Handpresso Auto

Name: Auto
Brand: Handpresso
Type: Espresso
Operation: Manual
Capacity: 0.53 liters

Today, friends, we present you with a different coffee maker. It’s the Handpresso Auto, which we don’t know whether to classify as a “domestic” coffee maker because it is a coffee maker… for your car. Yes, yes, you read correctly: a coffee maker for the car.

If you want to enjoy a great freshly brewed espresso while you’re on the road (as long as you’re riding shotgun, or else wait until you stop the car), the only option on the market is to get one of these incredible Handpresso Auto. The invention is frankly great, and it works great. Several features differentiate the Handpresso Auto from a conventional espresso machine:

The first is that the Handpresso Auto has the right thickness and shape at its base to fit perfectly into your car’s coaster hole.

The second is its small size (logical, since it is portable), and the last is that it does not plug into the mains but has a small adapter for the 12V output of the car’s cigarette lighter.

It is made of hardened plastic of high solidity and black colour, very suitable to take on a trip, and its control buttons are straightforward and simplified to the maximum.

Bestseller No. 2
Handpresso - Handcoffee Auto 21000 Portable espresso coffee maker machine for cars/auto using pods,...
Handpresso - Handcoffee Auto 21000 Portable espresso coffee maker machine for cars/auto using pods,...
NEW MODEL: Easy filling for easier use in your car; SHORT OR LONG COFFEE: It's your choice: short coffee (80ml) or long coffee (100ml)
Bestseller No. 3

How do I use the Handpresso Auto?

If you don’t know how to use the Handpresso Auto car coffee maker, we’ll explain it to you. First of all, you will see how it has a cable that plugs directly into the car’s cigarette lighter outlet (just like if you plug in a GPS, for example), and that is what provides the electrical current to the coffee maker.

Once plugged in, fill it with water (you only need to have a small bottle of cold or weather water handy), place your ESE single-dose bag in the top compartment, close the lid and start the coffee maker by pressing the central button (the one just below the wheel that marks the temperature).

First, the coffee is made, and then it takes a few seconds to heat up (you will see this because the temperature needle starts to rise). When it has finished, the power button turns itself off, and the Handpresso Auto itself warns you with a beep. All that remains is to open the lid and serve the freshly brewed coffee in the container of your choice. The Handpresso Auto only can pour 53 ml of water; that’s just the right amount of water needed to make a coffee.

The entire process we’ve just told you about takes no more than two minutes on the clock. In short, it couldn’t be easier to make coffee in your car with the Handpresso Auto.

Handpresso Auto – Main features

  • Made of black and yellow plastic.
  • It weighs less than one kilogram. It is lightweight and easy to carry anywhere: portable and comfortable.
  • Its approximate dimensions are 9x9x21 cms.
  • Water capacity: 53 ml.
  • Adapter for 12V output from the vehicle’s cigarette lighter.
  • It works with ESE single-dose bags.
  • It is only necessary to add water from the time.
  • Preparation in just 2 minutes.
  • Its 16 bar pressure ensures the preparation of a quality espresso coffee.
  • Ergonomic shape and sleep to fit easily into your car’s coaster.

Advantages of the Handpresso Auto

  • Being able to enjoy a freshly brewed, quality coffee while travelling in the car is priceless.
  • It’s impressive that a coffee maker of this size distributes 16 bar pressure—more than a domestic espresso machine or a standard capsule machine. The espressos come out perfect and with a spectacular crema layer.
  • Value for money this Handpresso Auto is a real technological gem that you can buy for just over £100, the same price as a domestic espresso machine.

Disadvantages of the Handpresso Auto

  • It only works with ESE (Easy Serving Espresso) single-dose pods.
  • It makes coffee fast, but it’s a little noisy.
  • Although it’s obvious, it’s not a very practical machine to use at home (although you can do it without any problem).
  • You have to pour the water out every time you make a coffee.

Handpresso Auto – videos

Well, before you buy a Handpresso Auto, you’ll probably be curious to see for yourself all this stuff we’ve told you, won’t you? Well, to clear up all your doubts, we have compiled the following videos of the best car coffee maker on the market:

Handpresso itself makes the second Handpresso Auto video, so it’s the official video a bit of an advertising approach, but equally valid if you want to know how this car coffee maker works.

Handpresso Auto – accessories

There are various accessories for the Handpresso Auto on the market. Two of them stand out above all: a practical bag to carry it protected and comfortably anywhere (essential in our opinion since it is a coffee machine designed to be taken from one place to another). The price of the bag for the Handpresso Auto is £79.

You also have the opportunity to buy the whole set (Handpresso calls it a premium set) of car coffee maker, case bag, cup and bag for 25 single doses for just over £200. An ideal gift pack.

Why buy a Handpresso Auto?

It’s clear that if you’re a keen traveller, regularly drive around and enjoy drinking your freshly brewed coffee anywhere; the Handpresso Auto is the perfect coffee maker for you. Its price is not high, and its quality is impressive. However, if you buy it on a whim or because it catches your eye, you should know that it is a coffee maker designed with a particular purpose in mind (portability, car coffee maker, ergonomics). You will not get the most out of it if you intend to use it at home or in other situations.

We warn you because, especially at Christmas and on special occasions, this type of coffee maker is a beautiful gift in our opinion, you should always buy it with your head and with all the information in hand. And if you are thinking of giving a gift, keep an eye on the Handpresso Auto set premium.

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