Rommelsbacher is a renowned German household appliance manufacturer. It does not work exclusively in the coffee maker sector (especially express makers) but has a well-earned reputation in the coffee market. This reputation is mainly based on the fact that Rommelsbacher only sells top-of-the-range products and its coffee makers and grinders are geared towards a demanding consumer profile.

Rommelsbacher EKO376/G Espresso Maker
Rommelsbacher EKO376/G Espresso Maker
Electrical Connection in Cordless Technology with Integrated Cord Take-up; Compact 360* Power Base with Safety Valve
Rommelsbacher Coffee Mill with Disc Grinder
Rommelsbacher Coffee Mill with Disc Grinder
Provides gentle grinding without the aroma loss; Transparent bean container with a flavour cover and a capacity of 250g

Rommelsbacher coffee machines

The main difference between Rommelsbacher coffee machines is that the EKS 2000 is a superior version of the EKS 1500. The EKS 3000 is a completely different coffee machine, offering two separate types of operation: espresso and drip coffee machines. Finally, the EKO 364 is an Italian coffee machine that has nothing to do with the other three.

All the models have in common the very high quality of their materials and their manufacture, always with the presence of stainless steel and with unmistakable robustness and hardness, the hallmark of this firm.

Rommelsbacher EKS 1500

The Rommelsbacher EKS 1500 is a high-end stainless steel espresso machine with a 1.5-litre capacity tank, transparent water level, water filter compatibility and 1275 watts of power. The design is the same as that of the EKS 2000, and its differences lie in some functional aspects, which we will now look at:

Rommelsbacher EKS 2000

As we have said, this is a higher range espresso machine than the previous one. The main differences between the EKS 2000 and the EKS 1500 are:

  • It has a pre-infusion function (pre-infusing the coffee beans means better extraction of aromas and a more intense flavour).
  • It can be automatically programmed to brew 1 or 2 cups (on the EKS 1500 this must be done by hand).
  • Electronic operation mode.

Apart from the fact that the EKS 2000 is logically a little more expensive. Whether or not to make up the difference is already up to you. On the outside, they are two practically identical coffee machines, and the EKS 2000 and EKS 1500 also have the same basic functions (materials, steamer, removable tray, 1.5-litre tank).

Rommelsbacher EKS 3000

And if we continue to move forward in the Rommelsbacher range, we come across the number 1: the EKS 3000. It is a superior machine to the previous two, but not so much in functionality (like an espresso machine, it works just as well as its range sisters) as in performance: The Rommelsbacher EKS 3000 also includes a drip coffee service within the same piece. It is a real 2×1 that is unmatched in the world market for espresso machines.

You can read his review here: analysis of the Rommelsbacher EKS 3000.

Rommelsbacher EKO 366

Finally, the EKO 366 coffee machine is Rommelsbacher’s representative in the Italian coffee machine segment. It is made of stainless steel (as it could not be otherwise, being Rommelsbacher), it has a capacity to prepare 3 or 6 cups of coffee, and it works with a practical electric base that prevents us from putting the coffee machine in the kitchen fire every time we want an espresso.

Rommelsbacher Grinders

A good espresso machine loses a lot if we do not use properly ground coffee with it. To meet the grinding requirements of your Rommelsbacher coffee machine, there is nothing better than having your own brand of coffee grinders, of which we would like to highlight two: the EKM 200 and the EKM 300.

Both of them follow the same identification line of the German firm that we find in the coffee machines. That is good materials, durability and above-average quality. Let’s see how they differ:

Rommelsbacher EKM 150

This EKM 150 grinder is individual, small in size, and has no grinding wheels but blades. It is not the most suitable for grinding coffee, and that is why we will not stop too long in its analysis. For making espressos, the ideal choice is one of the two Rommelsbacher grinders below:

Rommelsbacher EKM 200

The Rommelsbacher EKM 200 has flat grinding wheels and 9 degrees on its grinding scale. Its hopper can store up to 250 grams of coffee; it has a dispenser, a cable compartment and 110 watts of power.

Rommelsbacher Coffee Mill with Disc Grinder
Rommelsbacher Coffee Mill with Disc Grinder
Provides gentle grinding without the aroma loss; Transparent bean container with a flavour cover and a capacity of 250g

Rommelsbacher EKM 300

On the other hand, the EKM 300 differs from the previous one in two basic aspects: it has conical (not flat) grinding wheels and 12 levels of grinding. The rest of the features and functions are similar to those of the EKM 200.

Rommelsbacher Coffee Mill with Conical Burr Grinder
Rommelsbacher Coffee Mill with Conical Burr Grinder
Provides professionalism for demanding coffee and espresso lovers; A removable transparent bean tank with a flavour cover and a capacity of 220g

After this review, we are confident that we have cleared up all your doubts about Rommelsbacher coffee machines and the rest of the products of this German company. As you can see, they all have a very marked style and knowing the differences between them will surely help you to decide better your purchase.

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