Melitta Single 5

Name: Single 5
Brand: Melitta
Type: Drip
Operation: Automatic
Capacity: 5 cups

The Melitta Single 5 is the compact and handy model in the otherwise very wide range of Melitta drip coffee machines. This Single 5 coffee machine is a perfect choice for small kitchens, modern flats with little storage space, or simply for coffee drinkers who do not need to prepare a large quantity of coffee at the end of the day (a clear example is when you are the only coffee drinker in your house).

The capacity of this Melitta Single 5 is less than one litre of water, which translates into approximately 5 cups of coffee (hence the name Single 5) of normal size. In shorter espresso sizes, a maximum of 7 cups can be brewed with a single tank.

Beyond its size, the Melitta Single 5 offers all the basic features of other Melitta filter coffee machines, such as the pivoting filter holder (which allows us easy access to the inside), the anti-drip safety system (the coffee drip stops when you remove the decanter, so you never get any stains on the base) or the Aroma valve which always ensures that the coffee comes out at the right temperature (95°C), even if we prepare a small amount of it.

Melitta Single 5: for those who do not need a large coffee machine

We really like the detail (we already know from other coffee makers of the firm, like the Melitta Look) that the water tank has a transparent indicator so we can see the approximate number of cups for which we have water left.

There is a scale for normal-sized cups on the left and another for small cups on the right. In the photographs, you can see this indicator clearly. The handle of the glass jar where the coffee is stored also has a small scale from 1 to 5, which indicates the approximate number of cups for which we have water left.

An important aspect of being aware of, if you are not used to handling such small coffee machines as this Melitta Single 5, is that the reusable filters are not 1×4 (which is the most common standard) but 1 × 2. The smaller the size, the smaller the capacity and the smaller the filter holder. Logically, paper filters should also be different.

The on/off switch is located on the left side of the coffee machine, just below the tank level indicator, and there are not many other items on the piece to write on. As you can see, this is a mainly basic coffee machine, whose main feature is its compact size and smaller than normal capacity.

Melitta Single 5: colour range

We have already said that this Melitta Single is available in various colours. In addition to the classic black and silver shades of this type of coffee maker, there are other more cheerful models such as white and blue (our favourite, without a doubt).

You can see a picture of the attractive blue Melitta Single 5 in the next section of this report.

There is also another model in silver that includes a thermal carafe (instead of the conventional glass carafe), called the Melitta Single 5 Therm.

Melitta Single 5: main features

  • It uses 1 × 2 size filters (for the classic 1× 4 of the normal size coffee machines).
  • Pivoting and removable filter holder for easy access inside.
  • Available in four colours: silver, black, white and blue.
  • Glass jug included.
  • Thanks to the Aroma valve we make sure to enjoy all the flavour and the ideal temperature even in very small preparations (1 or 2 cups).
  • The water tank has a transparent indicator of the level we have left. Its maximum capacity, measured in cups, is 5 normal-sized coffees, or 7 short ones. Same for the coffee storage jar.
  • Anti-drip safety system: the coffee maker stops serving coffee if the decanter is removed from its place.
  • The base has anti-slip pins, both on the carafe platform and on the piece containing the tank.
  • Dimensions: 21 x 15 x 29 centimetres.
  • It weighs around 1.3 kilograms.
  • Power: 650 watts.

Advantages of the Melitta Single 5

  • The range of colours is really attractive, lively, and stands out from the usual serious shades of the Melitta brand (especially in the filter coffee machine segment).
  • This is a much more compact drip coffee machine than the others. You can feel those centimetres less. Ideal for small kitchens.
  • The Aroma valve guarantees optimum quality in all parameters of our coffee, including temperature (always a delicate aspect in preparations with lower volume than usual).

Disadvantages of the Melitta Single 5

  • Of course, the smaller size means less capacity. It is not a practical coffee machine if you drink a lot of coffee at the end of the day.
  • The peculiarity of its size means that the reusable filters are of the 1×2 type, which is less common than the 1×4 type. You will have to buy them specifically for this coffee machine and you will not be able to use any others.
  • It does not offer any extra features (thermal carafe, heating plate on the base, timer, metal finish…) beyond its small size, so we consider its price to be above average. We can access the superior version Single 5 Therm (the same, but with a thermal jug), but almost doubling the price of the basic model.

Why buy a Melitta Single 5?

The main and almost only compelling reason to buy this Melitta Single 5 is its size. If only one person in your household consumes coffee, and a larger coffee maker is impractical, this model will solve your problem.

We recommend it if you don’t need to make a lot of coffee at the end of the day or if your kitchen is really cramped. Also, if you need to take a coffee maker of this type on long trips, holidays, camping trips, the size, in this case, is a clear advantage.

As alternatives, it isn’t easy to find coffee machines of a certain quality on the market that also offer a compact size. Perhaps if you want to spend a little money, one of these cheap filter coffee machines will suffice. Another small and colourful coffee machine could be this Kenwood CM020.

NOTE: the packaging includes the Melitta Single 5 coffee maker, the glass carafe, and an instruction manual.

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