The Philips brand manufactures Senseo coffee machines, and their products are from Marcilla. They are long-established coffee makers from Northern Europe, where they are trendy.

These coffee machines have been on the market for a long time and come from Northern Europe, where they are very popular. Due to the broad demand in the pod coffee maker segment, many users mistakenly think they are all the same. And nothing could be further from the truth.

Senseo’s coffee machines use pads (soft single-dose, paper-bag style), which have nothing to do with typical hard pods such as those from Nespresso or Dolce Gusto. It allows the cost of each unit to be lower, and there are also numerous compatible options on other brands. Tasting coffee with a Senseo coffee maker is slightly cheaper than other systems.

Let’s start this page with an always useful comparison where you can see the most relevant features of all models of Senseo coffee machines currently marketed on the Internet.

Before we start, we should point out that the Latte Duo and Switch models are mainly aimed at the German-Central European market, although they can be purchased from other countries through Amazon without any problem. But officially, the only models that appear on the Philips Senseo website are the Original and the Viva Café.

Relevant information about the Philips Senseo coffee machine brand

If you’re thinking of buying a Philips Senseo coffee machine, you’ve probably come to this page searching for comparisons and information. So we recommend you read the following articles before you continue looking:

Senseo coffee machines: Prices and models

We’ll look at them in more detail later, but these are the differences between the Philips Senseo coffee machines that have ever been in the brand’s catalogue:

  • Original: The original machine and the most basic.
  • Viva Café: A safe and economical option, with some extras over the previous model.
  • Cappuccino: With built-in milk frother.
  • Twist: With a touch control panel.
  • Quadrante: The most attractive cubic design.
  • Latte Duo: The top of the range of the firm.
  • Switch: A 2-in-1 with the possibility of making espresso or filter coffee.
Senseo Quadrante hd7865/60 Coffee Machine in Capsules 1.2L 8 Cups Black – Coffee...
Senseo Quadrante hd7865/60 Coffee Machine in Capsules 1.2L 8 Cups Black – Coffee...
Senseo Quadrante HD7865/60 coffee maker Pod coffee machine 1.2 L; 8710103791546; HD7865/60
Senseo Viva Café HD6563/60 coffee maker Freestanding Pad coffee machine Black 0.9 L 6 cups...
Senseo Viva Café HD6563/60 coffee maker Freestanding Pad coffee machine Black 0.9 L 6 cups...
Senseo Viva Café HD6563/60 coffee maker Pod coffee machine 0.9 L Fully-auto; 8710103844686

For more information, see the user manuals of Senseo Philips coffee machines.

Only the Original and Viva Café models are sold on the official Philips Senseo website. You can also find stock copies of the Quadrante, the Switch, or the Latte Duo on Amazon, but we don’t know how long this will last.

Let’s get to know them all in more detail:

Senseo Original

In its origins, this model was called Senseo Clasica. Today the name is changed to Original, but the functionalities and features are the same. It is the simplest coffee maker of the brand, very basic and without boasts or advanced functions to review. Naturally, it is also the most economical.

It has 1.2 litres of capacity in the tank (a very good figure), and we can find it with the body in several colours.

There are currently no other versions of this model available, but for years two quite interesting machines could be found on Amazon, called New Original (a redesign of the first) and Original XL (with the largest water tank, as you can imagine).

Senseo Viva Café

The natural evolution of the Original, with some quality details that slightly extend the performance of the most basic model of Senseo. In particular, we see that the dispenser has a chrome finish and can be adjusted in height (raise or lower depending on the cup’s size).

An additional feature of the Philips Senseo Viva Café model is the automatic descaling warning. At most, the design and size are the same as the original model, and in fact, it is easy to confuse them if you don’t pay attention or have a lot of experience with the brand.

Senseo Viva Café HD6563/60 coffee maker Freestanding Pad coffee machine Black 0.9 L 6 cups...
Senseo Viva Café HD6563/60 coffee maker Freestanding Pad coffee machine Black 0.9 L 6 cups...
Senseo Viva Café HD6563/60 coffee maker Pod coffee machine 0.9 L Fully-auto; 8710103844686

Senseo Quadrante

The Senseo Quadrante has the same capacity and features as the original but irresistible and inimitable cubic design. It is no longer sold in the catalogue, but you can find different models and colours on Amazon. Another option for those looking for a touch of personality is their Senseo coffee maker.

Senseo Quadrante hd7865/60 Coffee Machine in Capsules 1.2L 8 Cups Black – Coffee...
Senseo Quadrante hd7865/60 Coffee Machine in Capsules 1.2L 8 Cups Black – Coffee...
Senseo Quadrante HD7865/60 coffee maker Pod coffee machine 1.2 L; 8710103791546; HD7865/60

Senseo Switch

The previous ones are the “basic” models of Senseo, but now we talk about the two most advanced and exclusive. The first is the Switch, which includes a drip filter like the classic filter coffee machines. This turns it into a full-featured coffee maker: espresso (with coffee pods) and filter coffee, 2 in 1.

Senseo Latte Duo

This is the top-of-the-range model of the Senseo coffee machines, the Latte Duo. As we see in the photos, its main advantage is that it allows for emulsifying milk automatically. It does not have an integrated milk tank, but it can absorb fresh milk from any other container through its sleeves. The result: our lattes and cappuccinos will be authentic.

This is the natural evolution of the old Senseo Latte Cappuccino.

Senseo Select

The Select is a model that dates from 2021 and whose main new features, compared to the classics, are the possibility of choosing coffee size and intensity (apart from the usual selection between 1 and 2 cups) and the ability to memorise our favourite settings in a user profile so that we do not have to repeat them every time we use a capsule.

It has a capacity of 0.9 litres and 1450 watts of power.

Senseo Twist: Interesting but not long-lasting

This is a discontinued model that was very popular in the mid-2010s. Unfortunately, it did not remain on the market for long, and we say “unfortunately” because it was a very interesting machine. The main innovation and characteristic of the Philips Senseo Twist are that it incorporates a 100% touch control panel, and it also offers some striking colour combinations in its finishes.

The texture and finish of the Senseo Twist coffee machine materials were always metallic, never plastic. This helps to give a more robust and quality feel to our new appliance.

Senseo Twist – Main features

The main novelty that we found when buying the Senseo Twist coffee machine is undoubtedly its touch panel, located on the platform that serves as a base for the rest of the elements. Apart from controlling the machine on it, we can see the LED lights that tell us about the water level, the chosen coffee strength, whether we need to describe the coffee maker, etc.

The rest of the functions of the Senseo Twist coffee machine are very similar to those found in the rest of the brand’s single-serve machines, with slight improvements in some of them. Here we tell you all about them so that you can decide for yourself:

  • The length of the cable is 80 cm.
  • The water tank has a capacity of 1 litre (more or less for six coffees). You can put it in the dishwasher.
  • Water level indicator in the tank.
  • You can indicate the intensity of the coffee you want: mild, medium, and strong.
  • Automatic switch-off system: the coffee maker switches itself off after 15 minutes of inactivity. This is an improvement compared to other Senseo coffee machines, which need twice as long (30 minutes) to activate this practical function.
  • The Calc-clean system warns us when we should think about changing the limescale deposits in our machine.
  • It takes approximately 30 seconds to brew one cup of coffee. Two cups can be brewed at the same time.
  • The spout is made of polished stainless steel (this is common to all Senseo machines), and the height can be varied to fit different sized cups or glasses underneath.
  • The approximate dimensions of the machine are 320mm high, 250mm wide, and 310mm deep.

Philips Senseo Twist advantages

  • The touch panel is a step up from other Senseo coffee machines, and it works beautifully.
  • Senseo machines are still one of the best in terms of value for money. Despite all the improvements introduced, this latest Philips creation can be ours for less than £100.
  • Two cups of coffee can be brewed simultaneously in just under a minute.

Disadvantages of the Philips Senseo Twist

  • The cable length is 80 cm. In most cases, this should be sufficient, but bear this in mind when looking for a place for your new Senseo Twist in your kitchen – you need a socket reasonably close by!
  • The one-litre water tank isn’t bad (enough for six brews), but we can’t understand why it doesn’t reach the 1.2 litres of some of its branded siblings.
Philips HD7870 Senseo Twist Coffee Pads Machine with Touch Display Misty Dawn
Philips HD7870 Senseo Twist Coffee Pads Machine with Touch Display Misty Dawn
Philips Senseo; Philips Senseo Twist; Philips Senseo Coffee Maker; Philips Coffee Maker

Senseo Latte Cappuccino: a pioneer

This was one of the first machines on the market to offer the possibility of frothing milk on the go and making your cappuccino at home. It has long since been discontinued and replaced by the much more powerful Senseo Latte Duo.

It was the top of the brand’s range, thanks above all to its great frother for making milk foam, like an espresso machine. It was also known as the Philips Senseo HD7853 or just Senseo Latte, so you can find its name both ways.

Tank, frother and instant milk creamer

The main feature of the Senseo Latte (which serves to give it its name) is the milk frother that allows you to enjoy a great foam in your cappuccino or any other milk-based drink at the touch of a button. This, logically, also increased the price compared to other Senseo coffee machines.

The frother button is the one to the left of the on/off Switch. The milk frother works with fresh milk (i.e. the milk you use at home). It comes with a dedicated milk container with a 200ml capacity, and our Senseo Latte Cappuccino machine steams the milk and pours a creamy layer of hot frothed milk into your cup.

Senseo Latte: Its main features

As we have already explained, the Senseo Latte Cappuccino coffee machine was practically identical to the rest of the brand’s coffee machines, with the only difference being the frother and the added milk tank. This means that we will find in it all the qualities common to all other Philips Senseo coffee machines.

  • Large water tank, with a capacity of 1.2 litres (enough for about eight coffees).
  • The milk storage tank has a capacity of 200 ml.
  • Automatic energy-saving system: the machine switches itself off after 30 minutes of non-use.
  • The Calc-clean descaling system informs us if we need to change the limescale deposits in our coffee machine. Very useful if we use tap water.
  • We can prepare two cups at the same time. However, some users indicate that the intensity of the coffee decreases and that they prefer to prepare a cup with each capsule, even if it is more expensive. This is a matter of taste, but the forewarned is forearmed.
  • It has an indicator light to show the remaining water level.
  • All parts can be cleaned in the dishwasher.
  • Exterior finishes: spray paint.

Advantages of the Senseo Latte Cappuccino

  • The milk frother is a luxury, and it works with “real” milk.
  • The water tank is at the top of the range: 1.2 litres.
  • It lacks none of the basic features of any other Senseo coffee machine.

Disadvantages of the Senseo Latte Cappuccino

  • The price of this Senseo Latte is significantly higher than other Senseo coffee makers due to the inclusion of the milk frother.
  • The milk storage container is plastic and can sometimes give you the impression that it is not clean (due to the creaminess of the milk itself).

Advantages of Senseo coffee machines

Senseo coffee machines have a clear advantage over other brands, and that is that their pods are significantly cheaper than the rest, and there are also white label coffee pods that we can use as compatible. Each coffee can be made for about 15 or 18 cents, and always considering the official capsules.

From time to time, you can find good offers in supermarkets (2×1 type, or the second unit at 50%) which are unthinkable, for example, in Dolce Gusto, not to mention Nespresso.

Purists may argue that the coffee is simply acceptable quality, so espresso lovers may want to look at other brands. There are also lovers of Marcilla coffee (which Senseo uses) who do not hesitate to point to this brand as their favourite.

We must also point out in their favour that Senseo coffee machines, in general, are very easy to handle and maintain, except perhaps the case of the Latte Duo, which will force us to worry a little more about the cleanliness of its system steamer milk.

  • Long-term economy (cheap and compatible pads).
  • Simple and easy to use coffee machines.
  • Variety of preparations in its coffee pad range. They do not only offer coffee.
  • The quality of the Marcilla brand in the consumables.
  • The coffee pods are easily available in any shop.

Disadvantages of Senseo coffee machines

Senseo coffee machines, in general, can be a little bigger and less practical than other brands. In addition, their coffee catalogue is not very big compared to the other brands. Mixed preparations (i.e. anything other than black coffee) such as cut-ups, cappuccinos and so on may lack the taste and intensity of the products offered by their competitors.

In short, we can say that Senseo coffee machines are a great option if we seek to enjoy a good pod coffee machine that is easy to use (especially if we like coffee alone). We are also interested in taking care of our pockets.

  • There is a shortage of truly premium or high-end models.
  • The variety and quality of black coffee drinks (especially espressos) are more powerful in other systems.

But then, which is the best Senseo coffee machine?

This year’s best Senseo coffee maker, in absolute terms, is the Latte Duo. That is the one that offers more features. What makes the difference in your case is the automatic fresh milk emulsion. The price goes up a lot compared to the basic models, but you have to add the 100% touch panel or the always interesting chrome finishes.

A magnificent capsule coffee maker from Senseo is not sold in shops in all countries, but fortunately, we can enjoy buying it on Amazon.

More products: Senseo Philips milk frother

The Philips Senseo coffee maker system lets you make cappuccinos and lattes in your pod coffee machine. Still, if you want to get away from the milk frother and go one step further in the quest for quality, it’s up to you to froth the milk at home to your heart’s content. There are many milk frothers on the market, but Senseo has its own that will combine great with your machine.

Its generic name is Senseo CA6500 milk frother, and best of all, it is available in several colours. It is an electric milk frother of medium size (120ml of milk to emulsify, 240ml of real capacity). It is a good option, logically more expensive than other similar products on the market because it carries the guarantee of the Philips-Senseo group. In any case, a great companion for your machine.

Philips CA 6500/60 Senseo Milk Twister
Philips CA 6500/60 Senseo Milk Twister
Senseo Milk frother CA6500/60; 8710103610014; CA6500/60; Milk Frothers

Spare parts for Senseo coffee machines: Most common accessories

Senseo’s accessories won’t force you to eat much of your head, as they are usually quite simple coffee makers with no excessive options. However, it never hurts to be warned about unexpected breakages or loss of parts, right?

When buying spare parts for your Senseo coffee machine, the most common will be the water tanks and supports or coffee pad holder Senseo spare.

Senseo water tanks are easily distinguished since each machine has a different shape. It is difficult to be confused. But watch out when buying a replacement Senseo capsule holder: in appearance, they are all the same, but in reality, each model has its own. You must pay attention when choosing it on Amazon to match the exact terminology of your machine. For example, it’s not the same spare part for the Viva Café HD7825 as for the HD7825.

Senseo Original 3425944450 Water Tank for HD 7810/7812 7811 / Soft Grey
Senseo Original 3425944450 Water Tank for HD 7810/7812 7811 / Soft Grey
Original; Fits Models: HD7810, HD7811, HD7812; Senseo
Philips Holder Original Replacement Part Cup CRP100 for Senseo Viva Café: HD7828
Philips Holder Original Replacement Part Cup CRP100 for Senseo Viva Café: HD7828
Philips CRP100 pad holder for one cup for Senseo Viva Cafe: HD7828; This pod holder take on the your Senseo coffee machine

There are also the classic descalers, although these are not so much a spare part or accessory Senseo itself, but a cleaning product that you can find in various brands.

What coffee pods do Senseo coffee machines use? Do you have compatible pods?

One of the most repeated doubts among users who will buy a Senseo pod coffee maker for the first time is their pods’ format and compatibility. As this is to clarify and clear doubts, we will try to be as concise as possible:

  • Senseo coffee machines use soft pods, also called pads.
  • They are not compatible or have anything to do with hard coffee pod systems such as Nespresso, Dolce Gusto or Tassimo.
  • In addition to the official pad systems, many brands market Senseo compatible pads. This is because the format of the soft pod bags, or pads, is not exclusive or a patent of Senseo. It is an open system that anyone can use.

The appearance of the single-dose bags used by Senseo is this:

ESE coffee pods

Does the Senseo system have compatible coffee pads? Yes. Although the “official” speciality range is sufficiently wide and cheaper than other capsule formats.

And to show, a button (although the real variety is much larger, you can consult it in more detail in our section dedicated to the Senseo capsules).

How does a Senseo coffee machine work? Step by step

Time required: 2 minutes.

One of the advantages of Senseo pad coffee machines is that they are very basic. Their operation, therefore, does not differ much from that of other coffee pod machines. To find out how to use a Senseo Philips coffee maker, follow the steps below to the letter:

  1. Turn on the coffee machine
    The water must be heated to make a coffee. It will take about 30-40 seconds.
  2. Fill the water tank
    Or at least make sure it’s full.
  3. Insert your coffee pad into the capsule holder of the coffee machine
  4. Press the start button. On some machines, you will have to press one button or another to choose the size of the cup.
  5. Don’t forget to take out the pod and discard or recycle it when you’re done.

It is not a good idea to leave the coffee pad inside until the next time you use your machine.

Where can I buy a coffee machine with the Senseo system at the best price?

One of the advantages of coffee machines with the Senseo pad system is that they have an extensive distribution network in the Philips group. However, you will only find the Original and Viva Café models on the official channels.

To buy a Quadrante (which is older), a Switch or a Latte Duo, you will have to go to Amazon.

Apart from online, it is very common to find Senseo coffee machines in large stores. If you’re not sure how to order the coffee capsules online, you can always find them on the shelves of your local supermarket.

Senseo is not like other minority brands, whose distribution is restricted to a few speciality shops across the country. The only alternative that remains for users is to purchase their consumables online.

Comparisons of Senseo coffee machines against other pod coffee machines

Any user who has decided on one of the capsule systems (Nespresso, Tassimo, Dolce Gusto) has gone through comparing them all, regardless of who finally decided. And as we know that you will not be any less, here are some interesting comparisons that you can read if you are still considering which capsule system to choose:

In general, the Senseo single-dose system will always be cheaper (because of the compatibility of its pads) in the long run. Still, its coffee machines will be simpler and more basic than those of the competition. It depends on the model that we choose, but it will generally be like that.

We will slowly see the differences between the Senseo coffee machines concerning the other systems of most coffee pods in our market.

Senseo or Tassimo? Summary of differences

The coffee pods and drinks available in both systems are very similar.

However, Tassimo coffee machines are cheaper and generally more basic, while Senseo pads will always be cheaper because you have a wide range of compatibles.

Comparison Senseo vs Nespresso: Which to choose

There are quite a few differences between Nespresso’s and Senseo’s systems.

The main difference is that the coffee pods in the Nespresso system are made solely from espresso black coffee. There are no capsules for making direct lattes, cappuccinos, chocolates, or any other speciality, as with Senseo’s much more versatile system. If you go to the compatible Nespresso pods, then you can find a greater variety; that’s true.

In addition, Senseo pads are, on average, much cheaper than Nespresso pods.

There is not much difference between the coffee machines unless you go to the full range of Nespresso machines (which have no equivalent in the limited Philips Senseo coffee machine catalogue).

Senseo vs Dolce Gusto

These are two systems that are much more equivalent, both in terms of the range and variety of their coffee capsules and in terms of the performance of the coffee machines.

How many bars of pressure does a Senseo coffee machine have? 15

Although we have already analysed that we should not be obsessed with the pressure bars of coffee machines, the truth is that this is still a parameter that buyers take very much into account when deciding on one brand or another, one model or another of the coffee machine.

Senseo single-dose coffee machines always have 15 bar pressure pumps. They do not need more because although they are still espresso machines, the soft pods (or pads) that use these machines are not designed to withstand excessive pressure as in other hard capsule systems (Nespresso, or even the Philips L’Or Barista) or the arm coffee machines, where in some cases we see machines of 19 or 20 bars.

Senseo coffee machine offers: the best possible price

The Senseo coffee machines on offer can be found in various establishments, thanks mainly to stock rotation. When some models become obsolete or are discontinued, those that have not yet been sold are greatly reduced to give them out and thus focus future sales on new models—the known outlets of Senseo coffee machines or centres of opportunity and occasion.

However, due to the large number of sellers who meet there, the largest number of Senseo Philips coffee machines is found on Amazon. Without a doubt, the largest outlet for Senseo Philips coffee machines worldwide.

The best way to buy a cheap Senseo coffee machine is not in a hurry and to evaluate all options before deciding. There are no tricks or magic formulas, but monitor prices and know-how to wait for the best time.

Another thing that many people do is wait to see the offers of Senseo coffee machines on Black Friday, but from our experience year after year, we can tell you that this brand is not one of the largest discounts applied or more models on sale offers.

Here is a summary of the best offers of Senseo coffee machines at the best price on Amazon. We have restricted the search only to models of Senseo coffee machines under 100 pounds (not exactly a cheap brand, so there are usually not too many copies).

Of course, it will almost always be the Original and Viva Café models that appear in this ranking.

Second hand Philips Senseo coffee machines

Finally, another good way to buy a bargain Senseo coffee machine is Amazon’s extensive refurbished marketplace. You know that these are not used Senseo coffee makers but products that have been returned from other purchases – often not even opened or unsealed – or whose packaging has been damaged in transit and can no longer be sold as new even though no one has touched them.

Here you have all the options available to buy a second-hand Philips Senseo coffee machine. Remember that the stock varies depending on availability in these cases, so if you see a good offer… don’t hesitate!