Viesta is a German manufacturer belonging to the household appliances division of the eFulfillment GmBh group (which also includes other brands such as Nemaxx, LedVero or MediaLy). German coffee machines have great prestige in the sector, but Viesta is a brand that, for unknown reasons to us, has not yet been introduced on a large scale. It is achieving this little by little, and it has many virtues.

It is a firm specialised in automatic espresso machines or super-automatic One Touch machines (as we want to call them). Yes, those that allow the laziest users -or less skilled in the barista art- to make excellent preparations with professional quality simply by pressing a button.

What is most striking about Viesta coffee machines is their low cost. Between the fact that they are not very well known and the fact that their price is often below the industry average, Viesta automatic coffee machines often arouse mistrust among uninformed users. It is a brand with full guarantees that enjoys excellent popularity throughout Central Europe.

Unfortunately, they had their moment a few years ago, but nowadays, they are no longer available on Amazon or in any physical shop. A real shame, but that’s the way the market is.

All Viesta coffee machines have a 19 bar ULKA pump, integrated grinder, adjustable height dispenser, space to preheat the cups, they allow you to customise the size of each coffee cup, they have a pre-programmed rinsing and cleaning system, and they have an automatic Cappuccinatore with a rubber spigot that sucks the milk from any external container.

The most basic models have steel grinding wheels, and the top-of-the-range models have conical grinding wheels made of ceramic material.

All Viesta coffee machines: prices and models

One of the most attractive qualities of Viesta coffee machines is their excellent value for money – a pity they are no longer available!

If you want to know all the Viesta automatic coffee machines at a glance, here is this brief review of each one so that you can compare them.

Viesta Eco 100

The Viesta Eco 100 is a 19 bar automatic coffee machine, very well known in Northern and Central Europe. It is an atypical coffee machine, as it works as an automatic espresso, but it is much more affordable than any of the others.

Is the Viesta Eco100 really automatic? Yes, it is. It works according to the rules and patterns of a One Touch automatic espresso machine: you select the type of coffee you want to make, place the cup underneath, and press the start button. You don’t need to perform any manual operations or have any barista knowledge to enjoy a professional espresso effortlessly in your home.

Top view of the Viesta Eco100 coffee machine

The Viesta Eco100, of course, has fewer options than a mid-range automatic coffee machine (and somewhat more expensive). It is not made of stainless steel either but has a silvery ABS plastic casing. And its water tank, of 1.5 litres, is somewhat smaller than those of similar coffee machines on the market. Of course, in some respects, its low price must be reflected.

However, despite these details, the exceptional value for money of the Viesta Eco100 makes it a very appealing option for not too demanding users, who can settle for the basic features of a segment of coffee machines, the automatic espressos, which are already at a high level.

Viesta Eco 100: a low-cost automatic coffee machine

But don’t be fooled: the Viesta Eco 100 is a fully automatic coffee machine. It comes with all the usual accessories: the steamer to froth the milk and the grinder to enjoy the unbeatable aroma of freshly ground coffee.

The steamer of our Viesta Eco 100 has three functions. On the one hand, we can froth the milk by taking it from an external container (thanks to the rubber spigot or tube that is already included) and then serve it in our cup. The second function is to froth the milk directly onto the cup where we are going to use it, with the steamer itself. The third function is to serve hot water, ideal for preparing instant infusions, for example.

The grinder, which mounts conventional steel grinders, has the capacity to store up to 300 grams of coffee beans (quite large by industry standards) and the options for customising the coffee only go through its volume (from 40 ml to 180 ml per cup). There is also no lack of the usual automatic cleaning systems, especially the rinsing of the pipes through which the milk circulates.

The control panel, which is very small, as shown in the photograph below, consists of three large buttons (general start, coffee preparation and steamer) and a rotary control that is used to set the volume or length of each cup of coffee. On the right of the wheel, there are also some indicator lights that show the different states the coffee machine can go through (for example, when the water tank is empty).

Viesta Eco 100 Control Panel

Viesta Eco 100: general characteristics

  • Automatic coffee machine with 19 bar ULKA pressure pump.
  • Integrated grinder, with steel wheels and 300 grams of storage capacity.
  • Removable water tank of 1.5 litres capacity.
  • Water level visible from the outside.
  • All components of the coffee machine (coffee group, drip tray, water tank, coffee grounds container) can be removed and cleaned separately.
  • Professional steamer with 3 functions.
  • Includes pre-infusion to get the maximum aroma and intensity from each ground coffee bean.
  • Coffee size can be customized: from 40 ml to 180 ml per cup.
  • The coffee dispenser is height-adjustable to accommodate cups or glasses of different heights.
  • It is possible to make one or two cups of espresso at the same time.
  • Hot water service to prepare infusions.
  • Automatic cleaning system and illuminated status messages.
  • Automatic switch-off function when the coffee machine is not in use.
  • Power: 1300 watts.
  • Weight: about 10 kg.
  • Dimensions: 34 x 31 x 35 cms.

Advantages of the Viesta Eco 100

  • The 19 bar pressure, compared to the 15 bar usual in other automatic coffee machines.
  • An exceptional quality-price ratio. We do not miss any of the usual functions of an automatic coffee machine, despite being cheaper than any other.
  • Grinder with very large container (300 grams capacity).
  • Automatic cleaning systems for all internal ducts.

Disadvantages of the Viesta Eco 100

  • The entire housing is made of plastic. No stainless steel in the finishes. Somewhere it was necessary to cut costs…
  • The water tank is somewhat smaller than what we are used to seeing in this group of coffee machines.
  • The grinding wheels of the grinder are not ceramic, but steel.
  • It is not possible to choose the temperature of the coffee outlet.
  • There is no additional input to be able to use ground coffee beforehand.

Why buy a Viesta Eco 100?

The Viesta Eco 100 is a machine capable of bringing the virtues of an automatic coffee machine to a very wide spectrum of users.

Its price, barely £200, is far below what is usual in this sector (where the most basic lines of coffee machines start at £300). At the same time, its list of features does not disappoint 19 bar pressure, automatic preparation (at the touch of a button) of different types of coffee, easy cleaning and maintenance, an excellent option, in short, to enter this suggestive world of automatic coffee machines without having to throw the house out of the window.

We do warn, however, that they do not usually have much stock – the stock is limited – and that when you go to buy it, it is easy to find us with the message “Sorry, this item is temporarily unavailable“. If that were our case, we would have no choice but to wait.

The alternatives are not many since there is no automatic coffee machine on the market that can be compared at a price. To cite some of the most economical, we could go for the Saeco Minuto, the later Philips 2000 Series or the Severin Piccola in its most basic version.

Viesta Eco 200

The Viesta Eco 200 coffee machine is also known as the Viesta Eco Pro 200. It is an automatic coffee machine that outperforms its little sister, the Viesta Eco 100, in every respect.

The Viesta Eco 200 is a large automatic (2 litres of water capacity), 19 bars of pressure and enormous flexibility and amount of functions related to coffee making.

Perhaps its greatest quality is how complete it is, since it offers features typical of a medium-range, when in fact it is closer to the basic range of automatic coffee machines.

The Viesta Eco Pro 200 automatic coffee maker allows us to make several different preparations with a single touch of the button on the operating menu (One-touch) and then personalise each of them with the usual ranges.

For example, we can set the size of each coffee from a minimum of 30 ml to a maximum of 200 ml per extraction. Note that, for example, in this last possibility, we would still have enough water tank to make 10 cups (almost the size of a water glass) without having to refill it.

Viesta Eco Professional 200: many options at an affordable price

One element that cannot be missing from any automatic coffee machine that is worth its weight in gold is the steamer. In the case of the Viesta Eco 200, the frothing tube has a spigot (another thinner tube made of transparent rubber) whose function is to suck the milk directly from any external container so that the miracle takes place inside the frothing tube. It is transformed into foam that will come out through the nozzle into our cup or glass.

In the upper part of the Viesta Eco200 coffee machine, we find a healing space where we can place the saucers and cups before serving the coffee so that they take an optimal temperature. Baristas like to preheat their mugs so that they can keep the coffee at the right temperature for longer.

The control panel of the Viesta Eco 200 deserves a special mention. It is located on the left side of the front panel of the coffee maker, where the blue backlit LDC screen stands out. The buttons and operating controls are underneath the display. They are a bit small, but at least their legend is intuitive enough so that we don’t have to constantly consult the instruction manual.

The rotary wheel under the buttons is the size selector for each cup, and the steam emission force can be controlled by a similar dial which is placed just above the steamer, on the right half of the front panel.

In the following photograph, we show you the interior of the Viesta Eco 200 coffee maker. As you can see, the whole right-hand side panel is actually a hatch that opens and allows us to access the guts of our coffee maker.

That brown element you see in the centre is the brewing group, or coffee group, which we can remove without too much effort to clean or quickly rinse under the tap.

The small box you see below is the compartment where the coffee grounds and the remains of each extraction fall into. It has to be emptied approximately every 10-12 services.

the viesta eco200 group inside

Viesta Eco 200: main features

  • Blue LCD screen.
  • Automatic preparation system (One Touch Button) of various specialities.
  • Pre-infusion system for coffee beans.
  • Integrated grinder with eight grinding settings, and capacity to store up to 250 grams of coffee beans
  • Removable water tank with a capacity of 2 litres
  • The size and temperature of each coffee can be customized.
  • Italian ULKA pump with 19 bar pressure.
  • Dispenser for one or two simultaneous cups.
  • Professional steamer with spigot to obtain milk from external containers.
  • Adjustable steam emission.
  • Removable coffee unit for easy cleaning.
  • Heating plate located on the roof of the coffee maker.
  • Additional inlet for using coffee powder (pre-ground coffee) instead of the coffee beans from the grinder.
  • Anti-drip aluminium grill, also removable.
  • Hot water service, for infusions.
  • Pre-set automatic cleaning functions.
  • Energy saving function: automatic switch-off.
  • Weight: 9.7 kg.
  • Dimensions: 27 x 44 x 35 cms.
  • Power consumption: 1500 watts.

Advantages of the Viesta Eco 200 coffee machine

  • The 19 bar pressure.
  • Excellent value for money compared to other automatic coffee machines of similar range.
  • This is a coffee machine with very generous capacities: 2 litres of water and 250 grams in the coffee container provide for many uses.

Disadvantages of the Viesta Eco 200

  • Unknown manufacturer.
  • Derived from its large size: the dimensions and weight of the piece are considerable.
  • Apart from some chrome finishes, the complete construction of the casing is made of plastic.

Why buy a Viesta Eco 200?

The Viesta Eco 200 automatic is a pleasant surprise within a market that is increasingly saturated with models in all ranges, which have few differences between them. If you don’t mind getting a model from a little known brand (understandably, because it’s quite popular in Germany), then you can take home an excellent mid-range automatic coffee machine at an affordable price for what these parts usually cost.

The main drawback is that they don’t usually have much stock on Amazon, so when you click on the buy link, you may find that the coffee maker is temporarily unavailable. Please don’t despair, because they usually replace it in a short time.

This Viesta Eco 200 is an automatic equivalent to coffee machines such as the Krups EA8340, the Siemens EQ5 or the Severin S2, although its price is usually below all of them.

As a cheaper alternative, you have the previous model of this firm, the Viesta Eco 100, but we believe that the difference is not worth it. The Viesta Eco 200 is economical enough, within its range, to remain the first choice.

Viesta One Touch 500

Viesta’s automatic coffee machines surprise consumers with their incredible value for money. Sometimes, less informed users are wary that a seemingly complete machine can be priced lower than the competition. This is the case of the Viesta One Touch 500 coffee machine, which is one step ahead of its range sisters: Viesta Eco 100 and Eco 200.

The Viesta One Touch 500 automatic coffee machine represents “the next level” in the segment of super-automatic One Touch coffee machines. Through its touch screen (3.5 inches and configurable in 4 languages), we can select different preparations and enjoy them in our cup in a few seconds without any further intervention from our side: espressos, normal coffee, cappuccinos, lattes, hot water for infusions, hot milk.

This Viesta One Touch 500 has a 19 bar ULKA pump, a grinder with ceramic wheels, a double boiler system that minimises the waiting time between the coffee service and the vaporiser service, and a generous 2-litre water tank.

Viesta One Touch 500: super automatic coffee maker with Cappuccino

There are two key elements that distinguish a good automatic coffee machine and that push consumers to choose one of these great machines for home consumption.

One is the grinder, which allows us to always enjoy freshly ground coffee, and the other is the possibility of preparing automatic cappuccinos at home. We will get to know both of them better in this Viesta 500 model.

The grinder of the Viesta One Touch 500 coffee maker is made of conical ceramic grinders, which are much more durable and more respectful of the raw material -grains of coffee- than the traditional steel ones. In it, we can store up to 250 grams of coffee beans, and of course, we can also vary the grinding adjustment to obtain a greater or lesser thickness, according to our needs and our tastes.

As far as the automatic cappuccino is concerned, the Viesta One Touch 500 does not include a Panarello or classic milk frother. Still, it has a cappuccino system integrated into the machine itself.

What does this mean? That the milk is not foamed directly by us, but it is the coffee maker that collects it from an external container (through the spigot or transparent tube that is already included in the piece), sucks it up and emulsifies it to serve it, converted into hot foam, through the same coffee spout.

This means that you don’t have to move the cup or glass around, as the foam or hot milk falls right where the coffee falls. The flavours do not mix, as they travel through different pipes: if you look carefully, you will see that there is a third outlet for the milk, right in the middle of the two coffee spouts:

viesta onetouch 500 dispenser

Viesta One Touch 500: general features

  • Super automatic coffee maker with ULKA pump of 19 bars of pressure.
  • 3.5 inch touch screen, which can be configured in four languages.
  • 2 litre water tank.
  • Conical and ceramic grinder.
  • Grinder capacity: 250 grams.
  • Automatic preparation of espressos, lattes, cappuccinos and coffee at the touch of a button.
  • Also allows hot water and hot milk to be served.
  • It mounts a double boiler, which heats separately the water for the espresso and the water for the steamer.
  • Automatic cappuccino system, which collects the milk from any external container, and serves it directly into the cup.
  • We can customise the dose (intensity) of coffee in each cup. Minimum six grams, maximum nine grams.
  • Height-adjustable coffee dispenser: between 6.5 and 11.5 cm.
  • Coffee grounds container: valid for 12-15 uses.
  • Removable, anti-drip aluminium tray.
  • It has automatic cleaning programmes, which are run every time the machine is switched on and off.
  • Each cleaning process uses about 80 cc of water.
  • Dimensions: 27 x 35 x 45 cms.
  • Approximate weight: just over 11 kg.
  • Maximum power consumption: 1500 watts.

Advantages of the Viesta One Touch 500

  • The value for money of this model is unmatched in today’s European market.
  • The grinder is excellent: with good capacity and ceramic wheels.
  • The variety of automatic preparations available, which are also truly “One Touch” (we press a button and forget about doing anything else).
  • The separation of the water heating in two boilers.

Disadvantages of the Viesta One Touch 500

  • The touch screen menu is in French, English, German and Chinese.
  • At its maximum height, the coffee spout allows us to use glasses up to 11.5 centimetres high. Not bad, but other automatic coffee machines go up to 13 or 14 centimetres.
  • You cannot customise the espresso outlet temperature.

Viesta One Touch 500: videos

I’m sure after reading this review, you’ll be dying to know how this Viesta One Touch 500 behaves life, won’t you? Then watch the following demonstration video:

Here we leave you with another similar perspective, in this case for an espresso:

Why buy a Viesta One Touch 500? final opinions

There are many reasons to choose to buy a Viesta One Touch 500 once we overcome the absurd mistrust of unknown brands.

With the truly automatic cappuccinos, the automatic cleaning, the ceramic grinder, the variety of different preparations, this Viesta One Touch 500 offers us a list of features at the level of any top-of-the-range super-automatic coffee maker, but with a price of just over £300. Need we say more?

We can suggest many other similar alternatives, but when you check them out, you’ll find that most of them far exceed the price of this Viesta 500 coffee maker. Take a look, for example, at the Melitta Passione, the Delonghi ETAM 29.660, Bosch VeroCafe Latte or the Severin S2 Plus.

Viesta One Touch Premium 1000

And now it is the turn of the Viesta One Touch Premium 1000, which is only the largest and most capable of all the Viesta automatic machines.

The Viesta One Touch Premium 1000 is perfect for homes with high daily coffee consumption, or even for offices, caterings or small-medium sized workplaces. Proof of this is the almost 2 litres of its water tank or the huge 750-gram hopper of its integrated grinder. Another detail that makes the orientation of this automatic coffee machine very clear is the coffee grounds deposit, which is much larger than that of a traditional home coffee machine.

We can see this in the following photograph: at the base of the coffee maker, there is a large black platform located under the drip tray. This compartment can store the waste from up to 35 services or coffee cups, which means that it is not necessary to empty or clean it every so often.

Viesta Onetouch Premium 1000

Viesta One Touch Premium 1000: increased capacity

If you are looking for an automatic coffee machine for offices, the Viesta One Touch 1000 is a much more practical option than the previous One Touch 500 model. Everything about the size and capacity is oriented to support the consumption of many services every day.

In terms of performance, this One Touch 1000 coffee machine maintains the excellent quality parameters that characterise the German manufacturer. For example, through its digital touch screen, we can select any type of preparation (espressos, lattes, cappuccinos, lattes, hot water) at the touch of a button.

In the case of drinks with milk foam, we can benefit from the automatic cappuccino system that is integrated into the Viesta One Touch Premium. It does not have a classic foamer, but a rubber spigot or tube that sucks the milk from an external container (the same milk brik from the fridge, for example), emulsifies it on the fly and serves it directly onto the cup in the proportion and measure appropriate to the type of coffee we have selected.

On the other hand, the grinder is made of ceramic grinders, and we have already said that it has a much larger storage tank than usual in-home coffee machines: no less than 750 grams of coffee beans can fit inside the hopper.

Viesta One Touch Premium 1000: general characteristics

  • Super automatic coffee machine with 19 bar ULKA pressure pump.
  • Water tank of 2 litres capacity.
  • Ceramic grinder with various predefined settings or grinding thicknesses.
  • Digital LCD display with all the information of each process executed in the machine.
  • Predefined automatic specialities: espresso, long coffee, cappucino, caffé latte, hot water and hot milk.
  • Capacity to store up to 750 grams of coffee beans.
  • Giant tank for coffee remains or grounds: up to 35 cups or services before having to empty it.
  • Additional inlet for pre-ground coffee.
  • Dual boiler system: the water for the espresso and the water for the steamer are heated separately.
  • Automatic cappuccino system, which serves the milk foam directly into the cup.
  • Possibility of preparing one or two cups of espresso at a time.
  • Automatic cleaning programme which is run every time the machine is switched on and off.
  • Height-adjustable coffee dispenser: 8 cm at its lowest point and 14 cm at its highest point.
  • Dimensions: 45 x 30 x 37 centimetres.
  • Weight: 14 kilograms approx.
  • Maximum power: 1400 watts.

Advantages of the Viesta One Touch Premium 1000

  • The coffee group can be removed completely from the interior of the coffee machine. It is very easy to rinse or clean.
  • Almost everything is related to the size and capacity. If we are going to take out dozens of coffees every day, this Viesta One Touch 1000 is a great option.
  • Make the cappuccino system (and by extension, any milk froth drink) 100% automatic.
  • It has a separate entrance to use ground coffee, which is ideal for preparing decaffeinated coffees.

Disadvantages of the Viesta One Touch Premium 1000

  • Perhaps the size of the water tank, without being small, is not commensurate with the exceptional capacity and endurance of other storage compartments in this machine.
  • It is a very, very large piece, especially because of the base where the deposit of dregs is housed. It must be measured well before thinking about its final location.
  • For the price it has, we might have wished to see a lesser presence of plastic both in the casing and in some of the internal components of the coffee machine.

Why buy a Viesta One Touch Premium 1000?

The orientation of this spectacular Viesta One Touch Premium 1000 is clear. Its essential features are similar to the other top-of-the-range Viesta coffee maker: the One Touch 500. If you are going to use the coffee maker for moderate home consumption of several coffees a day, then opt better for the One Touch 500.

If, on the other hand, the purpose of the coffee maker is to serve more than ten cups every day, then there is no doubt: this One Touch Premium 1000 will be better prepared. You decide.

We find some models of similar purpose in the Saeco Royal Office or in the Saeco Lirika. Don’t miss out on our collection of professional coffee machines, either.

VIESTA One Touch Premium 1000 fully automatic coffee machine - powerful coffee machine (1.8 liter,...
VIESTA One Touch Premium 1000 fully automatic coffee machine - powerful coffee machine (1.8 liter,...
1400 watt dual-boiler system + integrated milk frother; on; Automatic self-cleaning system and intelligent control system

Viesta CB300S

And to finish the series of Viesta automatic coffee machines, we find a phenomenal complement to its medium-range thanks to this model Viesta CB300S. This is a super-automatic coffee machine, which keeps the traditional values and advantages of this firm (especially regarding the quality-price ratio) but also has some differences with the Viesta One Touch 500 model (the most similar of the whole range).

The Viesta Germans know well what they are dealing with, and a good proof of this is this Viesta CB300S automatic coffee machine. This is a modern coffee machine (this model dates from 2017) with 19 bars of pressure, 1400 watts of power and 1.8 litres of capacity. It comes with a unique design in white, which is very reminiscent of the One Touch 500, and the arrangement of the controls and accessories is typical and common for this type of coffee machine.

As for the grinder (every automatic coffee maker has its own integrated grinder), it is a magnificent conical grinder made of ceramic material. As you know, ceramic grinders are more resistant to corrosion and the passage of time and also do not transmit odours or flavours to the coffee during grinding.

It has a capacity for 250 grams of coffee. It also has an additional input for ground coffee, which is always good for using other blends (or decaffeinated coffee itself) different from the ones we have in the grinder’s compartment.

Viesta CB300S: for everyone

Regarding the operation of the Viesta CB300S, the touch control panel is simple and intuitive enough to avoid having to consult the instruction book continuously.

Through its options, we can configure the intensity of our coffee, regulating the dose of espresso, indicate the number of cups of each preparation -one or two- or prepare automatically (One Touch) beverages such as espresso latte or American coffee. There is also a hot water service for infusions, or hot milk, for smoothies or drinks with cocoa.

A peculiar detail is that the water tank (almost two litres) is located on one side and is taken out (see photo below) instead of being placed at the back of the coffee machine, as is usually the case.

Differences between the Viesta CB300S and the Viesta One Touch 500

These are the most visible and important differences between the Viesta CB300S and the Viesta One Touch 500. The latter is a slightly superior model due to these details:

  • The Viesta One Touch 500 has an automatic capping system.
  • The One Touch 500 model has a more complete and full colour touch screen.
  • The Viesta CB300S has a 1.8 litre tank, and the Viesta One Touch 500 reaches up to 2 litres.
  • The power and consumption of the latter is also higher: 1500 watts per 1400 of the Viesta CB300S.

Viesta CB350 Plus: with automatic cappuccino

You will have noticed that the Viesta CB300S lacks an important detail: it does not have a milk frother. So if you want to emulsify milk or prepare lattes and cappuccinos, you need a superior model. That option is also offered by Viesta, and its name is Viesta CB350 Plus.

The Viesta CB350 Plus is practically identical to the Viesta CB300S, with the addition of the frother, which is located to the right of the coffee dispenser. This has some extra options in the menu of elaborations, like the One Touch cappuccino.

Its price, of course, also increases by about £40-50. In our opinion, the difference is worth it. Still, you should be the one to decide whether or not to take advantage of the benefits of having an automatic system for making cappuccinos at home.

Viesta CB300S: general features

  • Automatic coffee machine with ULKA pump, 19 bar pressure.
  • White bodywork.
  • LCD touch screen.
  • Automatic preparation of espresso, latte and American coffee.
  • One or two cups can be made for each preparation.
  • Conical grinder, made of ceramic material. 250 gram capacity.
  • Additional inlet for pre-grinded coffee.
  • Removable, transparent water tank, 1.8 litres Located on the side of the coffee maker.
  • Aluminium drip tray.
  • The capacity of the compartment for the remains (dregs) is about 15 services.
  • It is possible to customise the intensity (dose) and the temperature at which the coffee comes out.
  • Hot water service for preparing instant infusions.
  • Automatic cleaning and rinsing programme.
  • The height of the coffee spout can be adjusted: between 8 cm and 11.5 cm.
  • Maximum power consumption: 1400 watts.
  • Dimensions: 30 x 37 x 45 cms.
  • Approximate weight: just over 11 kg.

Advantages of the Viesta CB300S

  • The ceramic grinder.
  • The ULKA pump with 19 bar pressure.
  • The price-quality relationship of this model, as it happens with all Viesta automatic coffee machines, is more than interesting.
  • The automatic cleaning and rinsing system. It makes the maintenance of the machine much easier.

Disadvantages of the Viesta CB300S

  • That there are not several colours or models available.
  • The instruction manual is not in English.
  • It does not have an automatic capuccinator. This means that if we want to prepare a cappuccino by pressing a single button, we have to move and change the cup ourselves for the milk emulsion process.
  • The maximum height of the coffee spout in relation to the tray is 11.5 cms. Other models go up to 13 or 14, although it is true that in this one it is not so relevant as we cannot prepare lattes or cappuccinos.

Why buy a Viesta CB300S?

Viesta is a German manufacturer of automatic coffee machines, not too well known yet, although fortunately, this trend has been changing in the last years. The good quality of their coffee machines, together with the right price, makes them ultra-competitive options in a sector where it is increasingly difficult to stand out.

The Viesta CB300S is the most modern and recent automatic coffee machine (launched in 2017) of this brand. It is slightly below the One Touch 500 model, and of course, also below the One Touch Premium 1000. And for a little more money, we recommend the model Viesta CB350 Plus, much more complete.

It is recommended for those who want to have a good automatic coffee machine at home without spending too much money or being tied to a better known (and also more expensive) brand. Other good alternatives in other manufacturers, sticking to this price range, can be the Gaggia Naviglio, the Severin S2+ or the Philips 4000 Series.

VIESTA CB300S fully automatic coffee machine - powerful fully automatic coffee machine (1.8 liter,...
VIESTA CB300S fully automatic coffee machine - powerful fully automatic coffee machine (1.8 liter,...
Strong 1400 watt power; Highly aromatic coffee and espresso & with only one push of a button

Viesta automatic coffee machines – their differences

We can divide Viesta’s super-automatic coffee machines into two clearly defined groups: the basic range (Eco 100 and Eco 200) and the high range (Viesta One Touch 500 and One Touch 1000). The CB300S would be halfway between these two groups.

Between the Viesta Eco100 and the Eco200, the differences are evident in favour of the latter, which is the superior model for a reason. The water tank is larger (2 litres by 1.5 litres), has a digital display (the Eco100 does not) and has a greater number of possibilities when it comes to making drinks automatically.

Compared to the top-of-the-range Viesta coffee machines, the essential features are similar in all models. They have a 2-litre water tank, automatic cappuccino maker, touch screen, and allow you to make various specialities at the touch of a button: espresso, coffee with milk, cappuccinos, lattes, hot milk.

The difference is that the One Touch 500 is more oriented towards home consumption, and the One Touch Premium 1000 is designed for offices, cafeterias, or homes where daily coffee consumption is very high.

It surpasses the One Touch 500 in almost every aspect of size: it can store up to 750 grams of coffee in the grinder, has a tray for collecting waste from up to 35 uses or services. And it also has an additional inlet for pre-ground coffee.

Naturally, it is also considerably more expensive, so the choice is already up to you and your needs.

VIESTA CB350 PLUS fully automatic coffee machine - powerful fully automatic coffee machine (1.8...
VIESTA CB350 PLUS fully automatic coffee machine - powerful fully automatic coffee machine (1.8...
Strong 1400 watt power + integrated milk frother; Automatic self-cleaning system and intelligent control system
VIESTA One Touch Premium 1000 fully automatic coffee machine - powerful coffee machine (1.8 liter,...
VIESTA One Touch Premium 1000 fully automatic coffee machine - powerful coffee machine (1.8 liter,...
1400 watt dual-boiler system + integrated milk frother; on; Automatic self-cleaning system and intelligent control system

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