Gaggia Unica

Name: Unica
Brand: Gaggia
Type: Espresso
Operation: Automatic
Capacity: 1.7 litres

Gaggia Unica Bean to Cup Coffee Machine
Gaggia Unica Bean to Cup Coffee Machine
GAGGIA; Coffee-Tea and Espresso

Gaggia is a prestigious Italian coffee maker known above all for its range of hand-held espresso machines, such as the Gaggia Classic or the Gaggia Carezza, but which also offers options on the market that are very much in demand in the sector of superautomatic coffee machines. This is the case of the Gaggia Unica, the coffee machine we present to you today.

Despite being an automatic espresso machine, this Gaggia Unica retains all the features that distinguish Gaggia coffee machines from their competitors. Quality and distinction on all four sides, and a purity in coffee preparation that is difficult to match by any other brand.

Built with black plastic and stainless steel body, the Gaggia Unica coffee maker is truly beautiful. Somehow, Gaggia manages to give its coffee machines an elegant, attractive and distinguished appearance at the same time. Gaggia coffee machines are unmistakable and very recognisable.

The control panel of the Gaggia Unica occupies the upper half of the front panel, which is very clean and easy to operate. Only four buttons are visible, and a digital display that actually carries all the machine’s informative and operational weight.

The four buttons perform the following functions: on/off switch, short coffee brewing, long coffee brewing, and decalcification, as you can see, very simple and well-defined functions. With the Gaggia Unica, you will not have problems of confusion or getting stuck with dozens of different options and settings, as is the case with other coffee machines.

The Gaggia Unica is a super-automatic coffee machine in the full sense of the word. This means that at the touch of a button, you can get a great, freshly brewed, freshly ground espresso in your cup.

The entire production process (grinding the coffee beans, pressing, filtering the water, expelling the coffee to the outside, etc.) is carried out without any intervention by the user. Although, of course, we can select and configure all the coffee-making parameters before starting the automatic process.

In addition, this Gaggia Unica offers a number of interesting features for the user. Large capacity water tank, the separately removable coffee group – very useful for internal cleaning and maintenance -, professional steamer, integrated grinder, compatibility with water filters, the possibility of programming espresso-making buttons, height-adjustable nozzles, it is difficult to miss anything in the Gaggia Unica.

As we always do, we will now list the main specifications and technical characteristics of this Gaggia Unica.

Gaggia Unica: General features

  • The coffee machine weighs about 9 kilos.
  • Approximate dimensions: 41 x 32 x 37 centimetres.
  • The water tank has a capacity of 1.7 litres. It is removable, so we can clean it or refill it with total comfort.
  • The coffee group can also be removed.
  • The coffee bean deposit holds up to 250 grams of this product.
  • It works at a pressure of up to 15 bar.
  • Digital display located on the front of the coffee maker.
  • Integrated grinder with ceramic grinding wheels.
  • Cup warmer located on the top of the coffee maker.
  • Compatible with Brita water filters.
  • Includes integrated steamer (called Panarello).
  • The coffee dispenser nozzle can be adjusted to different heights, so that cups or glasses of different sizes can be used underneath it.
  • The control buttons are programmable. Set your preferred values so that the coffee always comes out to your taste.
  • Energy-saving function: The Gaggia Unica switches off automatically after an hour of non-use.
  • The outer casing is made of stainless steel (front panel) and black hardened ABS plastic (side panels).
  • Maximum power: 1300 watts.

Advantages of the Gaggia Unica

  • That the grinder has ceramic wheels, and not steel ones. Ceramic grinding wheels have less risk of overheating and are much more durable.
  • It is a high capacity coffee maker. Between the water and the coffee beans it can store, we can prepare up to 14 cups of coffee at once.
  • Among the high-end automatic coffee machines, we find the price/performance ratio of the Gaggia Unica very interesting.

Disadvantages of the Gaggia Unica

  • This is a fairly large and heavy coffee maker, so make sure you have room in your kitchen to put it in and that you don’t need to move it around.

Gaggia Unica: Videos

First of all, we leave you with a complete presentation with an in-depth review of this Gaggia Unica.

And then a second video in which we see how some of the components and accessories of the coffee machine are handled.

Why buy a Gaggia Unica?

The Gaggia Unica is the perfect choice for you if you are looking for an automatic espresso machine but don’t want to stray from the great Italian classics. All the fame and quality of Gaggia, combined with the power and convenience of a top-of-the-range automatic coffee maker.

The Gaggia Unica is a good example of how tradition and prestige do not have to be at odds with innovation and technical progress. Moreover, as we have already said, its value for money is more than good, as other automatic coffee machines with such a number of features usually go easily over 400 pounds.

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