Krups YY8304

Name: YY8304
Brand: Krups
Type: Drip
Operation: Automatic
Capacity: 10 cups

Krups is not only a renowned manufacturer of pod coffee machines (it makes almost all Dolce Gusto and Nespresso models) but also has its own line of espresso and drip coffee machines on the market.

This Krups YY8304 is one of the best examples of the latter group, and as we will see below, it is placed in the medium-high range of Krups drip coffee machines.

On the outside, the Krups YY8304 has an impeccable, very solid appearance. Its lines are very rounded, and both the main body of the coffee machine and the thermal carafe are entirely covered in stainless steel, highly polished and with no other ornament than the Krups logo that appears on the base.

On the top of the Krups YY8304 is the control panel, on which a small LCD display stands out, used to show the time or the programming time. We can also see a large button that serves to open the lid of the coffee machine and access its interior (filter, water tank, etc.).

The rest of the controls are actually very intuitive. An on/off switch, the button to activate the timer, the buttons to set the hours and minutes of the timer, and the one that activates the Aroma selection function (which serves to preserve the aromas and nuances of the coffee already prepared).

In short, the main virtue of this Krups YY8304 is that it is really easy to use a coffee machine.

Below we will take a look at the main features of the Krups YY8304 to learn more about its performance.

Krups YY8304: General features

  • Its dimensions are 37x28x25 centimetres.
  • It weighs about 3 kilograms.
  • It incorporates an anti-drip system to prevent losses during coffee preparation.
  • The external casing is made of black plastic and stainless steel
  • It has the capacity to prepare up to a maximum of 10 cups of coffee.
  • The thermal carafe included is also adapted to the same size of 10 coffee cups.
  • Power: 1100 watts.
  • It includes Power Brew technology, which ensures that we get the coffee we want instantly and at the best temperature, and also prevents limescale from affecting the aromas and nuances of our drink.
  • Control panel with integrated LCD screen.
  • Visible water tank level indicator.
  • The coffee maker can be programmed thanks to the built-in timer.

Advantages of the Krups YY8304

  • It is a very easy to use coffee maker, and also to operate (lid opening, easy access controls, everything very handy, etc.).
  • The stainless steel makes it a solid and durable coffee maker.
  • The timer function is really practical if we get used to taking advantage of it.

Disadvantages of the Krups YY8304

  • The LCD screen could perhaps have been used to include more than just the timer.
  • Coffee machines in the same price range have some extra features, such as the cup warmer on top of the housing.

Why buy a Krups YY8304?

If you are especially interested in coffee machines with a timer, so you can have your coffee freshly brewed and ready at the time that suits you at home, this Krups YY8304 model is a good choice.

It also has the advantage of a stainless steel body and easy handling and access to the components, thanks to the cover system that opens at the touch of a button.

As alternatives to this coffee machine, we can mention the Krups T8, which is the most popular drip coffee machine from Krups in all Europe, or also the Saeco Avance, which is a similar model to this Krups YY8304, both in price and in performance and design materials.

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