Delonghi Dedica EC-685

Name: Dedica EC-685
Brand: Delonghi
Type: Express
Operation: Manual
Capacity: 1 litre

De'Longhi Dedica Style, Traditional Barista Pump Espresso Machine, Coffee and Cappuccino Maker,...
  • 15 BAR PRESSURE to create your perfect espresso with a rich aroma and a nut coloured cream on top
  • MILK FROTHER: Froth or steam milk with the Adjustable Cappuccino System to create frothy cappuccinos, macchiatos or caffè lattes
  • CUSTOMISE ESPRESSO: Thanks to the professional barista technology, you can control every step of the Coffee-making process, from tamping your ground Coffee to setting the temperature and length
  • HOME COMFORT: At only 15 cm wide, it’s our slimmest design yet, offering a small footprint and big features
  • EASY TO CLEAN: Manual descaling system will keep your machine running smoothly so you can always enjoy your favorite beverages

Today we take a closer look at the Delonghi Dedica EC-685, one of Delonghi’s most popular machines and also one of the best-selling in the manual espresso machine segment. In addition to its reference (EC-685), this coffee machine is also known in Europe as Delonghi Dedica.

It is a well known and also very accessible coffee maker. You can find it in almost any online shop and even in physical establishments. It’s not unusual to see Delonghi Dedica in supermarkets, or any other similar large store.

It stands out above all at first sight for its spectacular design, which is very striking and unconventional: it is a coffee maker of very narrow dimensions, and whose casing is made entirely of stainless steel. It is available in three primary colours: red, black and silver.

The terminology of this model is the same for any colour (EC-685), and the difference comes in the last letter, is that which differentiates one shade from another.

The letter at the end is just the initial of the colour of the coffee maker in English, so the Delonghi Dedica EC685w is the white, the Dedica EC685r is the red, and the Delonghi Dedica EC685m is the metal finish.

Delonghi Dedica: Positive feedback

It is a machine that has been at the top of the Internet sales charts for many years, with both the older model (EC680) and the more recent EC685. And it’s no coincidence.

It is a piece that combines like no other on the market the virtues of value for money in the segment of “good” domestic coffee machines, or at least those of medium-high range. The opinions of critics and users are overwhelmingly in its favour, so let’s find out why.

The Delonghi EC-680 (or Delonghi Dedica) is a machine with a 15 bar pressure pump and uses the Thermoblock system to heat the water, just like most capsule coffee makers.

Both the Delonghi EC-680 and EC-685 coffee machines do not have a control panel as such but simply use three buttons located on the top of the machine: one to prepare normal espressos, another to prepare double espressos, and a third to activate the milk frother function. The on/off switch on the coffee machine is located on the side, on the right-hand side of the machine.

Handling this Delonghi EC-685 coffee machine is not at all complicated, which is appreciated. We would also like to highlight its versatility as it has three different filters: one for preparing a cup of espresso, another for two cups, and a special one that allows us to use E.S.E. single-dose capsules.

Here you can see all the accessories together, including the indispensable measuring spoon:

The variety of functions and details of this Delonghi EC-685 is quite wide, and it lacks nothing considering that it is a coffee machine of less than 200 pounds. It has milk foam vaporizer, preparation of two cups simultaneously, cup warmer, decalcification warning, coffee length programming, and much more.

The Delonghi EC-685 is also sold second-hand on Amazon, so if you find it, you can take a home bargain for just over 100 pounds. Unfortunately, these offers don´t last.

If you have any doubts about its operation, you can always check the user manual of the Delonghi EC-685 on Delonghi’s own help/support page.

Features of the Delonghi Dedica EC-685

As you can see, your Delonghi EC-685 won’t lack anything. If you miss some functionality, then you’ll probably have to jump ahead and look at the premium range espresso machines (obviously already in another price bracket). Here is a list of the main features of this model:

  • It weighs approximately 4 kg.
  • Its dimensions are 33x15x30.
  • In the upper part, we can place our cups or plates to preheat them while the coffee is being prepared.
  • The water tank is transparent, with a capacity of 1 litre, and from the back we can see exactly the level of water we have left. It can be easily removed for washing or refilling.
  • It uses the Thermoblock heating system, which means that the coffee maker is ready to brew coffee within a few seconds of being turned on.
  • We can customize the amount of coffee to our taste: long or very short espressos thanks to the Flow-Stop function.
  • Compatible with E.S.E. single-dose capsules.
  • It has an automatic switch-off to save energy.
  • Beeper alert/alarm to know when the coffee machine needs to be decalcified.
  • The filter for ground coffee has a unique device to produce a dense layer of cream.
  • One or two cups of coffee can be prepared.
  • It has an integrated milk frother with adjustable cappuccino system.
  • The Delonghi EC-685 allows us to supply only hot water, very useful, for example, to prepare infusions.
  • Exclusive anti-drip system and drip tray that can be removed for easy emptying or cleaning.
  • As an additional accessory, the Delonghi EC-685 includes a presser for ground coffee.

Advantages of the Delonghi Dedica coffee machine

  • The Delonghi Dedica EC-685 coffee maker is built entirely of stainless steel, as you can see in the photos. Durability and cleanliness guaranteed.
  • Being able to use both ground and E.S.E. single-dose coffee gives this espresso machine great flexibility and increases its possibilities of use. We also like the option of being able to program the length of our coffee.
  • It has a very interesting quality-price ratio.
  • The style or design is very striking. It is a machine that fits your eyes, but bear in mind that there are other models on the market that are practically identical, such as the Cafelizzia by Cecotec, or the H.Koenig EXP820.

Disadvantages of the Delonghi Dedica coffee machine

  • Very tall cups or glasses may not fit well under the spout, although this can be solved by removing the drip tray. The exact distance between the spout and the floor of the tray is 8 cm, according to Delonghi’s specifications. In our opinion, this is a detail that can be greatly improved in a coffee maker of this quality. The second tray allows you to gain an extra 2 or 3 cms, but in return it is very possible that the bottom of the tray gets dirty.
  • We have read opinions from some users who say that the stainless steel finish marks a lot of fingerprints after intensive use. Nothing that can’t be fixed by cleaning it with a damp cloth, in any case.
  • The filters are pressurised. For the neophytes this is a help, because the filter helps to create an “artificial” cream layer (which does not come from the quality of the extraction), but the most expert fans will have to look for other filters, or tune up the ones that come as standard in this model.

Delonghi Dedica: the User Manual

If you are looking for the Delonghi Dedica user manual, you can download it here. Remember that you can also find similar brochures for other coffee machines of the same brand in our Delonghi user manual guide.

Differences between Dedica EC680 and Dedica EC685 Deluxe

The former Dedica EC680 was the original model of this machine, and the one that boosted its enormous sales success.

Years later, the upgrade would come with the Dedica EC685, which is the model we are reviewing here, and which adds some new functions to an already successful coffee machine:

  • The cappuccinator has a switch that allows you to adjust the amount of foam.
  • It is possible to just heat the milk, without foaming it.
  • It has an additional extra low position (almost flush with the coffee machine) for the drip tray. This means you can use higher than normal coffee cups or glasses.

Big sister: Delonghi Dedica Style EC695

There is still a superior model of the Dedica, the EC695, but it is only an update designed for the French market, and it does not present any relevant functional difference with the EC685 that we know.

It is not necessary to pay too much attention to it, for the time being.

Delonghi EC685 espresso machine: How it works

When you go to buy a Delonghi EC-685, or any other espresso machine, it is always interesting to be able to see how it works live to get a better idea of its performance and external appearance. It is why we offer you this video demonstration of how the Delonghi Dedica works:

As you can see, we have chosen this time to show a video of a particular user, in which you can see the coffee machine in operation as you could be using it.

How to make a cappuccino with your Delonghi Dedica EC685

We all like hot cappuccino, foam on top, freshly brewed coffee underneath and of course, now that you’ve just bought your new Delonghi Dedica you want to take full advantage of it and finally enjoy this freshly brewed drink in your own home.

To do this, we need to learn how to use the steamer as soon as possible, so in order not to waste time, here you have this video in which you will learn how to make a cappuccino in your Delonghi Dedica. Step by step:

Delonghi Dedica vs Scultura: The comparison

Within the range of Delonghi domestic express, there are several similar models among which users are hesitant. One of the most common comparisons is precisely this: Longhi Dedica or Scultura? Let’s briefly review the differences between the two, so that you can get a clearer picture.

The DeLonghi Scultura is the successor to the Vintage Icona, and the first difference we find concerning the Dedica EC685 is the design. It has a more retro look, less compact, but as this is subjective, we are not going to pronounce on one or the other. What is certain, for those who have to measure the spaces well, is that the Dedica is a much narrower coffee machine than the Scultura.

Real and noticeable differences: the Scultura has the largest tank (1.4 litres versus 1 litre), allows the use of water filters, the upper tray is somewhat more spacious, and its price is significantly higher.

You already know the essential differences between the Delonghi Dedica and the Delonghi Scultura, so now it’s up to you to assess whether it’s worth the price difference.

Delonghi Dedica vs Icona Vintage

The other significant question users ask themselves is whether to buy the Delonghi Dedica or the Vintage Icon. There are two other mid-range espresso machines by the Italian firm, with similar features to each other, although in this case the Icona (also known as Delonghi ECOV311) is older and has been on the market for more years.

As we have done in the previous section, we are going to see what the main differences are between both models, to help you decide which one to keep: the Dedica or the Delonghi Icona Vintage.

The Delonghi Icona Vintage line includes not only its coffee makers, but also toasters and kettles. Its main feature is its retro design, and that is the most noticeable difference with the Dedica model. It is a slightly more voluminous machine, especially in width.

In terms of performance, the data that differ between Dedica and Icona Vintage are

  • The Icona coffee maker has a larger water tank (1.4 litres versus 1 litre).
  • The cup preheating tray is also larger.
  • The Icona is an older model, and therefore in some stores, it can be challenging to find (or overpriced).
  • The vaporizer tube nozzle is black plastic on the Icona, and metal on the Dedica.

Problems with the Delonghi EC-685: lights and more

Both the EC-680 and the current EC-685 are among the best-selling coffee machines in Spain. Therefore, they are the ones that bring together the highest demand for doubts, advice and solutions to the problems that arise with them daily. In this section, we address some of the most frequent ones:

The orange light in the Delonghi Dedica

The orange light on the Delonghi Dedica is one of the problems or warnings that most users have doubts about, but the truth is that there is no reason to be alarmed. We have the terrible habit of never reading the instruction manual, and this leads us to worry excessively.

If your Delonghi Ec-685 coffee machine has an orange light on, don’t worry: it’s just the decalcification indicator. You must decalcify your coffee machine immediately, and everything will return to its normal state.

What do you mean? Don’t you know what decalcification is? Then you can start by reading it here: how to decalcify your coffee machine.

The coffee gets burned

It is a consequence of user malpractice. When we have used the frothing machine to emulsify milk, and immediately afterwards we intend to make an espresso, the coffee will come out with an unpleasant burning aroma.

The explanation is straightforward: these machines only have one boiler, so the water is the same for both the skimmer and the coffee group. The difference is that the temperature required to produce steam (over 120°C) is much higher than that needed to make espresso (around 90°C), so we must cool the boiler before making another coffee.

It is achieved by simply opening the steamer lance fully to produce hot water. The boiler cools down with this process, and the system stops producing water when the boiler has cooled down completely.

After making a coffee, the filter stays embedded in the outlet spout

If this happens to you, the most important thing is: don’t try to force it out! Simply put the filter holder back in, start a new water cycle – you can also make another coffee if you like – and then remove the filter.

I can’t get the filter holder into the machine

This is not a problem exclusive to Dedica, but to any espresso machine. It’s because you’ve put too much coffee in the filter, and then it doesn’t fit. We recommend that you only use the dosage recommended by the manufacturer (which usually coincides with the size of the measuring spoon).

Remember to consult the Delonghi coffee machine troubleshooting guide for more general issues common to all models.

When you buy your Delonghi Dedica coffee machine, you will also need this:

Why buy a Delonghi Dedica EC-685?

The main reason for buying a Delonghi Dedica EC-685 is that it is a high quality espresso machine (especially in its external components) at a reasonable price. Anything under £200 is an economic figure in the mid-range espresso sector, and in the case of the Delonghi EC-685 this virtue is combined with a list of features and technical specifications that, as you have seen in this analysis, have nothing to send to those of other higher-range espresso machines.

Moreover, if you find it on Amazon second-hand, the discount can be even greater.

As alternatives, you can also choose the ECOV 311 models from Delonghi or even the Oster Prima Latte or the Cecotec Cafelizzia. They have very similar features, although with a greater predominance of plastic in the finishes. At the same level as the Delonghi EC-685, and also in stainless steel, you have the Gaggia Classic although it is already a little more expensive, and of course we cannot fail to recommend its “big sister”, the EC-860 model. Obviously the latter is already for more demanding users.

Remember also that this coffee maker can be found in many places simply under the name Delonghi Dedica.

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