Lavazza EspressGo

Name: EspressGo
Brand: Lavazza
Type: Pods
Operation: Manual
Capacity: 0.5 liters

The Lavazza EspressGo is a portable coffee maker with 16 bar pressure and 0.5-litre capacity, specially designed for use in the car and to take on trips wherever you go. It works exclusively with Lavazza A Modo Mio capsules (with a few exceptions, as we will discuss later). It is the only competitor on the market for the popular Handpresso Auto, which looks and works very similarly.

A car coffee maker has particular characteristics, which logically the Lavazza EspressGo reflects perfectly. They are usually single-use machines (the capacity is just right for a coffee), which you plug into the car (the usual 12V socket on the cigarette lighter is enough), or you heat it in 2 minutes. You can drink your coffee while driving.

The Lavazza EspressGo is just the right size to fit in the bottle or cup holders in the vehicles and comes with a practical bag/case to help you carry it or take it with you on your excursions.

If you’re curious to know more about how the Lavazza EspressoGo works, you can check it out here: Lavazza Espresso Go User Manual.

EspressGo Car coffee machine

The Lavazza EspressGo looks almost identical to the Handpresso Auto. It has a temperature gauge that allows us to check the degrees that the water reaches inside it. There is also a simple switch to start it up.

The plug that goes into the car’s cigarette lighter (or any 12-volt outlet) is screwed into the main body of the coffee maker, like a snake. The top lid opens and closes hermetically, giving access to the place where the capsule is placed for coffee extraction.

How does the Lavazza EspressGo work?

The operation of the Lavazza EspressGo car coffee maker is effortless. All you have to do is fill it with water (maximum 0.5 litres), place the capsule you prefer in the compartment, plug it in and press the start button to heat it. It will take about two minutes.

Afterwards, you have to turn the coffee maker over (i.e. turn it upside down) and press the release button. Make sure you have a cup or glass for this purpose, as the coffee maker cannot be used as a drinking vessel.

We have already said that the EspressGo machine works with Lavazza A Modo Mio capsules, although not with all of them. The EspressGo is a car coffee maker designed to prepare espressos and is therefore not compatible with soluble product capsules, such as those containing powdered milk or the A Modo Mio Orzo and Caffè Ginseng capsule varieties.

Lavazza EspressGo: Main features

  • Black plastic housing.
  • Coffee maker capacity: 0.5 litres.
  • Reaches 16 bar pressure.
  • Works with a 12-volt outlet.
  • Compatible with all Lavazza capsules that do not contain soluble products or infusions.
  • Includes case or bag for transporting coffee maker and capsules.
  • Thermal coating to keep the coffee inside once brewed.
  • Dimensions: 21.5 cms high and seven cms in diameter (8 cms if we count the rolled cable).
  • Weight: 880 grams approximately.
  • Power: 140 watts.

Advantages of the Lavazza EspressGo

  • It is an ideal coffee maker for excursions, trips or travel.
  • We can control the temperature at any time thanks to the integrated display.
  • The dimensions and design are super studied and very compact.
  • The quality of Lavazza’s capsules guarantees that the espresso will meet our expectations.
  • The practical carrying bag, which allows you to take everything you need to enjoy your coffee (including cups or capsules).

Disadvantages of the Lavazza EspressGo

  • The half-litre capacity makes it very impractical if we want to share it with other consumers. It is an almost single-use coffee maker.
  • Naturally, the Lavazza EspressGo is a very specific-purpose machine. We do not recommend it for home use.
  • Despite the 16 bar pressure, the extraction of the espresso is not as precise as with an espresso machine.

Lavazza EspressoGo: Videos

If you want to see how the Lavazza EspressGo behaves inside the car, the best thing you can do is watch this commercial:

For a more in-depth review, we recommend this complete video review that shows the Lavazza EspressGo at work:

Why buy a Lavazza EspressGo coffee maker?

As we have already said, the Lavazza EspressGo is a particular portable coffee machine whose only competition on the market is the Handpresso Auto. Choosing one or the other is quite complicated since its features and mode of operation – even its appearance – are almost identical.

In this respect, the EspressoGo may have the advantage that the coffee in the Lavazza capsules is of a higher quality for espressos. At the same time, the Handpresso machine works only with generic single-dose pods. It’s a question of preference, in any case.

We recommend it if you travel or travel by car often. It is also ideal for making an excellent gift or surprising a family member. For any other purpose, a car coffee maker like this one we don’t think is the best choice.

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