Since 1916, the firm Solac has been present in many homes with its own motto that has made them famous: what we do, we do well. And with it, of course, also Solac coffee machines.

Although today they extend their catalogue to almost all types of small household appliances, Solac opens its production in 1916 precisely with industrial coffee machines. A little later, in 1935, it begins to manufacture successfully domestic coffee machines.

As you can see, its tradition and prestige in the world of coffee are long. However, its star product is probably the steam iron, an instrument that Solac has been responsible for marketing and popularizing since the mid-twentieth century. We also find in its trajectory icons such as the triangular coffee maker of Solac, a breakthrough design of Guillermo Capdevila back in the 70s.

Solac launches the first domestic hydro pressure coffee maker, whose main innovation was that it could prepare a coffee in a few seconds – a revolution at that time! In 1992 Solac patents the security system Comfort Safety, designed for automatic coffee machines. They are also responsible for marketing one of the first large automatic coffee machines: The Espression, and its most recent successor, Espression Supremma (which dates from 2007).

Today, Solac belongs to the Taurus group, after being part of the Cegasa group but presenting this last suspension of payments in 2014.

Buy Solac Coffee Machine: Prices

Next, we are going to make a brief review of all the Solac coffee machines, emphasizing their differences and the particular qualities of each model. We will talk about the Solac drip coffee machines and also about the Solac espresso machines.

Solac: What We Do, We Do Well

Sticking to its activity in the coffee machines sector, which is what we are concerned with, Solac works mainly in the area of drip coffee machines (or filters) and espresso machines. All its models are included in a basic-medium range of both features and prices, and much of its success lies precisely in a fairly attractive value for money compared to its competitors.

Another point in favour of the Solac coffee machines is their massive presence in hypermarkets and big surfaces. It is difficult not to find a Solac coffee maker on the shelves of any shop or specialized shop, and that is an advantage when it comes to reaching users with a lower profile or more modest needs.

Solac Coffee Machines: The Comparison

Before commenting on the differences that exist between the different Solac coffee machines, we have to make a brief review of their nomenclature. Solac uses the initials CF (Filter Coffee Machine), CE (Express Coffee Machine) or CA (Automatic Coffee Machine) before the numbering of each model so that we recognize immediately what type of coffee machine we have in front of us.

Solac Drip Coffee Machines

Historically, Solac has always had several filter machines on the market. There are three that are already discontinued and are difficult to find:

The most basic is the Solac CF4021 (1.5 litres, permanent filter, stainless steel finishes), while the Solac CF4020 or Solac Stillo has similar features but a much more modern and groundbreaking design. Also, it is more expensive, as it is logical.

The third option is the Solac CF4015 or Solac Coffee To Go, a filter coffee maker with a very specific purpose. Instead of the traditional glass decanter, this coffee maker has two small thermal decanters of just under half a litre capacity each. Thanks to them, we can transport the coffee as if it were glass and drink it wherever we go. It also includes a timer to program the coffee making up to 24 hours in advance. Without a doubt, a different coffee maker.

solac cf4015

Solac Stillo CF4028

This Solac Stillo CF4028 drip coffee maker has a timer and a rather large 1.5-litre glass jug. It is the only reference that is still alive within the drip sector in the Solac catalogue, and it’s quality/price ratio is quite interesting.

Espresso Solac Coffee Machines

As for the espresso machines, Solac manufactures one of the most sold and popular models of the whole 21st century: The Solac CE4492 or Squissita Intelligent. It has 19 bars of pressure, stainless steel front, and a water tank of 1.2 litres capacity. With similar qualities but also adding the possibility of programming the volume of water in each cup, the Solac New Squissita Intelligent coffee machine appears on the market (in 2016).

All these machines (CE4492, New Squissita, Squissita Intelligent) are the old Solac coffee machines and are no longer manufactured. It isn’t easy to find them in any shop anymore.

In early 2019 this successful model was updated with the new Solac CE-4493 Stillo, which has a 1.2-litre tank and is compatible with the popular ESE single-dose machines.

The Solac CE4491, or Solac Squissita, is its predecessor. Its essential characteristics and performance are the same as the CE4492, but it is obviously a much older machine with a slightly more “old-fashioned” design. A good option, in any case, if you manage to catch it with a good offer. Both models, by the way, come with filters compatible with the popular ESE single-dose bags.

Another option is the well-known orange Solac coffee maker, the model Solac CE4500, which also belongs to the Squissitta line of Solac coffee makers.

More affordable and not compatible with single-dose is the Solac CE4480 Espresso, which stands out especially for its stainless steel finish and its 19 bar pressure.

Leaving aside these four Solac espresso machines, we find the top of the range of the firm: The Solac CA4815 automatic coffee machine or Espression Supremma. This is the worthy successor of the Solac Espression, one of the first automatic coffee makers to be manufactured and distributed on a large scale.

The Solac CA4815 has 19 bars of pressure, digital touch screen, ceramic grinder, water tank of 1.8 litres capacity, stainless steel vaporizer, possibility to select the volume or intensity of the coffee, in short, everything you need to order a coffee a la carte and enjoy it freshly ground, from grain to cup, in just a few seconds.

Solac CE4480: Classic and Basic

The Solac CE4480 is the most basic and also the most economical of the Solac range of espresso machines: a classic that never fails, with a steamer and 19 bar pressure.

Solac CE4481 Espresso 20 bar

An improved and updated version of the previous model. 20 bars of pressure and 1.2 litres of the tank in an all-stainless steel bodywork.

Solac CE4501 Squissita

This model is more compact than the previous ones and also has a larger water tank (1.5 litres). The control panel has been redesigned and digitized to give a more modern look to the whole.

Solac CE4552 Squissita Touch

An advanced version of the previous one. Same size and design, but with a stainless steel front casing and a 100% touch screen control panel. Its main advantage is that it allows you to choose between two pre-determined coffee sizes: long or short espresso.

Solac CA4810: The Ultra Automatic Coffee Machine from Solac

This is an updated and improved model of the previous CA-4815. It dates from late 2019 and has 19 bars of pressure, 1.2 litres of the tank, and a super-compact design: everything fits into a casing that is just 18 cm wide. It has a frothing device, but the automatic processes are only for espresso coffee.

Solac Stillo CE4496

This model is one of the brand’s most recent. It stands out for two things: its 20 bar pressure pump and its aggressive design in black and red. Functionally, it is a very basic coffee maker, with nothing that attracts attention beyond the aforementioned 20 bars and the Extra Cream system that allows us to enjoy somewhat creamier espressos for less skilled users in these battles. And of course, its price is very attractive.

Solac FreeCoffee: Solac Pod Coffee Machine

Finally, we will talk about the Solac FreeCoffee (or Solac CE4411), a coffee maker that was very popular thanks to its single-dose pod system and its affordable price.

Visually it is not very attractive, but the capsule format has undoubtedly succeeded all over the world. It has 18 bars of pressure, 1.3 litres of capacity in the tank, and is available in two colours: black and red.

Nowadays, it is discontinued, very difficult to obtain through the usual channels.

solac freecoffee red

Solac Coffee Machines of 19 Bars and 20 Bars

To sum up, the 19 bar Solac espresso machines are the CE4480, the CE4481, the CE4493 Stillo (older), while the 20 bar Solac machines are the Solac Squissita (CE4501), the Squissita Touch (CE4552), the Stillo CE4496 and the Squissita Supremma.

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