Delonghi BCO 420

Name: BCO 420
Brand: Delonghi
Type: Combi
Operation: Automatic – Manual
Capacity: 1.2 litres

Delonghi BCO420 Espresso Coffee Maker, 220-volt (Non-USA Compliant), Silver
Delonghi BCO420 Espresso Coffee Maker, 220-volt (Non-USA Compliant), Silver
Make 2 cups of espresso or 10 cups of coffee; 220/240 volt for use in Asia Africa Europe only; Will not work in the USA

If you are familiar with the Delonghi BCO line, you will know that we are talking about combined coffee machines that integrate two services: one for espresso coffee and another for filter coffee. Proof of this is the various developments in this range, reflected in the BCO 120, BCO 260 models, or the one we are dealing with in this analysis: Delonghi BCO 420.

The BCO 420 was launched on the market in 2014 and, apart from being the most recent model, is a combi coffee machine that practically surpasses its predecessors.

To start with, on the left side of the coffee machine, we have an excellent espresso service with 15 bar pressure and a 1.2-litre water tank. It includes two filters or ladles, as well as the indispensable steamer tube that allows us to emulsify the milk and produce a dense layer of foam on the spot. One of the filters allows the use of ESE-type single-dose bags, so we don’t necessarily have to use ground coffee if we don’t want to.

It also has a removable metal tray or grid, which serves to cover the drip/drip tank, and its control knobs are quite simple, as we will see later.

In the right half of our Delonghi BCO 420, we find the filter coffee maker with an exclusive front access system to both the water tank and the filter holder. It works with reusable paper filters of size 1×4 and allows us to prepare enough coffee for 10 cups (just over a litre of coffee).

It also includes a glass jug with the usual reference scale -in a number of cups- drawn on its wall.

Both systems benefit from a water filtering system that notably reduces the amount of chlorine and minerals (water hardness) that we are going to use in our coffees. As a result, the taste will be much purer, and the maintenance of the coffee machine will be simplified by stopping the risks of calcification.

Here is an image of the water filtering system and its integration in the tank:

Delonghi BCO Water Filter Coffee Machine

BCO 420: Delonghi’s best combi

As we have already said, the Delonghi BCO 420 is far superior to previous models, and in particular to the Delonghi BCO 260, whose in-depth analysis you can also read on our pages.

The differences begin with the design, as the Delonghi BCO 420 has a new arrangement of elements that make it easier to access them. The front handle that has been installed for easy opening of the filter coffee machine compartment and access to the interior is striking. Filter replacement, tank filling, etc., are now much more convenient.

The manufacturing materials have also been improved (the presence of plastic is now less, to the benefit of the metal finishes). A space has been provided on the top of the coffee machine for preheating the cups and glasses.

This coffee machine is also available in two finishes: BCO 420 (silver) and BCO 410 (black). Both are made of the same materials and have the same details in stainless steel.

Another important new feature is the control panel. The basic functions of the Delonghi BCO 420 are essentially the same as the previous models in the BCO range, but now its operation has been simplified.

All the controls are centralised on a rotary control located on the left-hand side of the front of the coffee machine. It has five basic positions (activate the steamer, heat the water, serve water, Stand By…). Next to it is the central switch that activates the filter or espresso function, as you can see in the picture. The steamer has its own control located on the left side of the room. By combining them all, you can carry out any operation you need with your Delonghi BCO 420.

And if you have any questions, please consult the illustrated instruction manual for the BCO 420.

Delonghi BCO 420: main features

  • Built with plastic and stainless steel.
  • Drip tray with removable grid.
  • The water tank for the espresso area has a capacity of 1.2 litres. It is removable.
  • The drip coffee machine allows us to prepare up to a maximum of 10 cups (approximately 1.4 litres capacity).
  • We can see from the outside how much water is left in the filter coffee maker’s tank.
  • Anti-drip safety system: the drip coffee machine stops working if we remove the decanter from its position.
  • On the roof of the coffee maker we have a practical cup and glass warmer.
  • Similarly, the plate on which the glass decanter sits emits heat to keep the coffee at the right temperature for longer.
  • Removable filter holder with integrated handle for easier handling.
  • Includes a steamer for making fresh milk foam.
  • Integrated water filter, which reduces the presence of minerals and sediments.
  • Dimensions: 37 x 32 x 38 cms.
  • Weighs approximately 7 kg.
  • Power: 1750 watts.

Advantages of the Delonghi BCO 420

  • High quality design, with great presence of stainless steel.
  • Compatibility with ESE single-dose pods.
  • The steamer and the espresso service in general work as if we had an individual espresso machine.
  • Includes many details that enhance the previous models of the BCO combi range. The price/performance ratio is much more attractive.

Disadvantages of the Delonghi BCO 420

  • We miss the possibility to use a thermal carafe with the drip coffee machine.
  • The control panel has been greatly simplified – it has few controls – but this means that some functions need a combination to be activated. For example, to serve hot water you must have the main control in a certain position, and also activate the correct option on the steamer control.
  • There is no timer to program the filter coffee maker.

Delonghi BCO 420: videos

Let’s buy our report with this great review. A perfect and detailed presentation of the Delonghi BCO 420:

Why buy a Delonghi BCO 420?

This is a high quality, prestigious combi coffee machine in the sector. This implies two things: first, the investment is quite safe; and second, its price is high. What do we mean by this? Well, this type of coffee machine is designed to cover very specific needs, and we should make the most of them if we do not want to waste our money.

So, if in your house you are not going to use frequently the two services of this coffee machine and you are going to take full advantage of its functions (steamer, heater, etc.), it will be better that you aim at more modest -and more economical- objectives.

As alternatives, we have already said that within the BCO range, there are lower-ranking options, such as the BCO 260. However, a comparison with the Krups YY8203 or even the Rommelsbacher EKS 3000 is much more accurate, as worthy representatives of high-end combi coffee machines. Furthermore, remember that you also have the option of the Delonghi BCO 410, which is the same as the BCO 420 but in black.

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