Clatronic KA-3482

Name: KA-3482
Brand: Clatronic
Type: Drip
Operation: Automatic
Capacity: 1.7 litres

Clatronic KA 3482 Coffee Machine Timer
Clatronic KA 3482 Coffee Machine Timer
Power supply: 230 v, 50 hz. Power unit: 1000 w; Stainless steel front; Programmable 24-hour lcd digital timer

A brand so oriented towards filter coffee machines, or drip coffee machines, as the Germanic Clatronic, could not pass without having its representative in the group of programmable drip coffee machines: the model Clatronic KA-3482.

The Clatronic KA-3482 is a programmable drip coffee machine whose main feature is not only the timer, which we will talk about later but also its enormous size: it has a 1.7-litre capacity tank, well above market standards, which allows to prepare up to 15 cups of coffee in one sitting. It is ideal for meetings or for large families!

As you can see in the following picture, the Clatronic KA-3482 coffee machine has a lid on its top, which serves to give us access to the inside of the coffee machine: to fill the water tank or to serve the ground coffee in the filter.  It is also accompanied by the indispensable glass carafe, very large (in proportion to the tank) and with a temperature insulating handle.

Both the glass carafe and the tank have a scale to check the level of the coffee machine, which is always very good. In the case of the tank, the maximum reference (no. of cups) that we see is 15, although this is an indicative figure that you know can vary depending on how you like to serve it. For many of us, who usually drink rather large cups of coffee, this maximum level should give us perfectly for 12-14 generous cups of coffee.

Clatronic KA-3482: Programmable and high capacity

The time has come to talk about the main functionality of this Clatronic KA-3482: the programmable timer or countdown.

The coffee machine has a system that allows us to program its start-up up to 24 hours in advance. This function is articulated through a very basic control panel with an LCD screen in the centre, which serves as a clock when the timer function is not active.

On both sides of the screen, we can see the four main operating buttons of the coffee maker, all of them backlit in blue and with a legend indicating their use.

On the left are the Hour and Min buttons, which are used to set the timer to the hour and minute you want.

On the right are the On/Off buttons (the classic switch for switching the coffee maker on and off) and the Prog button, which is used to activate the timer once it has been sent to the desired time.

Easy, isn’t it? The simplicity of this Clatronic KA-3482 makes managing the timer virtually the calibre function you need to worry about.

Clatronic KA-3482: Main features

  • Programmable Clatronic coffee maker, with a timer that allows to program the coffee making up to 24 hours in advance.
  • Water tank with a capacity of 1.7 litres.
  • LCD display with clock function (24-hour format) when the timer is inactive.
  • Stainless steel front panel.
  • Anti-drip safety system: the coffee dripping process stops when the carafe is removed from under the dispenser. This is very useful so as not to have to prepare the whole tank every time, which is a lot of coffee for one service. If you use this function, remember to pour less ground coffee, so as not to waste the product.
  • Heating plate on the base, which keeps the temperature of the coffee constant.
  • Automatic switch-off function.
  • The filter holder is removable, and includes a permanent filter. 1×4 size filters can be used (paper, disposable).
  • A plastic measuring spoon for coffee powder is included as an additional accessory.
  • Operating power: 1000 Watt.
  • Weight: 3 kg.
  • Dimensions: 24 x 22 x 37 cm.

Advantages of the Clatronic KA-3482

  • Some stainless steel finishes, such as the front panel
  • The possibility of programming its operation at the time we want, and thus have freshly made coffee, for example, when we wake up in the morning.
  • It is one of the biggest drip coffee machines in the market, with 1.7 litres of capacity in the tank.

Disadvantages of the Clatronic KA-3482

  • It includes a permanent filter, which you have to clean and rinse every time you make coffee. However, you can always use traditional paper filters if you can find the right size.
  • It is a bit uncomfortable to fill the water tank… it is not uncommon to spill some drops.
  • It is considerably larger and heavier than similar drip coffee machines.

Why buy a Clatronic KA-3482?

This Clatronic coffee maker with a timer is, of course, mainly intended for users who need to prepare huge amounts of coffee per day. A capacity of 1.7 litres for filter coffee machines is within reach of very few models on the market. We can assure you of that. It is not very expensive for the size it is (we can find it for less than 50 pounds apiece) and the qualities are within what we can expect in this price range.

And then, of course, we must highlight the programmable filter coffee maker function. It’s great to wake up to freshly brewed coffee in the morning, and if you really make use of this option, you can be sure that your investment in the Clatronic KA-3482 will pay off handsomely.

If you are not going to use the timer often, it makes more sense to invest less budget in an equally large coffee machine, such as the Clatronic KA-3473 or H.Koenig MG15 itself. And if you prefer to see some comparable alternatives to this model, go to our guide of drip coffee machines with a timer.

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