Gaggia Brera

Name: Brera
Brand: Gaggia
Type: Espresso
Operation: Automatic
Capacity: 1.2 litres

The Gaggia Brera is the last step in the Gaggia automatic coffee machines, just below the Gaggia Accademia (a coffee machine that is already more oriented towards the professional, not so much the domestic, field), and just above the Gaggia Unica, which is also an excellent Gaggia automatic coffee machine.

The Brera retains the main features of any other Gaggia coffee machine (great workmanship, dominant presence of stainless steel, a very careful and purist coffee making process, orientation towards medium/high profile users), and combines them to give a new twist to the concept of super-automatic coffee machines.

The external appearance of the Gaggia Brera is round, solid, like a large steel block that seems to have been designed to resist years and years of preparing coffee with the utmost precision. The manufacture is impeccable and not without its appeal.

We are also struck, of course, by its spectacular size, perhaps not suitable for all kitchens. The front is surprisingly clean. The operating buttons (four) are located around the digital display, at the top of the coffee machine, together with a rotary control located somewhat lower down which regulates the functions of the steamer (to the left) or the hot water for preparing infusions (to the right). If we leave it in its central position, we will only be making coffee.

With the upper buttons we can select the intensity of our coffee to its size (long or short), turn the coffee maker on or off, and much more. The controls are intuitive, although we cannot forget that a coffee maker of these characteristics will always have a slightly better learning curve than the rest.

At the top of the Gaggia Brera we find, as is usual with automatic coffee machines, the grinder. In this case it is a coffee grinder with ceramic grinding wheels, which as the most experts in the field know are much more reliable and durable than traditional steel grinders.

Ceramic grinding wheels heat up less during grinding, and therefore do not transmit any strange aromas or nuances to the coffee. Next to the grinder compartment, there is also a small space to preheat the cups before serving the coffee in them. This contributes to the fact that your drink takes much longer to cool down and also that it keeps its taste intact by avoiding contact with the cold surface of the earthenware or glass.

The water tank, with a capacity of 1.2 litres, is removed by opening it from the front towards the front, which is much more convenient than the traditional option of removing it from behind the coffee machine, or at best from the side.

Another great attraction of this Gaggia Brera is that the coffee group can be opened and removed from the interior separately, even replacing it if there is a breakdown or over time you want your coffee machine to have a new “motor“. This makes cleaning, maintenance and the durability of your Gaggia Brera much easier.

And speaking of cleaning, we can’t fail to point out that this model includes automatic cleaning and also warns you when it needs to be decalcified (see below for a video explaining this process). As you can see, every detail of the Gaggia Brera has been designed to make it last as long as possible.

And finally, we will talk about the always appreciated pre-infusion system, which also includes other coffee machines, especially those in the medium-high range. Thanks to the pre-infusion system, the boiler applies a slight pressure to the water before it passes through the filter at maximum power (15 bar). This pre-infusion effect means that the coffee beans expand before they pass through the filter, so that the extraction is much finer.

We will now list all its main characteristics and functions:

Gaggia Brera: Main Features

  • The coffee maker operates at a pressure of 15 bar.
  • Water tank capacity: 1.2 litres.
  • The coffee maker has enough capacity to prepare 10 to 12 cups of coffee at most.
  • Automatic cleaning and decalcification function.
  • The coffee group can be removed completely separately.
  • It has a pre-infusion function for even finer and more precise coffee extraction.
  • Integrated grinder with ceramic wheels.
  • The nozzle has two jets and this allows us to prepare one or two cups simultaneously.
  • Hot water function to enjoy instant infusions.
  • The grinder has a capacity to store 250 grams of coffee beans.
  • Includes professional steamer (Panarello) to create a delicious milk foam. Also made of stainless steel.
  • Cup-warming tray located on the top of the coffee maker.
  • The Gaggia Brera coffee maker is compatible with Brita water filters.
  • Energy-saving function: the coffee maker switches off automatically if it is not being used.
  • Removable anti-drip tray.
  • The coffee maker measures 45 x 26 x 31 centimetres.
  • It weighs around 8.5 kilos.
  • Power: 1400 watts.

Gaggia Brera: Range of Colours

The Gaggia Brera is available in two colours: black and silver. These two colours can only be distinguished by the plastic components (ABS), which are mainly present in the casing of the upper part of the coffee machine and on the sides. The front, as you have seen, is made of stainless steel in both models. Below you will find the links to buy the Gaggia Brera in both colours:

How to Decalcify your Gaggia Brera

One of the countless advantages of this Gaggia Brera is that you can start a decalcification cycle automatically. Learn how to do it through this video:

Advantages of the Gaggia Brera

  • The automatic cleaning and descaling functions.
  • The grinder wheels are ceramic and not steel. This means that they last longer, and are less likely to be reheated during grinding; therefore, they are less likely to transmit foreign aromas to the coffee.
  • The water tank can be removed from the front of the grinder quite conveniently.

Disadvantages of the Gaggia Brera

  • Its size and weight. It is not a handy coffee machine, and if you have a small kitchen you may have trouble finding a good location for it.
  • The water tank, with 1.2 litres capacity, is a little smaller than what we usually find in the sector of super-automatic coffee machines.
  • It does not allow the use of glasses or cups higher than 12 cms.

Gaggia Brera: Videos

This is one of the most comprehensive video reviews we have found on the entire network, not only of the Gaggia Brera but of any other model of coffee machine. Not a single detail is overlooked:

And then some very useful tips on how to clean and calibrate the grinder of your Gaggia Brera:

Why Buy a Gaggia Brera?

It is clear that a coffee machine like the Gaggia Brera is aimed at the most demanding consumer. It is true that it is an expensive machine, but it is in line with the cost of this type of high-end automatic coffee machine. Moreover, the Gaggia Brera is a coffee machine specifically designed to last for many years, so it is a fairly safe long-term investment.

The closest alternative is undoubtedly the Gaggia Unica, the other super automatic from Gaggia. It is slightly cheaper, less powerful, and both its appearance and mode of operation are similar to the Brera. It is also a high-quality option, of course.

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