Kenwood Kmix ES021

Today it is the turn of the Kenwood Kmix ES021 coffee machine from the British firm Kenwood which, as well as coffee machines, also manufactures all types of domestic appliances and technology. 

This Kenwood Kwik ES021 is a coffee maker that is perhaps not as well known in some countries as other espresso machines from big firms such as Saeco or Delonghi. Still, it has some really interesting details and without a doubt has its own personality, as we will detail below.

The coffee maker dates from 2011 and has 15 bars of pressure (the standard in the industry). Without a doubt, it is one of Kenwood’s most popular star products.

We will start to analyse the Kenwood ES021 by talking about its external appearance and its operability. This is a hand-operated espresso machine, which works with ground coffee and has a rather pleasing design. It is compact, elegant (very rounded lines) and brightly coloured. Really nice.

We won’t have any difficulties when it comes to handling it. The controls of the Kenwood ES021 coffee maker are really simple, very easy. On the front of the coffee maker, you can see three buttons: the central button, which is the on/off switch, and others to activate the steamer and the coffee brewing.

At the top, there is a wheel that can be turned left and right and is used to adjust the steam intensity. The ThermoGen heating system is used for temperature control. 

Thanks to this system, your Kenwood ES021 ensures you enjoy the ideal and perfect temperature for each of your drinks. And the OptiTemp system ensures that your coffee is kept warm after it has been brewed.

The top of the coffee maker opens upwards. Inside, there are several compartments for the filters and other accessories of the coffee maker so that they are always at hand and do not risk being lost in the hustle and bustle of the kitchen. We found this to be a really practical and original solution.

Next to these, we also found the water tank, which as usual in espresso machines, can be removed by pulling it upwards. And we don’t miss any of the basic elements that you can find in any espresso machine: steamer, drip tray, accessories, removable water tank, etc.

Kenwood ES021: Main features

  • The capacity of the water tank is exactly 1 litre.
  • It weighs about 5 kilograms.
  • Its dimensions are 16x28x36. It is a reasonably sized coffee machine, not too big.
  • It includes a glass carafe and a coffee measuring spoon (which also serves as a filter press).
  • It also includes a decalcifying solution, for when you have to clean your coffee machine.
  • The drip tray can be removed for easy cleaning, as can the water tank.
  • Includes a steamer for making milk foam.
  • Two cups of coffee can be prepared simultaneously.
  • The Kenwood Kwik ES021 uses the ThermoGen system, a Kenwood exclusive patent, to control the optimal temperature of each beverage.
Kenwood kMix ES 021
Kenwood kMix ES 021
Form Factor:Freestanding; Included Accessories:Measuring spoon, tamper, 2 cup filter; Boiler Material:Stainless steel

Advantages of the Kenwood Kmix coffee machine

  • The glass jug accessory is a very interesting detail and very difficult to find in other machines, and the same goes for the decalcifying liquid that comes as standard inside the box. Two great accessories that are really useful.
  • The handle of the filter holder is covered with an anti-slip material, which ensures a better grip and safer handling. Kenwood calls it SureGrip technology.
  • The outer casing of the Kenwood Kwik ES021 is made of cast aluminium, and has various metal elements that are none other than stainless steel. A lot of quality in the components of this machine (which of course results in its weight).

Disadvantages of the Kenwood Kmix coffee machine

  • To remove the water tank, the coffee machine needs to have a certain amount of space above it, as the outer casing has to be opened upwards and then the tank itself has to be removed.
  • As already mentioned, this is a coffee machine that is not too bulky, but heavy (thanks to the quality of its materials, with little plastic present). Although this need not be a problem if you are not planning to move it from one location to another or from one side to the other.

Kenwood ES021: Videos

If you want to buy a Kenwood ES021, we recommend that you take a look at this video where you can see the complete unpacking: how it works, what it looks like, what accessories it includes and how to handle this appreciated espresso machine:

Why buy a Kenwood Kmix ES021?

The Kenwood ES021, belonging to the Kenwood Kwik line, is an ideal coffee maker for users looking for a durable espresso machine made of robust materials. 

All the components of the Kenwood Kwik ES021 are of high quality (aluminium and stainless steel are the protagonists of its body and internal ducts), and the design of the coffee maker is really nice, with bright colours and resulting in a very attractive set. 

It is a slightly more expensive machine than the average in the sector, but the price difference is logical considering the quality of the materials it is made of.

Demanding users will not mind paying that little bit extra in exchange for a superior product. This is similar to other coffee machines such as the Delonghi EC-680 (in metal) or the Graef ES70.