Jata CA704

Name: CA704
Brand: Jata
Type: Hydropressure
Operation: Manual
Capacity: 0.33 litres

Jata coffee 800W
Jata coffee 800W
Espresso Maker; Pressure: 3.5 bar; Steam function " Cappuccino"; For espressos - 2 4; Rotary switch with 4 positions: Espresso, break,"Cappuccino" steam,

The Jata CA704 hydro pressure coffee maker is one of the best selling steam pressure coffee makers on Amazon ever, and that has to be for a good reason. And the main reason for the popularity of the Jata CA704 coffee machine is that it is difficult to conceive of such a quantity of performance and quality in size – and at a price – as that of this hydro pressure coffee machine.

The first thing that catches the eye of the Jata CA704 coffee machine is its small size. It is a very compact machine, much smaller than pod coffee machines or most espresso machines. It is perfect for small kitchens or for any room where there is no room to spare.

You can also consult its instruction manual at any time via the following link: Read instruction manual Jata CA704.

And to conclude this introduction to the Jata CA704 coffee maker, a special mention should be made of its incredible ease of use, perfectly expressed in a control that has been simplified to the maximum. On the right side of the Jata CA704 coffee maker, we can see the control wheel, which has 4 different positions to select the operation we want at any time: On/Off function, espresso coffee brewing, milk frother, and pause function.

Jata CA704 coffee machine: main characteristics

It’s amazing how many things can fit in a small machine like the Jata CA704 coffee maker:

  • The Jata CA704 is a hydro pressure coffee machine. This means that it does not reach the same pressure as coffee machines using a pressure pump (up to 15 bar normally). This time we stayed at 3.5 bar.
  • The glass coffee bowl is already included with the coffee machine.
  • The coffee maker weighs approximately 2 kg and its dimensions are 26x21x33 (packaging included).
  • Its water tank can prepare between 2 and 4 espresso coffees
  • Control wheel with 4 positions (located on the side of the coffee machine) and indicator lights.
  • Includes a fantastic vaporizer to make milk foam for your cappuccinos.
  • The filter is made of stainless steel.
  • Includes safety cap.
  • Drip tray can be removed and cleaned with great comfort.
  • It also includes a dosing spoon which at the opposite end has an accessory to press the coffee into the filter.

Advantages of the Jata CA704 coffee machine

  • It is a very small coffee maker, very practical and easy to use.
  • Its price. One of the cheapest espresso machines on the market without any doubt.
  • The handling is very simple. Zero complications.

Disadvantages of the Jata CA704

  • When working with a hydro pressure system, not a pressure pump, only 3.5 bar is reached. You cannot buy a pump coffee maker with up to 15 bar or more.
  • The materials are not of the highest quality… but if you are looking for an economical coffee machine this should be considered in advance.

Why buy a Jata CA704 coffee machine?

It is clear that the Jata CA704 hydro pressure coffee maker is a target for those users who are looking for a practical and economic coffee maker without complications. It has all the features that a domestic user could demand at a price that is accessible to all pockets. This is the main reason why the Jata CA704 coffee machine is always at the top of the best-selling online coffee machine lists.

As more reliable alternatives for this Jata CA704 coffee machine, we have the Severin KA-5979 that is in the same range of features and price. Other cheap espresso machines, although with more possibilities, are the MiniMoka CM-1695 or the Delonghi EC145 (over £70).

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