Beem Fresh Aroma Perfect

Name: Fresh Aroma Perfect
Brand: Beem
Type: Drip
Operation: Automatic
Capacity: 1.7 litres

Beem Fresh Aroma Perfect Coffee Machine, 1.7 Litre, 1000 Watt
Beem Fresh Aroma Perfect Coffee Machine, 1.7 Litre, 1000 Watt
Electronically controlled coffee machine with integrated conical grinder; 5 adjustable grinding levels

Before presenting you with the Beem Fresh Aroma Perfect, we must make reference to Beem, a well-known German coffee company very popular in Central Europe and which is gradually making its way among consumers in various countries. Beem has both espresso and drip coffee machines, and this Beem Fresh Aroma Perfect is its main exponent of drip or filters coffee machines.

The Beem Fresh Aroma Perfect is a top-of-the-range drip-coffee machine, with an integrated grinder, up to a 24-hour timer and a number of exclusive details not found in other similar coffee machines.

We are referring, for example, to the possibility of using a permanent gold filter instead of the standard size four paper filters, to the carbon filters incorporated in the water tank, or to the large capacity of the latter (1.7 litres, when the normal in the sector is between 1.2 and 1.5 litres).

Front view of the Beem Fresh Aroma Perfect coffee machine
Side view of the Beem Fresh Aroma Perfect coffee machine
The Beem Fresh Aroma Perfect coffee machine preparing coffee
Beem Fresh Aroma Perfect Coffee Maker Jug
Beem Fresh Aroma Perfect Coffee Machine Grinder

Beem Fresh Aroma Perfect Review: Freshly ground filter coffee

This Beem Fresh Aroma Perfect grinder offers us 5 degrees of grinding, which are more than enough to satisfy all tastes, and its wheels are made of hardened steel. They do not reach the quality or durability of ceramic grinding wheels, but they are not bad at all.

In the list of details that can be improved, we have to indicate that the 125 grams of coffee that we can store is a little short compared to the 250 grams that usually fit in the grinder of any other coffee machine.

The front of the Beem Fresh Aroma Perfect coffee machine has a standard stainless steel finish (the rest of the housing is plastic), and the buttons and LCD screen are located on top of it, which allows us to see the time and operate the timer.

This last one is a great success, but the layout and the legend of the buttons in this space seems a bit chaotic and not very intuitive. There are several buttons and lights, of different sizes, and ordered according to a quite particular criterion; in short, it’s all about getting used to it. Apart from this detail, the coffee machine responds really well and has a large capacity, for 10-12 large cups without any problem.

The carafe in which the already brewed coffee is stored is another point in favour of the Beem Fresh Aroma Perfect. It is an isothermal steel jug, which has a double wall and perfectly isolates the temperature of the liquid inside.

Also, it sits on a heating base that keeps it warm while it is being put in the coffee machine. Oh, and remember that you can also boil water and serve yourself an instant infusion with the Beem Fresh Aroma Perfect. Both the grinder and the hot water function can be activated and programmed separately.

Beem Fresh Aroma Perfect: Main features

  • Integrated grinder with 5 degrees or levels of grinding. Its grinding wheels are conical and made of steel. The steel from which the grinding wheels are made is a special variety known as High-Speed Steel. It is an industrial steel specially designed to withstand the heat and wear caused by high speeds.
  • In the grinder we can store up to 125 grams of coffee.
  • The dimensions of the Beem Fresh Aroma Perfect are 24 x 32 x 39 centimetres.
  • Weight: 6 kg.
  • Power: 1000 watts.
  • Double-walled isothermal carafe with a capacity of 1.5 litres. Keeps your coffee at the right temperature for hours!
  • As separate functions, the coffee maker has a grinder function and a hot water function (we can boil water if we want to drink just an infusion, for example).
  • The water tank has an active carbon filter. Say goodbye to impurities and strange flavours. It also tells you when to change it.
  • Timer that allows us to program the coffee machine (or any of its separate functions) up to 24 hours in advance.
  • The control panel includes an LCD screen that, in addition to the timer data, also shows the current time.
  • The water tank has a capacity of 1.7 litres. It incorporates the usual transparent water level indicator.
  • Grinding dispenser: We can grind coffee to prepare from 2 to 10 cups at a time.
  • The intensity of the coffee can be regulated: light, medium and intense.
  • The carafe is placed on a heating base which also helps to maintain the temperature of the coffee.
  • The filter holder is removable. The coffee maker uses size 4 filters, which are the standard on the market. It also includes a permanent gold filter, which serves to achieve the best possible aroma for your coffee. This filter can replace the paper filter. The choice is yours.
  • If the carafe is removed prematurely, the coffee maker activates a practical anti-drip function that prevents coffee from being spilt on the base.
  • The backlighting of the LCD display automatically turns off one minute after the last button is pressed.

Advantages of Beem Fresh Aroma Perfect

  • Includes stainless steel isothermal jug and double wall.
  • This is a large capacity coffee maker: 1.7 litres in the water tank and 1.5 litres in the thermal carafe are above the average for the sector.
  • The timer allows us to program the coffee maker up to 24 hours in advance.
  • The possibility of using permanent filters instead of paper filters.

Disadvantages of the Beem Fresh Aroma Perfect

  • The capacity of the grinder, 125 grams of coffee, is somewhat less than usual.
  • The button layout on the control panel is somewhat confusing and not very intuitive.

Beem Fresh Aroma Perfect: Videos

In this funny video, you can see the unboxing and first use of a brand new Beem Fresh Aroma Perfect. It will give you an idea of what a live coffee machine looks like.

Why Buy a Beem Fresh Aroma Perfect?

The Beem Fresh Aroma Perfect is a drip coffee maker that, like all the Beem brands, has something that makes it different.

When it comes to alternatives, this coffee maker is very similar to AEG’s KAM 300 model. Inevitably, we must also compare it with any other drip coffee maker model that has both a grinder and a timer.

Although in the espresso segment, you have the successful Beem Espresso Perfect Crema or the superior Beem iJoy Caffe&Latte within the Beem brand.

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