Cecotec Cumbia Capricciosa

Name: Cumbia Capricciosa
Brand: Cecotec
Type: Espresso
Operation: Manual
Capacity: 0.6 litres

Cecotec Cumbia Capricciosa espresso coffee machine ground coffee and coffee pads
Cecotec Cumbia Capricciosa espresso coffee maker side view
Cecotec Cumbia Capricciosa espresso machine on-off lever
Cecotec Cumbia Capricciosa front espresso coffee maker
Cecotec Express coffee maker Cumbia Capricciosa water tank

Spanish firm Cecotec is one of those that can boast the largest catalogue of coffee machines in the entire European industry. Every year they bring out new models, and their production line seems to focus on filling any gaps in the market.

In today’s review, we are going to evaluate the Cecotec Cumbia Capricciosa, an espresso machine unlike any other, which meets the demand for capsules and ground coffee machines. In other words, those which, apart from traditional coffee, can also be used with ESE pods, which are quicker and cleaner to prepare.

This Cecotec Cumbia Capricciosa is a machine that uses the same pump as the rest of Cecotec’s espresso machines: 19 bars of pressure and 1100 watts of power that ensure a correct espresso delivery -without fanfare- and which is very striking for its design. Or, more precisely, its size.

This is a super-compact coffee machine with very compact dimensions both in width and height. This is achieved, as is always the case, at the cost of reducing the size of the tank (only 0.6 litres) and therefore forcing us to refill it more frequently than we would like. If you want something, it costs you something, we all know that.

Cecotec Cumbia Capricciosa White espresso machine. 19 Bars of pressure, Suitable for ground coffee and ESE single-dose capsules.

Cecotec Cumbia Capricciosa: a hybrid coffee machine?

Let’s not take it literally, but the term “hybrid coffee machine” may well suit this Cecotec Cumbia Capricciosa. This is a manual espresso machine, that’s for sure. But what’s new about it is that it uses not a classic aluminium or stainless steel filter in a filter holder but a plastic dispenser very similar to those found in capsule coffee machines.

In it, we deposit and press the ground coffee, but also the ESE single-dose coffee we want. There are quite a few single-dose compatible espresso machines on the market, but the interesting thing about the Cecotec Cumbia Capricciosa is that it does it without forcing you to change the filter. Everything is done in the same place.

Its design is also very simplistic, bordering on minimalist, and the few controls it has are found at the top of the machine. These are the power button, which lights up when the boiler has heated up, and a lever that is used to start and stop the water flow as desired. It is a manually operated machine, let’s not forget.

Cecotec Cumbia Capricciosa White espresso machine. 19 Bars of pressure, Suitable for ground coffee and ESE single-dose capsules.

Cecotec Cumbia Capricciosa: its essential features

Before you decide to buy your Cecotec Capricciosa on Amazon, you should read the following list of technical specifications:

  • 19 bar pressure pump.
  • 0.6 litre water tank, removable and washable separately.
  • ABS plastic body available in two colours: black and white.
  • Ultra-compact design.
  • No filter holder: both conventional ground coffee and ESE paper pods can be used in the brewing tank.
  • Automatic shut-off system and energy saving mode (Stand-by).
  • You can choose the size of coffee, manually regulating the amount of water used in the extraction. Suitable for both espressos and longer coffees.
  • Removable anti-drip grille.
  • Instruction manual in English.
  • Maximum power consumption: 1100 watts.
  • Accessory included: measuring-dosing spoon.
  • Weight: 2 kilograms approximately.

Advantages of the Cecotec Cumbia Capricciosa espresso machine

  • First and foremost: the convenience of being able to use ground coffee or single-dose coffee without changing head or filter.
  • It is a very compact machine, ideal if you are looking for a small coffee machine for your kitchen.
  • It has a very attractive price, cheaper than other similar models from this manufacturer.
  • The 19 bar pressure pump.

Disadvantages of the Cecotec Cumbia Capricciosa coffee machine

  • The size of the water tank is quite small.
  • In exchange for being able to use both single-dose and ground coffee in the same filter, it loses a little of the purity and precision of the usual espresso filters.
  • It is not automatic but manual. On the top of the head there is a little lever that we have to operate both to start the coffee and to stop the water flow.

How does the Cecotec Cumbia Capricciosa work?

You will have already seen that the main feature of this Cecotec Capricciosa espresso machine is the indistinct use of both ground coffee and ESE coffee pods. In this sense, the machine uses the same dispenser or filter for both, very similar to the one used in capsule coffee machines. You won’t find here the classic filter holder of the coffee machine.

Once you’re clear on this, insert the coffee dispenser/filter into the machine, and press the start button to make the coffee, but be warned, this is not an automatic coffee machine, so you will have to stop the water flow if you don’t want your cup to overflowing.

Why buy a Cecotec Cumbia Capricciosa? Final comments

Well, Cecotec is a brand that puts so many models on the market every year that it’s sometimes difficult to keep track of them or distinguish them from each other. We can only recommend this Cumbia Capricciosa coffee machine if you are going to use both single-serve and regular ground coffee in your home.

If you are not going to take advantage of this flexibility to use both options, we sincerely believe that it is better to opt for a conventional espresso machine, many of which also give you the opportunity to use ESE pods, even if you change the filter for a larger one. Cecotec itself has several examples, such as the Power Instant-Ccino or the Power Espresso Matic, which seem to us to be better coffee machines than this Capricciosa. Although they are also somewhat more expensive, all things considered.

We have the feeling; moreover, that espresso purists will not be happy about brewing their coffee in a plastic filter like the one used in normal capsule coffee machines. In short: a risky bet by Cecotec, with some very accentuated virtues that seek to fit in with a very specific segment of the public.

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