Cecotec Coffee 66 Heat

Name: Coffee 66 Heat
Brand: Cecotec
Type: Drip coffee machines
Operation: Automatic
Capacity: 1.5 litres

Cecotec Coffee 66 Heat Filterkaffeemaschine 1,5 L 950 W Hitzebeständige Kanne Dosierlöffel Exteme...
Cecotec Coffee 66 Heat Filterkaffeemaschine 1,5 L 950 W Hitzebeständige Kanne Dosierlöffel Exteme...
Reheat function and Keep warm function with auto off function.; It includes measuring spoon to help you prepare and calculate the amount of coffee.

Cecotec is a Spanish brand; this particular drip-coffee machine is not very popular. Possibly because it is one of the last ones to come on the market, however, it is a very good quality machine. Moreover, it has an excellent price-quality ratio. The Cecotec Coffee 66 Heat has ExtremeAroma technology that achieves an intense coffee flavour. Due to the uniform spraying of water and the continuous dripping.

With regard to its design, we can notice that it is a simple and minimalist design. It is finished in stainless steel that combines very well with the resistant black plastic that makes up the body of the coffee maker. On the other hand, its extra-strong glass carafe has a black handle that gives the carafe hierarchy; this makes the design symmetrical and pleasing to the eye. And, on the side of the drip coffee maker, we can see the water tank gauge. This allows you to control the amount of water you add.

On the other hand, since we are talking about the jug, we can notice that it is made of extra-strong glass. This makes it very resistant to impacts of any kind and also resistant to high temperatures. However, the best thing about the Cecotec Coffee 66 Heat coffee machine is that it has a reheating function, which will allow you to keep your coffee hot at any time. It will also keep your coffee warm once it is ready.

This is a good option if you want to buy an economical filter coffee machine that works very well. It has good advantages, and its price is very accessible. Besides, you can find it online. And, you can easily buy the Cecotec Coffee 66 Heat at Amazon because their payment systems are very comfortable and secure. Moreover, the shipments are also very safe.

The Cecotec Coffee 66 Heat drip coffee machine: review

Going a little further into its functions, this machine has a power of 950 watts. This means that it heats up quickly and efficiently when preparing coffee. On the other hand, its reusable coffee filter can be removed and put in for easy washing. And, it also allows the use of paper filters; everything depends on the comfort of the user. Some people may feel that coffee tastes better with a paper filter because it gives a neutral taste.

Another interesting aspect is that the drip coffee machine Cecotec Coffee 66 Heat has a rather generous capacity. It has a capacity of 1.5 litres, which is equivalent to about 12 cups (remember that this is relative). This means that the proportions or quantities of coffee that each person drinks are different. There are people who drink a large cup of coffee and others who drink small bar-type cups of coffee. Even so, the capacity of the Cecotec Coffee 66 Heat is large.

But in general, the carafe is the highlight of the whole coffee machine, not only in the design but also in the quality and usefulness. Its glass is very resistant to both high temperatures and impacts. And, the design of its handle makes it look sturdy and gives it a nice look. Also, it should be noted that its nozzle is anti-drip so that coffee can be poured or served comfortably and cleanly without making a mess or watering the coffee on the surface.

It is ideal for all types of homes. Thanks to its 12-cup capacity, it can supply a large family. Or get you out of trouble when you have several visitors in your home. Also, it is perfect for an office with several employees. You will enjoy an excellent coffee during your breaks or at any time, thanks to its coffee reheating function.

Cecotec Coffee 66 Heat: features

Basically, this coffee machine has functions like any other. However, it stands out for its coffee reheating functions and its auto shut-off function. This function switches the coffee machine off as soon as the coffee is ready. But to get an overview of the product, these are the features of the Cecotec Coffee 66 Heat:

  • Its design is elegant, with stainless steel finishes.
  • The glass carafe is made of a very resistant material. It can withstand high temperatures and shocks or falls.
  • It has a capacity of 1.5 litres, i.e. 12 cups.
  • Its weight is 998 grams.
  • It has ExtremeAroma technology that makes the taste of coffee more intense.
  • The water tank is visible. You can control the amount of water you add to it.
  • It includes a coffee measuring spoon to help you calculate the amount you want to add.

To find out more, see the brochure of this machine in the Cecotec instruction manual repository.

Advantages of the Cecotec Coffee 66 Heat coffee machine

  • It has a function to reheat the coffee. So you can drink your coffee at any time of the day.
  • Also, it has a function that keeps the coffee hot.
  • Its carafe is of excellent quality.
  • It has an auto-off function.

Disadvantages of the Cecotec Coffee 66 Heat coffee machine

  • Your body may not be of such good quality.
  • Your filter is not of such good quality.
  • It does not keep the coffee warm for long.

Why buy a Cecotec Coffee 66 Heat?

As we mentioned, this coffee maker is not very popular. We usually do the reviews before anyone else, and sometimes we get ahead of the buyers! That’s why we can’t find any opinions or ratings on the platform. However, for us, this is a good option that you should have on your list.

It’s good, cheap and has a nice design. Like all Cecotec products, if you want good quality and price drip coffee maker, this model is for you. And the best thing is that you can buy your Cecotec Coffee 66 Heat online.

However, if the Cecotec Coffee 66 Heat does not convince you, we also recommend the following: the Klarstein Aromatica drip-coffee machine, which is of excellent quality. At a much higher price, however, it is an investment worth paying for. On the other hand, you can also take a look at the programmable Senya filter coffee machine. It is robust and of incredible quality.

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