Coffee Maker Models

Below you will find an ordered list of all the coffee machines we have evaluated on the web so far. By clicking on them, you will access their reviews, with the exhaustive review dedicated to each: pros, cons, prices, alternatives, videos, instructions for use and much more.

Capsule coffee machines

Capsule coffee machines are more fashionable than ever because the quality of coffee in capsules has increased over time. Although many coffee machines have not changed their capsule system or the physical shape of the coffee capsules, the coffee inside them has improved a lot since the 90s, when brands such as Nespresso, Dolce Gusto or Keurig started to manufacture capsule coffee machines.

Here is a list of all the models we have studied on our website, organised in alphabetical order. First, you will see the name of the brand and then the model.

Espresso machines (porta filter)

Our “group” or “filter holder” espresso machine models list is not as extensive as the previous list of capsule coffee machines. However, the quality of the coffee machines studied is as high as the previous list.

Here you can find models from big-name brands such as Delonghi, Krups or Gaggia. Scroll through the list in search of the model you want to find out more about.

Automatic coffee machines (bean to cup)

In this section, we have included models of high-quality super-automatic coffee machines. These models of coffee machines offer you a coffee prepared with freshly ground coffee beans at the touch of a button.

Drip coffee machines

This list of drip coffee machine models is one of the most extensive you can find out there. We have taken the trouble to study coffee machines from the most successful manufacturers so that you can access all the information related to your favourite drip coffee maker with just one click.

Italian coffee machines (Moka)

It might seem that an in-depth analysis of an Italian coffee machine is not possible, and the truth is that it is partly true. However, we have selected for you the 12 essential models to know. If you are looking for a mocha type coffee maker, it is sure to be on our list of models.

French Press coffee machines

As with the Italian coffee machine models, we have reviewed a few French presses so that if you want to find out more, you can do so through this list.

Hydro pressure coffee machines

Not many people know about hydro-pressure coffee machines, which mix drip coffee machines and espresso machines. Don’t miss these hydro pressure coffee machines models that we have reviewed for you.

Combi coffee machines

If you don’t always like to drink the same coffee, combi coffee machines are perfect for you, as they can prepare both drip coffee and espresso. Here is a small list of models reviewed on this website.