Dolce Gusto Esperta

Name: Esperta
Brand: Dolce Gusto
Type: Capsules
Operation: Automatic
Capacity: 1.4 litres

It is not the first time we review a model that has not yet been distributed worldwide, and this time we do so with one of the great brands in the sector. We look at the Dolce Gusto Esperta, a model with which Dolce Gusto (at last!) is getting its act together and introducing a genuinely far-reaching innovation into its catalogue: connectivity. Whether you’re going to take advantage of it or not, that’s another matter, and you’ll have to decide for yourself. Let’s get to know the machine.

The disadvantage that we have always put to the Dolce Gusto releases has been the traditional conservatism in their proposals. Year after year, the brand has put one or two models on the market per campaign, which contributed little to those that already existed and who either did not manage to gain a foothold among consumers or ate away at others that did work well. With Esperta, this tendency is broken because it is a radically different proposal.

The first thing that catches our attention when buying a Dolce Gusto Esperta is its design, with a considerable size, less compact than other popular machines of the firm like the Lumio or the Infinissima. There are three key aspects to highlight in this section:

  • The use of spherical sections and very rounded lines on the body. Some will like it and others not so much, but there is no doubt that it is very personal and striking.
  • The water tank (1.4 litres) is much more generous than what we are used to in Dolce Gusto.
  • The control panel, slightly renovated and with new features.

At this point, it must be said that this is an automatic coffee machine (i.e. it uses the usual Dolce Gusto Plug&Play digital system) with 15 bars of pressure.

Functions and performance at coffee time

And now, let’s see how the machine behaves when it comes to making coffee, which is what most of us are interested in. From functionality, there are also exciting new features in this Dolce Gusto Esperta. The first of these is the capsule adapter.

In this model, the compartment where the capsule is inserted is not open; that is, we do not “leave” the capsule on it and insert it into the coffee maker. As you can see in the other picture, it is a closed compartment that somehow “hugs” the capsule once it has been pierced.

This detail, which in principle can go unnoticed, ensures that once the coffee is finished, those annoying last drops of steam or water that spoil our drink do not continue to come out if we do not remove the already used capsule in time.

Other new features of this model are the selection of temperature, a possibility that has never been seen before in Dolce Gusto, and two new modes of delivery (intense and delicate) for those who prefer to adapt the nuances of their coffee little more. Espresso Boost and Delicate Brew are their respective names.

  • In the full mode, the coffee maker makes a pre-infusion to get a concentrated espresso in a few seconds.
  • In the delicate mode, the water is injected drop by drop and takes between 4 and 5 minutes. It cannot be sprayed in circles over the coffee, as a real filter coffee maker would, but the result is quite light, balanced and very approximate.
  • If we do not choose either of these two modes, the Esperta will make regular coffee, as with any other Dolce Gusto coffee maker.

Of course, the two unique modes make sense, mainly if used with the right capsules (espressos in the first case, long or American coffee in the second).

The temperature selection, on the other hand, allows us to choose between three predefined and non-programmable levels: standard, high or low temperature.

The Dolce Gusto Esperta was launched in a relatively standard and very common range of colours: dark grey, red and white.

Esperta: the Dolce Gusto coffee maker with Bluetooth

And we close the chapter on features of this machine with what is undoubtedly the strong point or main distinctive feature of the Dolce Gusto Esperta. It is a coffee machine with Bluetooth connectivity, so we can operate it from our mobile phone with an app without having to have the machine in front of us.

The app is available for both Apple and Android and allows you, among other things, to start making coffee from your room or your bed when you get up without having to go to the kitchen (as long as you have left the capsule on the night before, of course). If you opt for the “delicate” espresso mode, this is a very welcome bonus.

Another issue is to get all Android or Apple devices on the market to connect smoothly to the coffee machine, which the technology industry has not yet managed to solve completely.

From the app of the Dolce Gusto Esperta, we can do everything that the physical control panel of the machine allows us to do, which in summary is:

  • Choose the size of the coffee (Plug&Play levels, from 1 to 7).
  • Choose the temperature (low, medium or high).
  • Choose one of the unique modes if desired (intense or delicate espresso).
  • Program the coffee maker to make coffee at a specific time.
  • Memorize all the settings in your profile, so that you do not have to repeat all the steps every time you want to make a coffee.

If you have any doubts, here is a video that explains in a more graphic way how the Dolce Gusto Esperta app works:

Dolce Gusto Esperta: general features

  • 15 bar pressure pump.
  • Preparation of hot and cold drinks.
  • Automatic preparation mode (Plug&Play).
  • Two unique modes for extra-intensive espressos, and delicate long coffees (similar to filter coffee)
  • Removable water tank of 1.4 litres.
  • Bluetooth connection with the app (Apple and Android).
  • Temperature selection (3 predefined levels).
  • Programmable timer.
  • Adjustable cup holder at different heights.
  • Automatic shutdown after 5 minutes of inactivity.
  • Power: 1500 watts.
  • Dimensions (width x height x depth): 21 x 36 x 27.
  • Approximate weight: 2.7 kg.
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Advantages of the Dolce Gusto Esperta

  • The capacity of the water tank is far superior to other Dolce Gusto models.
  • The two new unique preparation modes, especially the pre-infusion mode for extra-intensive espressos.
  • The ability to choose between 3 levels of temperature for our coffee.
  • Bluetooth connectivity, the main innovation of this machine.

Disadvantages of the Dolce Gusto Esperta

  • It’s a bulky coffee maker.
  • The app and the Bluetooth connection work quite well, but let’s be honest: most users are not able to take full advantage of this kind of features.
  • The price is much higher than the brand’s average, although we must also be clear that this is a top-of-the-range coffee maker.
  • The special buttons are somewhat small and are not backlit. You should take this into account if you use your coffee maker in a dark environment or without switching on the light.

How does the Dolce Gusto Esperta coffee maker work?

If you need a closer look at how this Dolce Gusto Esperta is used and its primary functions, we invite you to watch this video presentation:

Why buy a Dolce Gusto Esperta? Opinions and alternatives

Bluetooth technology is undoubtedly the great innovation that marks the analysis of this Dolce Gusto Esperta coffee machine. It is very well resolved, and the app is intuitive, although we cannot avoid having doubts about what percentage of users will take full advantage of it.

In any case, if we leave aside the Bluetooth connectivity, Esperta continues to be a coffee machine with enough novelties and innovations to distinguish it from the rest of the Dolce Gusto coffee machines and place it one step ahead of the rest.

The selection of temperature, alternative preparation modes or the timer is, at last (we already missed it), a range of novelties sufficient to consider its purchase if we want to access a superior machine without abandoning the Dolce Gusto brand. The price of the Esperta is in line with its performance, but here you should already assess whether the investment is worth it.

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