Delta Qool Evolution

Name: Qool
Brand: Delta
Type: Capsules
Operation: Automatic
Capacity: 1 Litre

The Delta Qool coffee maker comes to respond to a growing demand from consumers, among whom the Delta coffee firm has excellent acceptance. Delta, apart from marketing coffee beans, also has a line of capsules with the Delta Q brand. Delta Q capsules can be bought online without any problem and are also present in many physical stores.

To enjoy them, we need to have this Delta Q coffee maker, which is already in its second version: The Delta Qool Evolution model. It is not easy to get it, but we always have the option to buy the Delta Qool online.

It is a 19-bar pressure coffee maker (like the Nespresso) with a 1-litre capacity, with a modern design and very bright colours as is usual in the capsule machine segment. We will talk about them later.

This Delta capsule coffee machine stands out for some functions or accessories that we do not find in the most common coffee machines in the capsule sector.

We refer, for example, to the possibility of customizing the size of each coffee volume: The Delta Qool allows the selection of three volumes (long coffee, short coffee, and infusions), and each of them can be defined to our taste. We can see them arranged on the front of the coffee maker, just above the circular panel with the Delta Q logo.

Another interesting detail, for example, is that we do not have to worry about collecting the used capsules: they are automatically ejected into a specific container for this purpose.

Buy Delta Qool Evolution: Models and colours

You can currently purchase this Delta Q coffee maker in red, white, or black. In all cases, what changes is the colour of the side panels, as the front and the control panel are always made of black plastic. These are the purchase links for each Delta Qool Evolution capsule coffee maker:

As you can see in the photographs, this Delta Q Evolution coffee maker has some removable modules, such as the water tank or the tray where the cups are placed.

This last one, besides being able to be removed from the main body of the coffee maker, can be placed at different heights with the idea of accommodating cups or glasses of various sizes.

If you have any doubts about its operation, you can also access the instruction manual of the Delta Qool coffee machine through this same link.

Delta MilkQool: with integrated milk frother

This model, called Milkqool, is the premium or more advanced version of this coffee maker. It is a Delta Qool of 19 bars and 1200w, like the other machines of the brand, but it also has an integrated milk frother in the style of the Nespresso Lattissima or the Senseo Latte Duo.

It allows us, for a little more money, to enjoy lattes or cappuccinos made with fresh milk and our favourite Delta capsules.

Delta Qool Evolution: General features

  • Capsule coffee maker with 19 bar pressure pump
  • Available in three colours: black, white and red.
  • The capsules are automatically ejected into a specially designed container (which holds about ten capsules).
  • Automatic drink preparation: press the start button once. The coffee machine will know exactly when to stop the process.
  • Three different brewing modes to choose from: long coffee, short coffee, and infusions. The three volumes can also be configured or customized to our taste.
  • The water tank has a capacity of 1 litre. It is transparent and removable.
  • Anti-drip tray to collect the coffee grounds and remains of the preparations. The space where the liquid remains falls is 0.3 litres.
  • The plate where the cups are placed is adjustable in height.
  • Power consumption: 1200 watts.
  • Weight: 3.6 kilograms.
  • Dimensions of the coffee maker: 28 x 37 x 15 cms.

Advantages of the Delta Qool coffee machine

  • Without a doubt, the possibility of programming the amount of water that corresponds to each preparation: short coffee, long coffee, or infusion.
  • The range of Delta Q capsules has an excellent acceptance among consumers because of its quality. Moreover, it is varied and offers not only coffees but also infusions.
  • The 19-bar pressure.
  • It is a reasonably compact coffee machine. The water tank is not small (1 litre) for what capsule coffee machines are usually used for, but the piece takes up little space.

Disadvantages of the Delta Qool coffee machine

  • In Portugal, or regions of Spain close to Portugal, it is not difficult to find one of these Delta Qool coffee machines. But in the rest of the world, the only option to get a Delta coffee maker may be to buy it online. They are not easily found in large stores.
  • All the main components of the machine are made of plastic.

What capsules does the Delta Qool coffee machine use?

A mistake that many users make is to think that all capsule coffee machines are the same and that they all use the same single-dose format. Unfortunately, this is not the case. Delta Qool Evolution coffee machines use their capsule format, called Delta Q.

Pack XL 40 – Decaffeinated Coffee Capsules Delta Q Intensity 1 – 4 x10 capsules,...
Pack XL 40 – Decaffeinated Coffee Capsules Delta Q Intensity 1 – 4 x10 capsules,...
4 Packs of 10 Capsules (40 Capsules of Cafe); Intensity indicacion by number sign; Delta Q number 1 in capsules of Cafe (Cafe, Cafe Only)
Seleccion Delta Q...
Seleccion Delta Q...
7 Packs of 10 Capsules (50 Capsules of Cafe); Intensity indicacion by number sign; Delta Q number 1 in capsules of Cafe (Cafe, Cafe Only)

As you can see, they offer an exciting variety of espressos. There are different specialities and intensities, origin coffees, and even tasting packs you want to try them all before deciding which one you like best.

We talk about all of them in more detail on this page: Delta Q Capsules.

Delta Qool vs Nespresso: Which one to choose?

It is reasonable to doubt because Delta Qool capsules have similar characteristics to those of Nespresso in terms of coffee quality. Moreover, both coffee machines and single-dose machines are usually a little cheaper.

On the other hand, at Nespresso, you will find a wider variety of different coffees and aromas, and they are distributed much more widely around the world. Delta capsules are not sold in all stores, although you can always go to Amazon, of course.

Please note: The Delta Qool coffee machine is not compatible with Nespresso. It is clear to me. They are different capsule formats.

How does the Delta Qool manual coffee machine work?

It is a sample of what the model before the Delta Qool was like:

And here is an updated sales presentation of this latest version of the Delta Q coffee maker:

Why buy a Delta Qool? Final opinions

The Delta Qool Evolution is a capsule coffee maker that is highly sought after by some sectors of the consumer. The most loyal to the Delta coffee brand has no other option if they want to enjoy Delta Q capsules at home.

In this sense, the Delta Q capsule coffee maker is a compelling alternative to the traditional coffee makers (Dolce Gusto, Tassimo, Nespresso). Which apart from offering their coffee as a major attraction, it also takes care of those coffee makers with their personality and find their place in the market beyond their aesthetic aspect. It is a similar position to that occupied, for example, by the Fagor Stracto with its range of Stracto capsules.

It is why the Delta Qool coffee machine has an unbeatable presentation card: its 19-bar pressure, its automatic capsule ejection system, or the three programmable preparation volumes. These qualities place it in the medium-high segment of domestic capsule machines at a quite competitive price that is usually below 100 pounds.

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