Delonghi Primadonna

Name: ETAM 36.365 Primadonna
Brand: Delonghi
Type: Espresso
Operation: Automatic
Capacity: 1.3 litres

DeLonghi Primadonna XS - coffee makers (freestanding, Coffee beans, Ground coffee, Fully-auto, Caffe...
DeLonghi Primadonna XS - coffee makers (freestanding, Coffee beans, Ground coffee, Fully-auto, Caffe...
Intuitive control panel soft touch with display two lines of text; Cappuccino, milky coffee and latte macchiato buttons

It is always a pleasure to include in our pages the top-of-the-range models of their respective firms, especially if they are prestigious brands such as Delonghi and this Delonghi Primadonna.

Today we are going to talk about the Primadonna XS model, which corresponds to the Delonghi ETAM 36.365 nomenclature. At the time of writing, the Primadonna XS is one of the top-of-the-range coffee machines in Delonghi’s ETAM line of automatic coffee machines (the most recent of all). If you have any doubts about the different groups of Delonghi automatic coffee machines, have a look at this article: Delonghi automatic coffee machines.

Before we start evaluating this ETAM 36.365 model, we must make an obligatory stop to explain – and try to summarize – what the Primadonna line of Delonghi coffee machines is, and which models it consists of.

Because there is no single Delonghi Primadonna coffee machine, there are many. The Primadonna line groups together, as we have said, the top of the range of Delonghi machines, and within it there are several versions.

There is, for example, the one in this review, which is the ETAM 36.365 model. But we can also find some Primadonna coffee machines with superior features, such as the Primadonna Exclusive (which is the ESAM 6900), the Primadonna S Deluxe (ESAM 6600), the Delonghi Primadonna S Evo (ECAM 510.55) or the Primadonna Elite (ECAM 650.75).

What do you think about it? There are models of Delonghi Primadonna coffee machines to bore you! However, they all have in common their very high performance and their high price.

DeLonghi ECAM28.465.MB Primadonna Automatic Compact Espresso Maker with Milk Tank, 1450 W, 1.8 L, 2...
DeLonghi ECAM28.465.MB Primadonna Automatic Compact Espresso Maker with Milk Tank, 1450 W, 1.8 L, 2...
Digital display with touch and metal control panel; LatteCream System for Cappuccino, Latte Machiatto and other drinks
De'Longhi ETAM 36.365.M Prima Donna XS Bean to Cup
De'Longhi ETAM 36.365.M Prima Donna XS Bean to Cup
Easy to clean and practical - machine has energy saving function; Adjustable coffee dispenser, for cups of varying height from 92 to 142 mm.

Anyway, if you are thinking of buying a Delonghi Primadonna online, you might be interested in this model ETAM 36.365 which is one of the most basic (if you can use that word with a £1000 machine) of the range.

This coffee machine is part of the successful Primadonna line of Delonghi, which was inaugurated with the ECAM 28.465 and is now on the ETAM 36.365.

Delonghi Primadonna XS (or ECAM 36.365)

The Delonghi Primadonna XS, or Delonghi ETAM 36.365, is a very compact automatic, with 15 bar pressure, metal cladding, and a faithful exponent of the Bean To Cup system, so famous in the international coffee sector. Bean-To-Cup coffee machines (from bean to cup) are capable of preparing any coffee in a few seconds, starting with the unground bean to your taste and with all the aroma of freshly ground coffee.

The possibilities offered by this type of high-end automatic coffee maker, and the Delonghi Primadonna is no exception, are almost infinite. You can do everything – but everything – that you can imagine and you will always have a button or a specific function to help you.

The learning curve is long, but once you master the coffee machine and know how to take advantage of all its qualities, you will have no doubt that the investment has been worthwhile.

The design of this Delonghi Primadonna falls within the classic canons one would expect from this type of coffee maker. Straight lines, metal-clad drawer, and the traditional arrangement of elements, dominated by the large milk tank on the left and the water tank in the back. No surprises.

As we have already said, the reduced dimensions for which Delonghi has bet on this model, suitable for any corner of the kitchen, stand out.

Delonghi Primadonna XS: Prepare any type of coffee at the touch of a button

A coffee machine like Delonghi Primadonna not only sets itself the goal of preparing the highest quality coffee, but also tries to offer the user the greatest possible facilities, whatever their preferences. Thus, we can prepare any drink no matter how sophisticated it is, always with perfect proportions and without effort. Just press the button for your drink, place the cup under the spout, and wait.

Among all these drinks, the ones with fresh milk foam stand out. Naturally, an automatic coffee maker like this Delonghi Primadonna has a milk tank that foams the milk on the spot and incorporates it into our drink at the right time without having to change the cup or glass.

This system, called AutoCapuccinatore, is responsible for automatically preparing not only cappuccinos but also lattes macchiatos or lattes. As you can see, the system includes an automatic cleaning programme that guarantees the elimination of any organic waste – an always delicate matter when handling fresh milk in our cafeteria. Just make sure you always keep the tank in the fridge when you’re not using it!

The vaporising tube, which is a separate accessory, not only acts on the milk in this tank, but can also serve us hot water (ideal, for example, for preparing infusions) or heat the milk.

Delonghi Primadonna

The control panel of the Delonghi Primadonna XS is completely digital. A blue backlit LED display informs us of all the steps we are taking in preparing the coffee, and allows us to comfortably select all the coffee parameters: intensity, volume, type of drink.

All the buttons on this control panel are accompanied by very intuitive icons or legends. It should not be difficult to operate, within the intrinsic complexity of an automatic coffee machine with so many possibilities.

By the way, both the main switch and the button to activate the tray for preheating cups are located on the top panel of the coffee machine, and not on the front.

Do you like a really intense espresso? In that case, you’ll have to make use of the pre-brewing function that the Delonghi Primadonna offers. This is a system that briefly moistens the ground coffee beans just before the coffee is extracted. In this way, the beans will release all their aromas and nuances into the drink, with an intensity that cannot be achieved if the coffee is extracted dry.

The programmable memory of this coffee machine deserves a special mention: it memorizes the settings of your favorite coffee or brew, indicating, for example, the exact amount of milk, ground coffee or water it should contain. This way, you don’t have to specify it by hand every time.

Another highlight of the Delonghi Primadonna is its integrated grinder, with conical grinding wheels and 13 settings or levels of grinding selection (from the finest to the thickest grind). The hopper, or container for storing the coffee beans, has a generous capacity of 170 grams.

In any case, if you want to use already ground coffee you can do so as well. The Delonghi Primadonna has a separate entrance for adding ground coffee and skipping the grinding process. Very useful, for example, for using decaffeinated coffee. You can see it in more detail in the following picture:

Below, we will complete the information by listing the extensive list of features and technical specifications of this Delonghi Primadonna. Make yourself comfortable.

Delonghi Primadonna: Main features

  • 15 bar pressure pump.
  • Patented AutoCappuccino system for the instantaneous and automatic preparation of drinks with foam.
  • You can customise any aspect of your coffee: dose, intensity, size…
  • Integrated grinder with 13 adjustable grinding thicknesses
  • The compartment for storing coffee beans has a capacity of 170 grams. It has a plastic lid that protects the beans from external odours and conditions.
  • It is also possible to directly use already ground coffee.
  • We can prepare one or two cups of coffee with a single extraction cycle.
  • The extraction group – or coffee group – is extracted separately from the main body of the coffee maker.
  • Coffee bean pre-infusion system: extracts all the aromas from the raw material.
  • Extracted coffee counter.
  • The coffee dispenser is height-adjustable. We can move it up or down and enjoy a margin between 8.7 and 14.2 cms to use all kinds of cups or glasses.
  • The coffee maker can be turned off and also turned on in a programmed way at the time we want.
  • Heating space to preheat the cups and plates before serving. It is located at the top of the coffee machine.
  • The coffee maker uses two separate thermostats, so that both the water for the coffee and the steamer are always ready to work without waiting. The water heating system is Thermoblock. The temperature will always be the right one, regardless of whether you make one or two cups in the same extraction.
  • Cup illumination.
  • It has a deposit for used coffee beans (to collect the remains). Its maximum capacity is 14 cups or preparations.
  • The water tank has a capacity of 1.3 litres. It is removable and compatible with water filters (the latter are options).
  • We know at all times how much water is left in the tank.
  • It includes several integrated programmes for automatic cleaning, rinsing and decalcification.
  • The frequency of the decalcification programmes can be programmed according to the hardness of the water we use in the tank.
  • Acoustic signals that warn us when a step or a process has been completed, without us having to keep an eye on the coffee maker all the time.
  • Energy saving function and zero consumption switch.
  • Removable drip tray.
  • Includes a 2 year manufacturer’s warranty as standard.
  • Dimensions: 19 x 47 x 32 centimetres.
  • Weight: about 11 kilograms.
  • Power: 1450 watts.

Advantages of the Delonghi Primadonna

  • A great advantage of this Primadonna XS over other large automatic machines is its compact size.
  • The automatic cappuccino preparation system It is very easy to prepare any drink with coffee at the touch of a button.
  • The programmable memory function: a possibility that distinguishes it from other high-end automatic coffee machines.
  • The digital display and menu navigation are intuitive enough to make a coffee machine like this easy to operate: complex and with many options.

Disadvantages of the Delonghi Primadonna

  • Its price is unaffordable for many pockets. Most home users will be able to cover their needs with an automatic coffee machine that costs half as much as this one.
  • This is a demanding machine for the user. Not only in economic terms, but also in terms of dedication and learning. You must dedicate time and attention to it to get the most out of it (which is a lot, we assure you).
  • The water tank (1.3 litres) is not at all small, but it is far from the usual 1.8 or 2 litres in these large automatic coffee machines. You can see that in this Delonghi Primadonna XS we have opted for a compact size.

Delonghi Primadonna: Videos

We started with an official commercial video, edited by the Delonghi brand itself. An excellent way to introduce the benefits of this Delonghi Primadonna:

If you would like to see a more extensive video review, with a full usage demonstration, here it is:

Why buy a Delonghi Primadonna?

This Delonghi Primadonna XS (Delonghi model ETAM 36.365) is at the top of the range of the Italian firm’s automatic coffee machines… and that’s saying a lot. More than looking for reasons to buy it, as we usually do in this last section of our reviews, in the case of this Delonghi Primadonna XS we would have to look for some reason not to buy it.

In fact, objectively speaking, this is one of the best coffee machines you can take home today.

We can only think of one good reason to doubt its purchase: its obviously high cost. It is a very demanding coffee machine, both in terms of economy and treatment, and therefore its target audience is somewhat limited. It is aimed at expert coffee drinkers who know what they are dealing with and can make the most of its inexhaustible catalogue of qualities and features.

In the recommendations and alternatives chapter, as you might expect, the range is narrowed down to include the most important Jura coffee machines, such as the Jura Impressa A5, the highest range of Saeco automatic machines, such as the Exprelia Evo, or perhaps the Bosch VeroAroma.

The price range for all of these is similar, around £1000, so don’t expect to find the bargain of the century or big discounts on these types of models.

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