Gaggia Carezza

Name: Carezza
Brand: Gaggia
Type: Espresso
Operation: Manuals
Capacity: 1.4 litres

The Gaggia Carezza is one of the top-of-the-range espresso machines from the already prestigious Italian firm Gaggia.

What is most striking about this Gaggia Carezza is undoubtedly its design, which we do not know whether to describe as halfway between retro and futuristic style. A strange combination, but certainly attractive to the eye, isn’t it?

Its control panel features a temperature indicator on the left, with a red needle that goes up as the coffee machine warms up. This is a very original and attractive design detail, but is it really useful considering that there are no marks or values around the needle to know what temperature we have?

Just at the other end of the front, on the right, we have the main control knob. And in the centre the various buttons and indicator lights for the various functions of the Gaggia Carezza.

Speaking of its design, we cannot overlook the excellent idea that the creators of the Gaggia Carezza had in allowing the water tank to be removed from the front and forward (not from the back). A very convenient tank that opens up new possibilities when looking for a location for our espresso machine.

With regard to coffee preparation, please note that Gaggia recommends not to press the ground coffee (neither too much nor too little, but directly not to press it) when filling the filter. This is a very particular option that responds in the end to everyone’s taste, although we would like to warn you that because of this recommendation the Gaggia Carezza does not come with a coffee press (a common accessory on other models).

Gaggia Carezza Style: A Face Wash

The Gaggia Carezza coffee maker has been on the market for many years now, and sooner or later it was time for a facelift. This update comes with the Gaggia Carezza Style model, which does not have too many functional differences from the original model, but offers a completely new look.

As you can see in the picture, the Gaggia Carezza Style coffee maker maintains the lines and features that characterise the Carezza series (a modern design with a vintage touch).

The temperature display is removed and the front panel is almost entirely covered with a stainless steel plate, giving it a very sober and elegant look. The pressurised filter and the pre-infusion system integrated in the delivery unit are also noteworthy.

The other features of the Gaggia Carezza Style are the same as those of the original model.

We will now go into detail by listing the most important characteristics and technical specifications of this Gaggia Carezza.

Gaggia Carezza – Main Features

Don’t buy the Gaggia Carezza without reading this list of specifications first:

  • Its dimensions are approx. 28 x 21 x 30 cm.
  • It weighs about 4 kg.
  • The pressure pump is 15 bar, the standard for all espresso machines.
  • It has a tray for preheating the cups, located as usual in the upper part of the housing.
  • The water tank has a capacity of 1.4 litres.
  • It is built with ABS plastic materials, but with a large stainless steel presence.
  • It has a water filter. If you are one of those who always use mineral water in your coffee maker, now you can forget about it and save a little bit by using tap water with the certainty that the taste of your coffee will remain excellent.
  • You can use either ground coffee or ESE pods. There is a specific filter for each option.
  • With the ground coffee filter, you can get either one or two cups of coffee in one brew.
  • It has an automatic decalcification alarm: a small light will alert you when your Gaggia Carezza needs to be decalcified.
  • Removable non-drip tray.

Advantages of the Gaggia Carezza

  • The exterior appearance and finishes are absolutely impeccable. Robust, durable, 100% stainless steel, easy to clean… a pleasure.
  • The water filter ensures that we enjoy the maximum quality and taste in our drinks, even if we use tap water.
  • The water tank can be removed from the front! Great idea and very practical.

Disadvantages of the Gaggia Carezza

  • Although the performance is excellent (and the coffee it brews too) it is perhaps a little expensive, especially compared to the Gaggia Classic. Although the design and quality must be paid for, of course.
  • The coffee press is not included.

Gaggia Carezza- Videos

To buy a Gaggia Carezza it is essential to know it in depth. It is a coffee machine that makes you fall in love at first sight, and you will be able to see for yourself when you see it in operation thanks to the following videos:

And here’s a video of a user showing us the first use after buying his new Gaggia Carezza:

Why Buy a Gaggia Carezza?

The Gaggia Carezza is an espresso machine that you will really enjoy if you like to “work” your coffee and control all the details of the brewing ritual.

Buying a Gaggia Carezza at Amazon also means opting for an exclusive design, very original and completely different from what you usually see on the hand-held espresso machine market. What, is it expensive? Yes, but you are guaranteed to take home an excellent machine and your money will be well spent.

If you want to go one step further, you should already go to the Gaggia range of automatic coffee machines: The Unica and the Brera.

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