When we talk about Swan coffee machines, we are talking about a British brand with a long history. Swan has been in the industry for over a century, and its products stand out above all for their careful design and shapes. They even have a line of vintage products (Swan Retro), which we will talk about later because it touches one of their coffee machines very closely.

From their extensive catalogue, the appliances and kitchen utensils stand out above all, and logically we have to talk about the coffee machines. There are two main models of Swan coffee machines: an espresso machine and a drip coffee machine. Let’s get to know them better. Here you can see what they look like and their prices before reading on:

Express coffee machine Swan SK22110

The most recognizable model of this brand is the reference Swan SK22110, a vintage-style coffee machine with high-quality finishes and 1.2 litres capacity. Its features are similar to those of a traditional domestic espresso machine. Still, it also includes the detail of a temperature display on the front, and of course, of that special and recognizable design.

Characteristics of the Swan SK22110 retro coffee machine

  • 15 bar pressure pump.
  • Retro design body available in various pastel colours.
  • Cup-warming tray on top.
  • The grid covering the drip tray is removable.
  • Adjustable steamer.
  • The knob that regulates the strength of the steam is located on the front, not on the side.
  • For making one or two cups of espresso at the same time.
  • Water tank with a capacity of 1.2 litres.
  • Accessory included: spoon-press for ground coffee.
  • Maximum power: 1100 watts.

Advantages of the Swan SK22110 coffee machine

  • The retro design is beautiful, and the choice of colours fits very well. Aesthetically it is very nice.
  • The presence of the temperature display allows us to control the quality of the extraction better.
  • The chrome finishes and the finishes are quality.

Disadvantages of the Swan SK22110

  • The upper part of the coffee maker is not flat, but is bent in the middle, which reduces the space available for placing cups on top.
  • The price is notably higher than that of a normal coffee maker that we are used to buying. Not everyone will be compensated for this investment.

Drip coffee machine Swan SK13130

Much more modest but of equal quality is the Swan filter coffee machine SK13130N. A model that belongs to the programmable drip coffee machine sector and is presented with a black body in which the brand logo (a large S in the shape of a swan) has a very visible place. Here is a summary of its main functions and technical specifications:

  • Tank capacity: 0.75 litres.
  • Graduated glass jar.
  • Timer that allows us to program the machine up to 24 hours in advance.
  • Approximate dimensions: 20 x 17 x 27 cm.
  • Weight: 1.14 kilograms.
  • Heating tray to keep the coffee warm.
  • Anti-drip security system: the dripping stops if the glass carafe is moved from its place.
SWAN SK13130N Programmable Coffee Maker, Black
SWAN SK13130N Programmable Coffee Maker, Black
A simple, no fuss coffee machine with a modest 750ml capacity, helping to eliminate waste; An illuminated programmable LCD timer offers high visibility and makes for easy operation

Why buy a Swan coffee machine? Opinions and alternatives

It is not exactly a well-known manufacturer, but it is true that the Swan espresso machines are of sufficient quality to be highly regarded by the public. The most attractive model of this firm is clearly the retro espresso machine (Swan SK22110), which is very similar to the Ikohs Thera. We don’t know which one was developed before, so that we won’t raise any suspicions.

In any case, we think it’s a great choice if you like coffee makers with this kind of design. But you have to be aware that you will pay a little more than for a “normal” machine with the same features. As alternatives, the best we can advise you is to take a look at vintage style coffee makers.

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