Illy Y5

Name: Y5
Brand: Illy
Type: Pods
Operation: Automatic
Capacity: 0.9 litres

illy 949841 Y5 Iperespresso - Capsules Coffee Machine
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illy 949841 Y5 Iperespresso - Capsules Coffee Machine
  • Ref - 949841
  • Brand - Illy
  • Product - Capsules Coffee Machine

Illy Y5 is the latest and definitive model of the Illy Y series, within its exclusive Iperespresso line. It has 19 bars of pressure and the manufacturer of this Y5 continues to be Francis Francis, like all other Illy coffee machines.

The first thing we must say about the Illy Y5 coffee machine is that it is a really elegant looking coffee maker, very distinguished, with magnificent details such as the satin finish, the chromed parts… visually it is a coffee machine that gives a very good impression from the beginning. It is quite compact, and its operation is very simple: it only has 3 buttons. One is the power switch (On/Off), and the other two are the buttons for making espressos or longer coffees. There is nothing else.

Another point in favour of this simplicity of use is that when you finish preparing the coffee you simply have to lift the compartment where you insert the pods. The used capsule will be released and placed in a compartment that you will have to empty from time to time… but you will not have to remove the pods one by one. This is particularly convenient if you need to prepare several coffees in succession (e.g. for meetings or visits).

Like its range mates, the Y5 is part of Illy’s Iperespresso line. Iperespresso is a system patented by the Italian coffee company for delivering coffee in pods. Instead of simply pouring hot water through the coffee contained in the pod, as is the case with all other brands, the Illy Iperespresso capsules work in two stages.

First, the water is injected, but not released from the pod. It is kept inside the pod for a few seconds, so that the ground coffee beans are well soaked and all the aromas are mixed and released. Once this process has been completed, the pod is opened and the water is pressed out into your cup. The result, if you have the chance to check it out, is magnificent and super intense. One more reason to decide on this Illy Y5, don’t you think?

And without further ado we will start to list the characteristics and technical specifications of this magnificent Illy Y5:

Illy Y5: Colour range

This Illy Y5 is a rather sober coffee maker, and is available in three different colours. The three models (black, cream and white) follow a fairly similar line. The cream colour in this case is more like champagne, and the white is more of a very light silvery grey (see photo above).

We leave you with the purchase links for each one of them, since as you will see on Amazon there are different offers for each one.

Illy Y5: Main characteristics

  • Approximate dimensions: 28x14x24 cms.
  • Weighs about 4 Kgs.
  • The main body of the coffee machine is made of aluminium and glass.
  • Automatic decalcification system.
  • Energy saving system: the coffee machine turns off after 15 minutes of not being used.
  • The height of the tray or cup rack is adjustable (although it only really has two positions). It is made with chrome finishes.
  • Touch panel (Touch technology, according to Illy’s own flame). In addition, all the controls except the on/off switch (which is on the back) are located on the top of the coffee maker. It is really comfortable to use.
  • The water tank has a capacity of 0.9 litres, and is removed from the front (i.e. by pulling it forward).
  • It only has two buttons for making coffee: one for espresso (shorter coffee) and one for lungo (longer).
  • The used pods go directly into a compartment that you only have to empty from time to time.
  • The pressure pump is 19 bar.

Advantages of the Illy Y5

  • High quality in the materials used: aluminium and glass. Nothing like the ABS or hardened plastic coffee machines we find in other brands.
  • Very compact design, all the elements are very well integrated to reduce the space used by the coffee machine to a minimum.
  • The quality of the coffee obtained is excellent. You can see the hand of Illy and his Iperespresso system.
  • It also allows us to use ground coffee to extract filter coffee.

Disadvantages of the Illy Y5

  • Even if you lift the cup rack, the remaining space between the tray and the coffee spout is not large enough to accommodate a long glass.
  • The water tank is not small either, and is not as big as other competing coffee machines. This is a small price to pay for having such a compact coffee machine.

Illy Y5: Videos

When you go to buy an Illy Y5 always keep in mind the video review below, made by our colleagues at

And if you want to see it in action in a more direct way, you only have to check the following video:

Illy Y5 Milk

This Illy Y5 coffee machine has an extended version called the Illy Y5 Milk (£290), which as you may have guessed differs from the conventional model in that it incorporates a compartment for storing fresh milk so that it can be used directly in the preparation of delicious lattes or cappuccinos. This milk compartment is similar in size and appearance to the water tank, and is located on the opposite side of the coffee machine, as you can see in the picture below:

5 Reviews
  • New machine Illy: coffee espresso, cappuccino, coffee, milk, tea ONE TOUCH
  • Size (W x D x H) : 215 x 285 x 245 (mm) / 8.5 x 11.2 x 9.6 (inch)
  • Y5 Milk is the first machine overexpressed illy

The milk tank is also extracted from the front (like the water tank), an important detail to be able to keep it in the fridge when it is not going to be used in the coffee machine. Another difference between the Y5 Milk and the normal Y5 is that the touch control panel is extended to 6 buttons. These 6 buttons each correspond to a different type of drink that we can prepare: espresso, lungo coffee, hot water (for infusions or herbal teas), stained milk, hot milk, or cappuccinos.

Why buy an Illy Y5 Iperpresso?

The Y5 is the standard model within the Illy range of Iperespresso coffee machines. You have a more economical version, and also something simpler, like the Illy Y3, and a version with similar features but with an absolutely revolutionary design like the Illy Y1. We recommend the Y5 if you prefer the sobriety of an elegant and stylish coffee maker, although with the Y1 you won’t go wrong either, because as we say its performance when it comes to making coffee doesn’t differ much.

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