Cremesso Viva

Name: Viva
Brand: Cremesso
Type: Capsules
Operation: Automatic
Capacity: 0.8 liters

The Cremesso Viva or Cremesso Viva B6 is the most modern coffee maker and the latest release from the Swiss firm Cremesso. It is a Cremesso capsule coffee machine that takes the master lines of the rest of the brand’s coffee machines, and improves them by adding some fascinating details. Thus, the Cremesso Viva is different from the rest of its range, but also other rival coffee makers. Do you want to know why? Then pay attention because we are going to explain it to you next.

This Cremesso Viva is a 19 bar pressure Cremesso coffee capsule machine, with 1450 watts of power and 0.8-litre capacity. Like its sisters, it has a container where used capsules are automatically ejected, and it also allows us to choose (and customize) various cup sizes for both coffee and tea.

However, what is most striking at first sight is not its qualities but its design. The Cremesso Viva has a much smoother and more stylish line than the previous Cremesso Compact Automatic. The edges are much rounder, it has practically no borders, and the dimensions are kept within quite small limits. For example, the piece is no more than 13-14 cm wide from one end to the other.

The side panels deserve special mention, as they absorb all the visual prominence of the coffee maker thanks to two features: their colouring and their relief. If you look closely at the profile of this Cremesso Viva, you can see why we say that.

cremesso viva front

Cremesso Viva: Range of Colours

As you can see in the photos, this Cremesso Viva B6 coffee maker is available in several colours, all of them quite cheerful and colourful.

This time, Cremesso avoids the dull tones. Here are the direct purchase links for the four Cremesso Viva models available to date:

  • Cremesso Viva (black)
  • Cremesso Viva (blue)
  • Cremesso Viva (white)
  • Cremesso Viva (yellow)

Cremesso Viva: Differences with Other Cremesso Coffee Makers

As we have already said, this Cremesso Viva is the most advanced Cremesso machine to date. Below we list the differences you will find in it compared to other models from the firm:

  • It allows you to choose the size of our teacup. If you are going to use Cremesso tea capsules, your Viva coffee maker knows very well that the volumes of water used in a cup of tea are different from those used in an espresso. So you have two specific tea options available (large tea size or small tea size), in addition to the three-cup options, which you can also configure as you wish.
  • Includes warnings to start decalcification cycles.
  • The range of colours is new for this model, and is not repeated in any other Cremesso coffee machine.
  • The drip tray is adjustable and can be placed at three different heights.

Cremesso Viva B6: Main Features

  • 19 bar capsule coffee maker.
  • Available in four very colourful colours: black, white, blue and yellow.
  • It uses the Thermoblock system to heat the water. The coffee machine can be ready, according to the manufacturer’s data, in 15 seconds.
  • Automatic stop function.
  • We can select (and configure to our liking) up to 3 different sizes for coffee cups, and up to 2 different sizes for tea.
  • Pilot light that warns us when the water is running out.
  • Water tank of 0.8 litres capacity, transparent and removable.
  • Integrated decalcification cycle.
  • Used capsules are automatically ejected into a container that holds 8-10 units.
  • Includes anti-slip pins in the base.
  • Height-adjustable non-drip tray. Allows the use of cups or glasses of 4.5, 10.5 and 14 centimetres high.
  • Power consumption: 1450 watts.
  • Weight: 3.2 kilograms.
  • Dimensions of the coffee maker: 22 x 13 x 23 cms.

Advantages of the Viva Cremesso Coffee Machine

  • The 19 bar pressure.
  • The design and in particular the quality to the touch of the (coloured) side panels of this coffee maker.
  • The specific cup size configuration for tea services.
  • The descaling notices, and always vital function to preserve the useful view of our machine.

Disadvantages of the Viva Cremesso Coffee Machine

  • The excessive use of plastic in the construction of all parts of the coffee machine.
  • The consumption (in watts) is a little high compared to other models of competing capsule coffee machines.
  • The water tank, 0.8 litres, is smaller than that of the Compact Automatic and Compact One models (1.1 litres).

Viva Cremesso Capsule Coffee Machine: Videos

We love unboxing videos! And to prove it here we leave you the complete unpacking of a copy of this Cremesso Viva.

Although if you prefer to see a full usage demonstration, you’d better focus on this other video:

Why Buy a Cremesso Viva?

If you are determined to try the Cremesso coffee capsule range, it seems logical to go for their latest coffee maker, which is this Cremesso Viva. It is a renewed and improved version of the previous Cremesso Compact series (which had two versions, the One and the Automatic), and it also has a very competitive price within this brand, around 100 pounds.

If we stick to its list of features, it is clear that the new Cremesso Viva is the best Cremesso coffee machine, without a doubt. However, as it is the most recent model, you may also find exciting offers or discounts on previous coffee machines, a strategy that commercial firms usually employ every time they launch a new product on the market.

The Cremesso Viva, not only because of its attractive design but also because of its small size, is perfect for kitchens with little space or apartments. A coffee maker designed for modern life, from start to finish.