Senseo Coffee Maker

The Philips brand manufactures Senseo coffee machines, and their products are from Marcilla. They are long-established coffee makers from Northern Europe where they are trendy. Due to the broad market that currently exists in the capsule coffee maker segment, many users mistakenly think that they are all the same. And nothing could be further from the truth.

Senseo’s coffee machines use pads (soft single-dose, paper-bag style), which have nothing to do with the typical hard capsules such as those from Nespresso or Dolce Gusto, for example. It allows the cost of each unit to be lower, and there are also numerous compatible options on other brands. Tasting coffee with a Senseo coffee maker is slightly cheaper than with other systems.

Let’s start this page with an always useful comparison where you can see the most relevant features of all models of Senseo coffee machines currently marketed on the Internet.

Advantages of Senseo Coffee Makers

The Senseo coffee machines have a clear advantage over other brands and is that their capsules are significantly cheaper than the rest, and there are also capsules of white brands that we can use as compatible. In general, and always considering the official capsules, each coffee can be made for about 15 or 18 cents.

From time to time you can find reasonable offers in hypermarkets (2×1 type, or the second unit at 50%) which are unthinkable, for example in Dolce Gusto, not to mention Nespresso.

Purists may argue that the coffee is merely acceptable quality, so espresso lovers may want to look at other brands. There are also lovers of Marcilla coffee (which Senseo uses) who do not hesitate to point to this brand as their favourite.

If you want to dive among the full range of Senseo capsule, you can do it in our online store Senseo.

We must also point out in their favour that Senseo coffee machines, in general, are effortless to handle and maintain, except perhaps the case of the Cappuccino in which we must worry a little more about the cleanliness of your milk vaporizer.

Disadvantages of Senseo Coffee Makers

Senseo coffee machines, in general, maybe a little more extensive and less practical than other brands. Besides, their coffee catalogue is not very big compared to the other brands. Mixed preparations (i.e. anything other than black coffee), such as cut-ups, cappuccinos and so on, may lack the taste and intensity of the products offered by their competitors.

In short, we can say that Senseo coffee machines are a great option if we seek to enjoy an excellent single-dose coffee machine easy to use and also we are interested in taking care of our pocket.

Senseo Coffee Makers: Prices and Models

Classic: The original and most basic.
Brio: A safe and economical option.
Cappuccino: With built-in milk vaporizer.
Twist: The newest from Senseo, with touch control panel.
Quadrante: The most attractive cubic design.
Latte Duo: The top of the range of the firm.

For more information, see the user manuals of Senseo Philips coffee machines.

Comparatives of Senseo coffee machines

Finally, we leave you with some interesting comparisons that you can read if you are still evaluating which capsule system to choose:

Senseo coffee machine offers

The Senseo coffee machines on offer can be found in various establishments, thanks mainly to the rotation of stock. That is, when some models become obsolete or are discontinued, those that have not yet been sold are significantly reduced to give them an outlet and thus focus future sales on new models.

Thanks to this, you can find cheap Senseo coffee makers in many places, like the Senseo coffee makers on sale in supermarkets that we meet from time to time when we do our weekly shopping.

However, due to the large number of sellers who gather there, the most significant amount of offers of Senseo Philips coffee machines are found on Amazon.

Here’s a summary of the best Senseo coffee machine deals on Amazon. We’ve restricted our search to only models under 100 Pounds (not a precisely cheap brand, so there aren’t usually many of them).

Senseo Quadrante hd7865/00 Coffee Machine in Capsules 1.2L 8 Cups Silver – Coffee...
With Senseo Café Boost technology that unfolds all the flavor of monodosis.; Prepare one or two cups of coffee simultaneously, in less than 1 minute.
Senseo Quadrante hd7865/60 Coffee Machine in Capsules 1.2L 8 Cups Black – Coffee...
Senseo Quadrante HD7865/60 coffee maker Pod coffee machine 1.2 L; 8710103791546; HD7865/60
Senseo Original HD6554/10 Padmaschine with Kaffee-Boost white
Senseo Original HD6554/10 coffee maker Pod coffee machine 0.7 L Semi-auto; 8710103822721; HD6554/10
Senseo Viva Café HD6563/60 coffee maker Freestanding Pad coffee machine Black 0.9 L 6 cups...
Senseo Viva Café HD6563/60 coffee maker Pod coffee machine 0.9 L Fully-auto; 8710103844686
Senseo HD6592/80 Freestanding Manual Pod coffee machine 1L 7cups Black, Red coffee maker HD6592/80,...
Senseo HD6592/80 coffee maker Pod coffee machine 1 L Manual; 8710103845294; HD6592/80; Coffee Makers

Refurbished Philips Senseo coffee makers

Finally, another right way to get a Senseo coffee machine on sale is Amazon’s extensive refurbishment market. You know that these are not used Senseo coffee machines, but products that have been returned from other purchases – many times they have not even been opened or unsealed – and cannot be sold as new anymore even though no one has touched them. Here you have all the options available to buy a second-hand Philips Senseo coffee maker.