Dolce Gusto Drop

Name: Drop
Brand: Dolce Gusto
Type: Capsules
Operation: Automatic
Capacity: 0.8 litres

As every year, at the end of the summer, Dolce Gusto launches a new coffee maker to complete its already extensive range and to surprise locals and visitors with its innovative designs. If in past years the novelty was the successful Mini-Me, and the couple Oblo and Jovia appeared, for the past 2019 Christmas campaign, the Dolce Gusto novelty was called Drop.

The Dolce Gusto Drop coffee maker comes with another model (Stelia). Like many other Dolce Gusto coffee machines, it is manufactured by Krups, and mostly its materials and finishes are the same as those we already know from the rest of the Dolce Gusto range. Only the external appearance changes, which is no small feat.

Dolce Gusto Drop: inspired by a drop of coffee

The first thing that catches the eye of this Dolce Gusto Drop is undoubtedly its ground-breaking design. It is inspired by a drop of coffee that falls on the cup, no doubt original, and indeed the effect is well achieved.

This way, the base of the coffee maker takes on great importance as it is the most significant element and where the rest of the items should be placed. In the central part of this base, we find the space for the drip tray, which can be removed to leave more space for long glasses or large cups.

To the left of this, we see the on/off switch, and to the right, a transparent level indicator that allows us to see how much water is left in the tank (yes, in the Dolce Gusto Drop, the water tank is embedded in the base).

The main new feature of the Dolce Gusto Drop: touch control panel

Dolce Gusto launched the past two manual coffee machines, the Oblo and the Jovia. The Nescafé company has opted now for two automatic machines; both the Drop and the Stelia work with the successful Dolce Gusto Play&Select system, which allows users to prepare their cup of coffee with total precision at the touch of a single button (without having to stop the extraction at any time). If you want to know more about the differences between the Dolce Gusto manual and automatic coffee makers, you can read this article: Dolce Gusto automatic or manual?

However, the Dolce Gusto Drop introduces an essential new feature compared to the other Dolce Gusto automatic coffee machines. If, until now, the Play&Select system was operated with a wheel that allowed us to select the amount of water for each preparation from the Drop (and the Stelia), this control is done in a tactile way. This way, it’s much faster and cleaner to make our selection and start the coffee extraction without delays.

As you can see, there are no wheels or levers. It has two blue and red buttons (tactile, of course) to select hot or cold water and the green scale corresponding to the seven levels of the Play&Select system.

Apart from all this, the Dolce Gusto has the same basic features common to all other Dolce Gusto coffee machines. The Drop will first be sold in three colours, which are the classics of Dolce Gusto: white, black and red.

The exterior housing is still mostly plastic, the pressure pump is 15 bar, and the water tank size is 0.8 litres. This time the tank is not located at the back, as is the case with other Dolce Gusto coffee machines, but at the base (the design doesn’t allow for any other alternative).

It is precisely this lack of originality that we can attribute to the Dolce Gusto Drop since, beyond the touch panel, this proposal does not bring anything substantially new to the Dolce Gusto range or its fierce competition in the capsule coffee machine sector.

Below is a summary of the main functions and technical specifications of this Dolce Gusto Drop:

Dolce Gusto Drop: main features

  • 15 bar pressure pump.
  • The water tank is removable and has a capacity of 0.8 litres. It is located at the base and has a transparent indicator so we can see from the outside how much water is left.
  • Removable drip tray. The height can also be adjusted to accommodate large cups or glasses. Up to four different cup sizes can be provided.
  • The drip tray is made of aluminium.
  • The on/off switch includes an energy-saving feature called Eco Mode.
  • Automatic switch-off when the coffee machine is not in use.
  • Includes container for used capsules.
  • It weighs about 2.4 kg.
  • Its approximate dimensions are 38 x 32 x 27 centimetres.
  • Power: 1500 watts.
  • 2-year manufacturer’s warranty.
  • It comes with six gift capsules (the well-known Dolce Gusto starter pack).

Advantages of the Dolce Gusto Drop

  • The 100% touch control panel is a fundamental advance in the Dolce Gusto range, and a detail that we missed when making comparisons with other brands.
  • The automatic operation (Play&Select system) is much more comfortable than the traditional manual method.
  • The design is beautiful, original, compact, available in several colours to put some stick.

Disadvantages of the Dolce Gusto Drop

  • In recent years, Dolce Gusto has opted for compact and small-sized coffee machines. It limits the capacity of the water tank, which on this occasion also does not exceed 0.8 litres. It would help if you went back several years, to the times of the Melody or the Circolo, to find Dolce Gusto coffee machines with a larger capacity.
  • The official starting price of the Dolce Gusto Drop (according to its website) is 150 Pounds. With time it will surely be reduced, and promotions will appear, especially given Christmas. But in principle, it is a more expensive coffee machine than other automatic machines from the competition.
  • Leaving aside the touch panel, this coffee maker works exactly like any other Dolce Gusto automatic. Perhaps we could have expected these launches to bring more new things to the Dolce Gusto range.

Dolce Gusto Drop: videos

Such a novel launch is always accompanied by a multitude of videos and promotional announcements. Here are some of the most interesting ones we have collected from the network.

The first is an official commercial from Dolce Gusto:

And secondly, some short user demonstrations to see the Dolce Gusto Drop at work:

Why buy a Dolce Gusto Drop?

This is a coffee machine whose most significant attraction is its appearance. It seeks to make an impact from the very first moment and to capture the attention of occasional consumers. The necessary technical specifications are like those of previous Dolce Gusto coffee machines, and it is up to each user to assess whether this justifies the investment.

OK, we have to admit that with this type of coffee maker, we always have the feeling of paying a premium for the design… but, even so, we have to wait a few months to see how the rates evolve and how Dolce Gusto positions itself in the market with these new bets.

The main differences between the Dolce Gusto Drop and previous Dolce Gusto coffee machines are two: the touch panel and the location of the water tank at the base of the platform. It´s enough to justify the novelty. Everyone will have their own opinion but what is clear is that there are more differences in this Dolce Gusto Drop than between any of the previous Dolce Gusto automatics.

We recommend it if you are a fan of Dolce Gusto designs and if you want to be on the cutting edge of capsule coffee machines. If you don’t mind having older models, now is probably a good time to get one of the other large Dolce Gusto machines (Circolo or Melody) at a lower price.

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