Taurus is a group that has been at the forefront of the home appliance industry for half a century (soon to be said). It began its activity in 1962, with the manufacture of coffee grinders (curious) and hair dryers… and today it is a huge conglomerate of firms and companies. The Taurus brand itself, Solac, or the no less well known MiniMoka, are some of the most representative firms of the Taurus group in the coffee sector.

Most of Taurus’ products, and in particular its coffee machines, have a practical approach as their common denominator. They are always oriented towards the wider public sector, with products that are not very advanced but very functional, and at very competitive prices. What is usually called the medium-basic range of appliances for the home day.

Currently Taurus has subsidiaries and branches all over the world, and focuses mainly on developing its own R&D system, with its own lines of research that it then tries to apply to its products to improve the daily life of its clients.

Buy Taurus coffee machine – Prices

Here are the offers and prices of the different Taurus coffee machines, so you know exactly how the rates are today:

Differences between Taurus Coffee Machines

Taurus is a very generalist firm: it sells household appliances of all kinds and conditions. This philosophy means that Taurus presents a wide range of models of coffee machines, which can be adapted to different sectors of users and different tastes.

All of them have in common that they are in the lower-middle range of their segment.

We begin with the Taurus Verona, one of the best-selling and best-known filter coffee machines. It is a real standard, a classic, traditional coffee maker with a very affordable price (usually no more than £25). You can find it in two sizes: the Verona 6 and the Verona 12 (for 6 and 12 cups, respectively).

Less popular in its sector, but also very conventional, is the Taurus Italica. It is a moka pot, or Italian coffee maker, made of stainless steel, with a classic design and which can be found in various sizes: for 3, for, 6, for 9 or even for 12 cups (just over a litre of coffee).

Finally, Taurus also has a line of hard pods or single-dose pods called Taurus CoffeeMotion.

Emotion Coffee Cafe Crema Selection of Guatemala, Brazil and India, 14 Capsules Pack
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  • On A Computer, you can see the character of this Grass Seed.
  • With origins such as india envelops, Brazil and Vietnam, a velvety texture to we succeeded in all over the palate.
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The Taurus Arezzo coffee machine is aimed at the growing consumer of coffee pods and only works with the aforementioned CoffeeMotion capsules. The Arezzo pod coffee machine has 19 bars of pressure, 1 litre capacity, and a very very basic handling, without big shows or functions that complicate our existence (and make the product more expensive, by the way).

Finally, we should also mention the Taurus Livenza foamer, a milk blender that is the perfect complement for lovers of specialities made with coffee (cappuccinos, macchiatos, etc.). The Livenza is an electric milk frother, with a capacity of 250 ml and 550 watts of power – a great gift for any occasion!

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