Melitta Look

Name: Look
Brand: Melitta
Type: Drip
Operation: Manual
Capacity: 1.25 litres

Melitta Look is, without doubt, the most popular of all Melitta drip coffee machines, with the most versions and variants, and by far the best-selling model in Europe.

In this analysis, we will present the most important characteristics of the basic Melitta Look model, and we will also talk about the advanced models, what their advantages are and how they differ. This is a preliminary list of all of them:

  • Melitta Look (normal)
  • Melitta Look Deluxe
  • Melitta Look Selection
  • Melitta Look Therm Selection
  • Melitta Look Timer
  • Melitta Look Therm Timer
  • Melitta Look Perfection

The Melitta Look has been recently redesigned and now has a much more modern and up-to-date look. It is a very modular coffee machine, and all its parts are removable or separable, as shown in the image below:

melitta look 1

The transparent water tank with a level indicator has a generous capacity of 1.25 litres. This gives us a quantity of between 10 and 15 cups of coffee (depending on the size we consume). The reference number of cups is also marked on the indicator, in case you find it more convenient to look at it, so in millilitres.

In the basic version of this Melitta Look, the carafe is made of glass. In all versions, the coffee maker includes the AromaSelector® function and uses conventional 1×4 filters. They also all have the classic anti-drip safety system (if you remove the carafe from its place, the machine automatically stops producing coffee).

The AromaSelector system is a function used by Melitta in its filter coffee machines. The user can determine, at the touch of a button, whether he wants a softer or stronger coffee. It is very convenient for customising drinks to your own taste without having to fiddle around with quantities of water or ground coffee.

The rotary control used to operate this function is located right on top of the coffee machine, on the filter cover. It has two positions and an explanatory icon with the legend “Intense“.

All versions of the Melitta Look

As we have said before, the Melitta Look base or standard has the glass jug (come on, the normal one with its black lid) and is made of black or white plastic. This is one of the features that differentiate the most advanced models in the Look range, as explained below:

Melitta Look Deluxe

The Melitta Look Deluxe is the improved version of the original Look. Instead of the traditional black plastic casing, the Look Deluxe features a more robust stainless steel shell. It is available in two colours: white and black.

The rest of the qualities are the same as those of the previous model.

This Deluxe model has recently been replaced in the catalogue by the Look V Perfection (which we will talk about later), although for a while you can find both in the shops.

Melitta Look Therm Deluxe

And if we replace the glass jug with a thermal jug, what do we have left? A Melitta Look Therm Deluxe with a metal front and a thermos flask:

As you can see, in spite of the metal body, the coffee machine keeps the indicator transparent so that we can know at all times how much water we have in the tank.

Melitta Look V Timer

This is exactly the same as the Look Deluxe, but with the addition of a handy timer. The Melitta Look Timer allows you to program the coffee maker to start the one you are most interested in. You can check out more examples of this type of coffee maker in our monographic article Programmable Drip Coffee Makers. This model is already in its fifth version (hence the “V”).

You can see in the photo the digital screen, to the right of the front, where we are informed of the time remaining to start the coffee machine.

Melitta Look Selection

The Melitta Look Selection is just an updated and more recent version of the basic Melitta Look. It has no thermal carafe, stainless steel finish or any other of the features we have seen so far. In fact, this Melitta Look Selection corresponds to the Melitta 1011-04 model, while the Basic Look is called 1011-02.

Melitta Look Therm Selection

And finally, you’ve guessed it! The Melitta Look Therm Selection is exactly the same as the Melitta Look Selection. Still, with the addition of the thermal carafe instead of the normal glass carafe, so the coffee will keep its temperature much longer!

Melitta Look V Perfection

The Melitta Look Perfection drip-coffee machine is finished in stainless steel, but it does not have a thermos flask but a conventional graduated glass jug. It does not have a timer either, and the capacity of its tank is 1.25 litres. Its effective anti-lime protection and the heater (or hotplate) can be programmed for 20, 40 or 60 minutes, as required.

This model is the natural successor to the Melitta Look Deluxe.

Melitta Look: main features

  • Available only in two colours: black and white.
  • AromaSelector function to determine the intensity of the coffee to be prepared (strong or soft).
  • All parts of the coffee maker are dishwasher safe
  • The filter holder can be pivoted, making it much easier to access the inside and change the filters used.
  • The carafe is placed on a heating base which keeps the coffee warm for longer.
  • Safety lock system: if the carafe is removed from its correct position, the coffee stops dripping automatically.
  • The water tank has a capacity of 1.25 litres. The level indicator (transparent, so you can see it from outside) has the references both in litres and approximate quantity of cups.
  • Luminous switch to turn the coffee machine on and off.
  • Compartment for storing excess cable.
  • Energy-saving function and automatic switch-off.
  • Power: 1000 Watt.
  • Weight: 1.8 kg.
  • Dimensions: 22 x 24 x 33 cm approximately.

Advantages of the Melitta Look

  • The quality/price ratio in the Look Deluxe, Look Therm Selection and Look Timer models is really interesting.
  • The capacity of the water tank is really big: 1.25 litres. It is also very useful to indicate the references both in coffee cups (large and small) and in litres. Handling this coffee maker is child’s play.
  • Not bad are the details such as the heating base, the storage for excess cable, or the coffee intensity selector. This option in particular gives us the greatest competitive advantage of this Melitta Look range over competing drip coffee machines.

Disadvantages of the Melitta Look

  • If we avoid the Deluxe models, with their metal fronts, we only have two options in the colour range of this Melitta Look: black and white. They are lifesavers, but not very original.
  • The basic version is… too basic. To buy a filter coffee maker that has no thermal carafe, no steel housing, no timer, we can think of other equally valid, but more economical, options: cheap drip coffee makers.

Spare parts for the Melitta Look coffee machine

The most important and most frequently damaged (or broken) element in a filter coffee machine is undoubtedly the carafe. Luckily, Melitta is a great brand with a very wide distribution network, and practically all its models have spare parts. The Look is no exception, and here you have almost all the spare jugs for the Melitta Look available on the market:

Genuine Melitta Look Therm Deluxe Thermal Coffee Machine Filter Jug (Black)
Genuine Melitta Look Therm Deluxe Thermal Coffee Machine Filter Jug (Black)
Genuine Replacement Melitta Look DeLuxe Thermal Coffee Machine Filter Jug (Black); Measurements: Diameter of Base: 162mm, Height: 185mm

They are available in various colours and in both thermal and glass versions.

Videos of the Melitta Look drip coffee machine: how it works

You know we always like to illustrate our analyses with videos, because sometimes words can’t express all the details the way we would like them to. This time we have collected two clips that we found particularly useful:

This is a video in which you can see how a Melitta Look is used in its Deluxe version:

A slightly more extensive demonstration of use (the entire coffee extraction process is recorded) can be seen here. The protagonist is the standard Melitta Look in white.

Why buy a Melitta Look?

Well, this Melitta Look is certainly a complex machine to comment on due to the wide variety of versions and models it offers. As we said during the review, if we look only at the basic model, it may be a little short, and it cannot stand up to comparison with other equally basic but cheaper filter coffee machines. Melitta is a prestigious company, an absolute reference in the world of drip coffee machines, and that pays off too.

However, things change if we go to superior models, which already include a thermal carafe, higher quality finishes, or an always useful timer. Any of these has, in our opinion, a fairly decent quality/price ratio. Our favourite, without a doubt, is the Look Timer. Timer and metal front, all in one, and also conserving the rest of the characteristics common to the whole Look range.

We recommend it if you are fond of preparing coffee by dripping. To fully enjoy this method of extraction, the Melitta Look is one of the options that best combines three factors: ease of use, the right and necessary features, and an affordable price.

When it comes to alternatives, Russell Hobbs filter coffee machines may be the closest to you, with the Russell Hobbs Cottage or the Chester as the closest models. A good combination of mid-range performance and price point, suitable for everyone.

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