Delonghi ECAM 23.460

Name: ECAM 23.460
Brand: Delonghi
Type: Espresso
Operation: Automatic
Capacity: 1.8 litres

The review of this Delonghi ECAM 23.460 coffee machine is dedicated in a very special way to cappuccino lovers. Read it carefully.

First of all, let’s put ourselves in the situation:

Order a cappuccino in any coffee shop. You delight in looking at their cheerful tricolour look. You savour a soft layer of milk foam several centimetres thick, which at times seems to invite you to rest on it. You dialogue full of curiosity with the cinnamon or cocoa powder that crowns the piece. You feel sorry to put the spoon in, stir and destroy the warm harmony of the whole forever. You taste it in small sips to prolong the ecstasy as much as possible.

Does it ring a bell?

If you feel identified with any part of the previous paragraph, do not hesitate: you are one of the staunch cappuccino addicts who make up the target audience of this Delonghi ECAM 23.460. Would you like to be able to enjoy such works of art at any time and in your own home? Then this coffee machine is made for you.

This is an automatic coffee machine specifically designed for the preparation of cappuccinos, lattes and other mixed drinks that include milk among their indispensable elements. For this purpose, our Delonghi ECAM 23.460 coffee machine includes an additional tank for storing fresh milk, which we cannot find in other models of the same firm. The coffee machine uses this compartment to take the milk directly and prepare mixed drinks without the user having to intervene at all. We press a button, and in a few seconds, we have our freshly made cappuccino, ready to enjoy.

With any other automatic coffee machine, we can obtain the same result. Still, we manually prepare the milk foam separately, pouring it on top of the coffee that has been extracted by the coffee machine; logically, neither the result nor the speed will be the same.

When analysing the Delonghi ECAM 23.460, it is inevitable to refer to a previous model: the Delonghi ECAM 23.210. It is a coffee machine with practically the same features but without a specific system and milk tank for preparing cappuccinos. In a later section of this analysis, we will tell you what the main differences are between the two models: the 23.210 (without milk tank) and the 23.460 (with milk tank).

Entering now into the matter, the truth is that the evolution of the Delonghi ECAM 23.460 is remarkable if we look at previous models of the Delonghi ECAM line. The additional milk tank is not only a simple compartment to pour the milk, but it includes a series of controls to operate it during the automatic cappuccino process, and it also has its own cleaning system that we activate once we have finished working with it.

The control panel, which occupies the entire central part of the front of the coffee machine, has also been modified for the better. It can be divided into two clearly differentiated areas: a lower area where the control buttons and the central control are located (an identical area to the ECAM 23.210 model), and a higher area where, as a great novelty, we can see a spectacular digital screen.

This digital display is typical of the ECAM 23.460 model and is not found on the ECAM 23.210 control panel. It replaces, by means of texts and progress bars available in various languages, the army of lights and indicator lights that populated this area of the panel in the previous coffee machine in a somewhat anarchic manner. The functional and informative improvement is, in our view, evident. Below is a close-up photograph of both the control panel and the milk compartment of the ECAM 23.460.

The overall appearance of the Delonghi ECAM 23.460 coffee machine is very compact. The additional milk tank does not exceed the dimensions of the model, neither in width nor in-depth, and the outer casing is entirely made of hardened ABS plastic.

The water tank of good size (1.8 litres capacity) is extracted from the front, pulling it forward. This is a rare detail in any coffee machine, but it makes it much easier to handle, as we can access it even if the coffee machine is wedged in the corner of our kitchen. Normally the water tanks are removed from behind or above so that sometimes we are forced to move or tilt the coffee machine slightly in order to remove them. The designers of the Delonghi ECAM 23.460 were grateful to avoid this trance, as the coffee machine weighs around 9 kilos.

Delonghi ECAM 23.460: range of colours

The Delonghi 23.460 model is available in two colours: black and silver. Throughout this report, you can see photographs of both. So that you do not have any doubt, we offer you below the direct purchase links of each one of them:

DELONGHI ECAM23.460 Coffee Maker, Stainless Steel, 1450 W, 1.8 liters
DELONGHI ECAM23.460 Coffee Maker, Stainless Steel, 1450 W, 1.8 liters
Bean to cup cappuccino coffee maker; Creamy milk foam with automatic LatteCrema System and milk carafe auto cleaning

Delonghi ECAM 23.460: main features

  • The control panel includes a two-line digital display where we can read the texts and functions corresponding to each action being carried out in the coffee machine. Available in multiple languages.
  • Additional milk tank for the cappuccino system.
  • As mentioned above, the coffee maker has a patented cappuccino system that serves to prepare cappuccinos, lattes, stained milk and normal milky coffees automatically, without the need for the user to intervene.
  • The automatic cappuccino system has its own specific cleaning function.
  • We can personalise and memorise our favourite coffee settings, altering different parameters: intensity, size, aroma and temperature.
  • Cup warmer located at the top of the coffee maker.
  • Cup illumination.
  • Integrated automatic cleaning function.
  • This coffee maker can be used with either coffee beans or ground coffee. There is a dispenser for each type of product.
  • Pre-infused bean function for maximum aroma and nuances.
  • We can prepare one or two cups of coffee simultaneously.
  • The infuser group or coffee group can be removed from the main body of the coffee maker for easy cleaning.
  • The grinder is conical and allows you to select from 13 levels or thicknesses of grinding.
  • We can adjust not only the amount of water to be used, but also the dosage of the coffee.
  • Electronic temperature control.
  • The coffee spout is height-adjustable. It varies between 86 mm at its lowest point and 142 at its highest point.
  • The coffee maker can be programmed to switch on and pause (StandBy) between 15 minutes and 3 hours beforehand.
  • It has indicators that tell us when the water tank or coffee bean container needs to be refilled.
  • The water tank has a capacity of 1.8 litres. It is removable and has integrated water filters.
  • Counting of extracted coffees, for lovers of statistics and also to control the use we are giving to our coffee machine.
  • The capacity of the tank for coffee beans is approximately 250 grams, which is equivalent to 14 cups (or 72 hours after its first use). After this time it is recommended to fill it again, as in that situation the raw material starts to lose some of its properties.
  • Automatic descaling and rinsing programs.
  • We can configure the hardness of the water.
  • The anti-drip tray (the one that collects the deposits and remains of liquids after preparations) is removable and also includes a practical indicator that helps us to know the level of the liquid inside.
  • Own energy supply: we can use the coffee machine with zero consumption.
  • Sound signals and warnings.
  • Power: 1450 watts.
  • Its dimensions are 43 x 24 x 34 centimetres.
  • It weighs around 9 kilograms.

Differences between ECAM 23.460 and ECAM 23.210

References are inevitable, but there are some details that distinguish both coffee machines.

  • Firstly, the digital panel is different. The push buttons have been retained, but the plethora of indicator lights that were stuck in the ECAM 23.210 model have been replaced in this model by a much more efficient digital display.
  • As we have already said, this model comes with an extra tank for the milk, and includes an automatic system for preparing cappuccinos. None of this can be found on the ECAM 23.210.
  • It is not surprising that the third difference between the two is a visible difference in price. The Delonghi ECAM 23.460 is more expensive.

Advantages of the Delonghi ECAM 23.460

  • In our opinion, the main competitive advantage of this coffee maker is its milk tank and the system for preparing cappuccinos – and any other mixed drink – automatically, without the user’s intervention.
  • The milk tank has its own cleaning system.
  • The water tank is removed from the front – great!
  • The digital display is really practical: texts are available in several languages, it is perfectly displayed from any angle, even in low light… a great success and a remarkable improvement compared to previous models.
  • The 13 levels of thickness you can choose from on the grinder are far superior to what is usual for the integrated grinders of automatic coffee machines.

Disadvantages of the Delonghi ECAM 23.460

  • Its price is significantly higher than that of the ECAM 23.210 model, which offers the same features but does not have the milk tank. If you are not going to make much use of this feature, it may not compensate you to pay the difference.
  • Being demanding… in a coffee machine of this price, that in addition offers an excellent quality in all its benefits, perhaps we could ask for a smaller presence of the plastic, and more steel, in the manufacture of its outer casing.
  • You should try to serve in the milk tank only the amount of milk you are going to use for the foam. This is sometimes difficult to calculate, but bear in mind that if you have a lot of milk left over, you will not be able to leave the milk container in the coffee machine, but will have to keep it in the fridge. Either that, or return the milk you have not used to the brik.

Delonghi ECAM 23.460: videos

First of all, we offer you a very high-quality commercial presentation around this model:

This is how a latte macchiato is prepared in the Delonghi ECAM 23.460. The sequence of its subsequent cleaning is also shown.

And as it could not be otherwise, here we leave you with a video that shows the process of preparing a Cappuccino. The video uses the ECAM 23.450 model, but the differences with our ECAM 23.460 (later) are minimal.

Why buy the Delonghi ECAM 23.460?

As we said at the beginning of this analysis, the Delonghi ECAM 23.460 is a coffee machine mainly oriented towards the automatic preparation of drinks that require milk: cappuccinos, lattes, cortados, conventional coffee with milk, etc.

If you are looking for a top of the range automatic coffee machine, and you also need this function, the Delonghi ECAM 23.460 should be your choice without a doubt. If you are not going to take advantage of automatic cappuccino and cappuccino brewing systems, then you’d better invest your money in a model like the ECAM 23.210, which offers the same functions but does not have the additional milk tank or automatic cappuccino systems. It is therefore cheaper.

A similar option (top-of-the-range automatic espresso machine with milk tank) can be the Saeco Intelia Evo with cappuccino system, corresponding to the Italian firm’s HD8753/95 model.

To find out more, we recommend you consult our guide to Delonghi super-automatic coffee machines.

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