo product line includes various appliances such as griddles, toasters and fondues. They all have the same colour range (black and red).

In the case of the drip coffee machine, the Moulinex Accessimo corresponds to the Moulinex FG5118 model, which, despite being numerically higher than the other coffee machines (the Principio is the FG20 series, and the Subito is the FG30 series), has no substantial differences in either aesthetics or performance.

The Moulinex Accessimo is available in two sizes: for 4 and for 6 cups of coffee; although the most common is the latter. As usual with drip coffee machines, the water level is transparent and is scaled according to the number of standard-size cups that could be prepared with the remaining water in the tank. You can see it in more detail in the following photograph of this report.

Finally, the glass decanter has a fairly solid structure and construction, an important detail in economical drip coffee machines because in the event of an accident, breakage, etc. it can cost us just as much to buy a spare decanter separately as to buy a new one.

The Moulinex Accessimo has the essential anti-drip system. If you are a layman, we will tell you that this is a safety system that is usually fitted to all modern drip coffee machines, which serves to instantly stop the flow of drips if the lower decanter is removed or moved from its correct position. To avoid spills and splashes, more than anything else.

Moulinex Accessimo: Main features

Below is a brief list of the functions and features of this Moulinex Accessimo:

  • External housing in black plastic.
  • Corresponds to the Moulinex FG5118 model.
  • Uses 1×4 size paper filters.
  • Folding / swivelling filter holder for easy refilling of ground coffee.
  • Available in 4-cup and 6-cup sizes.
  • Anti-drip safety system.
  • Transparent water level, visible from outside the coffee machine.
  • Glass carafe included with heat resistant handle.
  • The carafe is dishwasher and microwave safe.
  • On/off button with indicator light.
  • Includes non-slip pins on the base.
  • Power: 600 watts.
  • Weight: 1.6 kg.
  • Dimensions: 28 x 21 x 20 centimetres.

Advantages of the Moulinex Accessimo

  • The main advantage of the Moulinex Accessimo is undoubtedly its affordable price.
  • Due to its lack of options… it is a very simple and intuitive machine to use.
  • The fact that the carafe is dishwasher and microwave safe makes it easy to clean and to reheat the coffee and use it several times within the same day. This means that it is not a problem to prepare more than you need because you can then heat the rest without having to pour it into another container.

Disadvantages of the Moulinex Accessimo

  • We are missing the option of a larger model, as is the case with other Moulinex coffee machines near or above the litre capacity. There are also no different colours or designs to choose from.
  • We cannot purchase the coffee machine with a thermal carafe, or even buy the thermal carafe separately.
  • It does not go far enough if you have certain requirements as a user.

Why buy a Moulinex Accessimo?

The Moulinex Accessimo is a drip coffee maker that perfectly fulfils the purpose for which it was built: the production of American coffee or daily filter coffee, without any further ado.

For this reason, its target audience is rather low-profile, understanding low-profile as a user with no demands or pretensions. Advanced features such as a large water tank, a timer, an integrated grinder (or more than you can think of) correspond to a higher range of drip coffee machines.

If you are satisfied with a coffee machine that simply makes filter coffee for you, and does not require a lot of money, the Moulinex Accessimo is a great option to consider, just as it would be at the Principio or some models of other brands such as Ufesa and Solac.

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