Russell Hobbs Coffee Makers

Russell Hobbs is a British company with a long history of manufacturing and distributing small household appliances. In the sector we are dealing with – domestic coffee makers – Russell Hobbs focuses mainly on the manufacture of drip coffee makers. However, it also has representatives in other segments such as espresso machines or even grinders.

To correctly differentiate and locate each Russell Hobbs coffee maker, it is crucial to know how they distribute their products. The English company labels a particular line of products with a single trade name (for example, Chester, Cottage or Elegance). Under that name groups all the appliances in that line: kettles, teapots, kitchen robots, blenders and, of course, coffee makers.

Thus, we are going to talk on our website about the Russell Hobbs Cottage coffee maker, but the company also markets the Cottage toaster, the Cottage iron, or the Cottage steam mop, to give an example. Typically, all products in the same Russell Hobbs business line have some common feature in their design or colours.

The best Russell Hobbs coffee machines: prices and reviews

When it comes to buying a Russell Hobbs coffee maker, you are going to come across dozens of different models and references, as each model is also marketed in a variety of colours. The variety is immense, and that’s why it’s necessary to put a bit of order in order. Which is the best Russell Hobbs coffee machine? Which model is best for me, taking into account my budget and my needs? Well, this is the type of question we are going to try to answer in this section.

In particular, we are going to comment on the differences between the Russell Hobbs filter coffee machine models that we have analysed to date in our reviews section of the portal and some that have not yet passed through our analysis.

Russell Hobbs Luna Filter Coffee Maker 1.8 Litre Programmable Coffee Machine with Timer and Auto...
Russell Hobbs Luna Filter Coffee Maker 1.8 Litre Programmable Coffee Machine with Timer and Auto...
Polished stainless steel filter coffee maker with stunning copper accents; 14 Cup glass carafe capacity
Russell Hobbs Chester Grind and Brew Coffee Machine 22000 - Black
Russell Hobbs Chester Grind and Brew Coffee Machine 22000 - Black
Quiet brew technology; Large 12 cup capacity; Glass Carafe; Permanent filter with removable filter holder - no need for paper filters

Practically all of these Russell Hobbs coffee machines can be included in the mid-range of their segment (except for the spectacular Grind & Brew, a spectacular premium drip coffee machine with an integrated grinder). They are very reasonably priced – hence their popularity -, the materials are usually plastic, and the machines are designed to withstand practical, intensive daily use.

With the exception of the Desire, which is a manual espresso machine, the rest of the ones we are going to review on this page are all filter or drip coffee machines. Here we go!

Russell Hobbs Retro

This machine belongs to the Russell Hobbs retro line, and we don’t need to tell you why it’s called that, do we? The image speaks for itself. As a curiosity, this is one of the few retro drip coffee machines on the market. Most vintage coffee machines are espresso machines.

The Russell Hobbs Retro filter coffee maker has a 1.25-litre capacity, chrome finish and incorporates an advanced water spray technique to achieve the best possible aroma in your filter coffee. Highlights include a display of the keep warm time and coffee brewing progress.

Russell Hobbs Textures Plus

This belongs to the sector of programmable filter coffee machines. Therefore, it has a timer that allows us to program the coffee machine up to 24 hours in advance.

Apart from this function (the main one it has), this is a very basic 1.25-litre capacity machine with a black plastic body and chrome finish. This Russell Hobbs Textures Plus also features Russell Hobbs’ famed advanced water spray system, which wastes less water and also makes the filter coffee more intense than normal.

Of all the Russell Hobbs timer coffee machines, this Textures Plus is the most economical model.

Russell Hobbs Victory

Another programmable drip coffee maker, but somewhat more advanced than the previous one. It has an LCD screen, and the front is available in 4 different colour finishes. The capacity of the tank and glass carafe is the same as the Textures Plus: 1.25 litres.

Russell Hobbs Luna

The Russell Hobbs Luna drip-coffee machine is one of the British firm’s most recent references, at least at the time of writing. It is a machine that replaces the successful Jewels on the market.

Its appearance is very similar, retaining the characteristic fiery red front (also available in other colours) and the chrome finishes that give it so much personality. The only change is the arrangement of the buttons on the control panel, but the functions of this Russell Hobbs Luna are the same as the Jewels: very large capacity (1.5 litres), LCD screen and timer of up to 24 hours.

Russell Hobbs Adventure

A coffee maker for adventurers? Well, judging by its name, it could be. And if we look at its features, so could it: it is a very robust coffee maker, finished in stainless steel, and with a thermal carafe made of the same material. Its size is standard (10-12 cups of coffee), and it has 1100 watts of power.

Russell Hobbs Colours Plus

Another machine with a timer that falls within the mid-range of its sector, with finishes and aesthetics that are slightly more refined than those of the Texture Plus. True to its name, the Colours Plus coffee machine is available in various finishes, all of them bright and shiny.

In terms of features, we find a 1.25-litre tank, LCD screen, special WhirlTech technology for spraying the water (better aroma than in a conventional machine), and of course the indispensable heated tray to keep the coffee hot for a few precious minutes, but beware: this one comes with a measuring spoon as a gift!

Russell Hobbs Oxford

The Russell Hobbs Oxford coffee machine belongs to another product line that was very successful in the past, with many references in the catalogue but has now been replaced by more advanced models. This was a thermal filter coffee maker with a capacity of 1.1 litres. The Adventure, which we have reviewed above, is more recent than this one. If you’re looking for a stainless steel filter coffee machine, go for the Adventure.

Russell Hobbs 20140-56 Oxford
Russell Hobbs 20140-56 Oxford
The 24-hour timer allows you to program your machine to get your coffee ready at any time; Make up to 8 cups at once thanks to the 1.1 litre glass jug

Russell Hobbs Buckingham

The Buckingham coffee maker is one of the models that has two versions: the normal one (which is the one you can see in the image below) and the Grind&Brew, with a built-in grinder.

We will talk about the first one, which has a capacity of 1.25 litres, a programmable timer and a special function that not many models on the market have: we can prepare a small amount of coffee (between 2 and 4 cups) even if the tank is full, indicating it beforehand. Ideal for not having to make an excessive amount of coffee with a full tank in the morning, only to drink the rest reheated.

Russell Hobbs Buckingham 20680-56 Digital Coffee Machine up to 10 Cups, 1.25 L Glass Jug,...
Russell Hobbs Buckingham 20680-56 Digital Coffee Machine up to 10 Cups, 1.25 L Glass Jug,...
Shower head technology - better coffee extraction for an excellent aroma; Digital control unit with programmable timer (24 hours)

Russell Hobbs Inspire

The most distinctive and eye-catching feature of this Russell Hobbs Inspire model is the embossed (rather than plain) finish on the top box where the filter is housed. Other than that, the features of the Russell Hobbs Inspire are pretty standard: 24-hour timer, graduated glass carafe, LCD display and 1.25-litre reservoir.

Russell Hobbs Geo Steel

The name itself suggests it: a high-end stainless steel filter coffee maker with a raised design and a larger capacity than usual. Up to 1.5 litres can fit in its water tank, which will give us enough to prepare 12 normal-sized cups of coffee or up to 18 small ones.

It has 1000 watts of power and also has a special lighting system while the coffee is being made. A machine that we recommend above all to true lovers of filter coffee, who appreciate the benefits of this brewing method and are demanding with their domestic drip coffee maker.

Russell Hobbs Illumina

Russel Hobbs Illumina, Another machine now discontinued, it was characterised by a striking ring of light around the entire front casing, which lit up in different colours (hence the name of this model) depending on the function or status of the machine at any given moment. A rarity in the industry, to say the least.

It incorporates a thermal carafe and a capacity of 1.1 litres, the usual for this type of machine.

Russell Hobbs ILLUMINA THERMAL - coffee makers (freestanding, Drip coffee maker, Ground coffee,...
Russell Hobbs ILLUMINA THERMAL - coffee makers (freestanding, Drip coffee maker, Ground coffee,...
4-colour Illumina light ring which reflects optisch aroma stage of coffee wider; Spray Head Technology – better Coffee Extraction for excellent aroma

Russell Hobbs Thermal Clarity

Thermal Clarity is undoubtedly a suggestive name for a coffee maker, although unfortunately, this is a discontinued model and difficult to find. It is a top of the range coffee maker, with a thermal carafe, 1-litre capacity, and water filtering system included (through the prestigious Brita water filters).

Russell Hobbs Jewels

The Jewels is a very successful model that in 2019 was replaced on the market by the Luna coffee maker (you can find its review a little further up in this article). It is now discontinued.

The Jewels is the firm’s largest drip coffee maker, with up to 1.8 litres of capacity. It also has a 24-hour timer, a heating plate to keep the coffee hot, and of course, a graduated glass carafe.

Russell Hobbs Jewels Coffee Maker 18626-56 - Red
Russell Hobbs Jewels Coffee Maker 18626-56 - Red
Jewel effect base; Digital timer with blue LCD display; 24hr clock programmable; Glass carafe

Russell Hobbs Desire

Fifteen bars of pressure and 1000 watts of power for a manual espresso machine that shows us that preparing a good espresso at home is not a luxury or an unaffordable whim. Its size is small (0.8-litre water tank), but it does not lack a stainless steel filter, a heating plate or a steamer tube that will allow you to enjoy a professional cappuccino without leaving your kitchen.

Russell Hobbs Elegance

The Elegance model, which stands out from the sober and traditional lines of the other Russell Hobbs coffee makers, is a real eye-catcher. In this case, the British firm has opted for a light, metallic and transparent design, where glass, stainless steel, and wood finishes are the protagonists.

Its features are generous (1.4 litres of water and 1100 watts of power), and it’s also programmable and has a digital screen. But the real strength of this Elegance coffee maker lies in its external appearance. There is no doubt about it.

The Elegance is specially designed for those who want their coffee maker to be more than just another object in the kitchen.

Russell Hobbs Cottage

The Russell Hobbs Cottage is an espresso machine that boasts one of the best value for money on the market. It offers no less than 1.5 litres of capacity, an LCD screen, an integrated timer, an aroma function (pre-infusion), and a heating plate to maintain the temperature of our coffee once prepared.

Its price? You can check it here, but it’s usually under 40 pounds. Yes, yes, you read correctly, for less than 50 pounds, you can take home a programmable coffee maker with all the features of the medium range, at a price in line with the specified range—no wonder the popularity and continuing success of this brave fire-red coffee maker in the charts.

Russell Hobbs 18504-56 Cottage
Russell Hobbs 18504-56 Cottage
Easy to use timer function; Variabel available Coffee thickness; Safety switch-off after 2 hours

Russell Hobbs Chester

The Chester follows the line marked by its predecessor Cottage, but its price is notably higher. The reason? It doesn’t have the typical glass carafe but offers the improvement of a thermal carafe – which, as you might expect, serves to keep the coffee hotter for longer.

This Russell Hobbs Chester is the top step that takes the cottage concept to another level.

And if you want even more, you can opt for the Chester Grind version, an all-around Chester with a built-in grinder to enjoy the unique aroma of freshly brewed coffee.

Russell Hobbs Chester 20150-56 Coffee Maker
Russell Hobbs Chester 20150-56 Coffee Maker
Retro design & elegant finish all in shiny steel; Large 1.25L capacity - 15 small cups; Includes a practical spoon - can be stored on the machine

Russell Hobbs Legacy

The Legacy model is the Russell Hobbs 20681 reference, and it also surpasses the Cottage in several features, but above all in materials and bodywork. We can qualify it as an equivalent model to the Chester we have mentioned before.

The Russell Hobbs Legacy is a 1.25 litre, timer-programmable drip coffee maker with a stainless steel front. It is available in various colours to add a touch of personality and distinction to your kitchen. It incorporates an innovative water spray system that is responsible for soaking and wetting the entire surface of the ground coffee in the filter, homogeneously and uniformly. The result is a coffee with a better aroma and a more precise extraction.

Russell Hobbs Grind & Brew

We end with the Grind & Brew, a spectacular machine that, unlike the other Russell Hobbs machines we have presented on this page, is at the top of its segment. And why is Grind & Brew one of the top filter coffee machines on the market? Because it has everything: programmable timer, integrated grinder for brewing freshly ground coffee, thermal carafe and stainless steel housing.

Grind & Brew: the choice of the most demanding.

Spare parts for Russell Hobbs coffee machines

We have already mentioned that this British company specialises mainly in filter coffee machines. As such, the most common Russell Hobbs coffee machine spare parts are usually the glass jugs, which are always prone to falling over and breaking or cracking. Luckily, they are fairly inexpensive.

If you need to buy Russell Hobbs spare parts for your coffee maker, here is a list of the most common ones on Amazon:

TECNHOGAR - Cafetiere Jug. Tecnhogar Universal Conical Shaped Jug.
TECNHOGAR - Cafetiere Jug. Tecnhogar Universal Conical Shaped Jug.
Universal coffee carafe; Made from borosilacate glass; Suitable for use in microwave, refrigerator, dishwasher

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