By now, it is no longer surprising to find a German brand on these pages, and yes, once again, Renberg – like so many others – comes from this beautiful Central European country.

Even though Renberg is a manufacturer of kitchen utensils (pans, utensils, tools, small appliances), its range of coffee machines is almost entirely focused on a segment that is not the majority: The French press.

If this is the first time you have heard of them, we advise you to look at our Piston Coffee Machine Guide before continuing to read.

The German manufacturer Renberg is mainly known for using top quality materials in all its utensils and accessories. In the case of coffee machines, which interests us, this emphasis is primarily demonstrated by the appearance of stainless steel in their most advanced models.

Buying a Renberg coffee machine: Prices and models

What we like best about Renberg coffee machines is because, despite their variety of models and capacities (we will detail them all later), prices remain very tight in all of them.

Here is the complete and updated price list for all versions and almost all sizes.

Renberg Smog - Cafetières stainless steel inox 600 ml
Renberg Smog - Cafetières stainless steel inox 600 ml
Thickness: 0.4 mm; Stainless steel handle and filter; Heat resistant upto 120 degree Celsius
Renberg Chess Coffee Maker, Silver/Black, 3 Cups
Renberg Chess Coffee Maker, Silver/Black, 3 Cups
Thickness: top-2.5mm, bottom-3.5mm; PP handle and knob with black rubber coating; Extra silicone ring
Renberg Presto Black Collection 800ml Glass and Polypropylene Coffee Maker
Renberg Presto Black Collection 800ml Glass and Polypropylene Coffee Maker
RENBERG coffee maker with capacity of 800 milliliters.; Made of stainless steel.; - Black; - Body made of borosilicate glass.

Italian coffee machine Renberg Chess

As the guys from Renberg are very specialised in French presses, we will start our review with the “different” model: The Italian Renberg Chess coffee machine.

It is a rather simple and cheap aluminium mocha with a classic design. The octagonal shape, the edges, the pouring spout, the heat-resistant plastic grips, the only discordant note is the decision to use two colours in its construction: the original aluminium one for the upper body and the black lacquered one for the boiler.

This Renberg Chess coffee maker corresponds to the model Q1334 within the Czech company and is sold in three sizes: Italian coffee maker for 3 cups, 6 cups and 9 cups. As a reference, the largest weighs 500 grams and has the following dimensions: 24 x 16 x 12 cm.

In summary: this model does not have much to stand out, but if you are looking to buy a cheap Italian coffee maker, it is worth taking a look.

Renberg Chess Coffee Maker, Silver/Black, 6 Cups
Renberg Chess Coffee Maker, Silver/Black, 6 Cups
Thickness: top-2.5mm, bottom-3.5mm; PP handle and knob with black rubber coating; Extra silicone ring

Renberg piston coffee machines: Smog model

The Renberg Smog is perhaps the most recognisable model of this company. It is the standard of their extensive collection of piston coffee machines, and it is a piece of high quality. It does not use plastic in constructing its housing but opts for a modern stainless steel body decorated with patterns that imitate the shape of a steaming coffee cup.

Not many piston coffee machines on the market take care of aesthetics, but this is certainly a good example.

The French Renberg Smog press is manufactured in three sizes: 0.35 litres, 0.6 litres and 0.8 litres. All of them have a comfortable pouring spout, a quite original handle (although perhaps too fine for our taste), and borosilicate glass, which, as always happens in this type of coffee maker, happens to be the weakest element in the whole piece.

The glasses of piston coffee machines are always exposed to falls, but at least this one is well protected against rubbing and knocks, thanks to the steel casing that covers it almost completely.

To put it bluntly: the glass cannot be separated from the body. Be careful with this, especially if you plan to wash it in the dishwasher or heat it in the microwave.

The dimensions of this Renberg Smog, in its larger version, are 24 x 15 x 13 cm. Conclusion: a very correct and cheap option if what you are looking for is a stainless steel piston coffee maker. It will also be useful for other types of infusions.

Renberg Smog - Cafetières stainless steel inox 800 ml
Renberg Smog - Cafetières stainless steel inox 800 ml
Thickness: 0.4 mm; Stainless steel handle and filter; Heat resistant upto 120 degree Celsius

Renberg Coloria

Within its range of piston coffee machines, Renberg offers two models that are very similar in terms of design and also in terms of commercial approach. They are colourful French presses, with plastic casings, very cheap and aimed at a young public looking to decorate their kitchen with items with a casual air. Their names: Coloria and Presto Colours.

Let’s move on to the first of these: The Coloria piston coffee machine (Renberg model Q1315), which has a simpler design than its twin sister. The housing is made of plastic and almost completely reveals the glass. It is sold in two colours: Green Coloria and Red Coloria.

Regardless of the colour you choose for your Coloria coffee machine, we can supply it in the following sizes: 0.35, 0.6 or 0.8 litres. In the medium size of 600 millilitres, its dimensions are 18 x 14 x 10 cm. It does not weigh more than 300 grams (normal, as it is made of plastic).

If you don’t mind that it’s plastic and you want to spend little money on your French press (or if you prefer to have a set of several cheap coffee makers but of different sizes), then this is a good option for you.

Renberg Presto Colours

Renberg’s other coloured piston coffee machine is the Presto Colours model, which has the same characteristics as the previous Coloria, but with three essential aesthetic differences:

  • On the one hand, the plastic body is somewhat more elaborate, and leaves less glass surface exposed (this is a plus, because this way the glass gains in protection).
  • On the other hand, the range of colours of this Renberg Presto Colours is wider than the previous one. To the green and red we add a quite bright orange and a purple that we particularly like. But beware: you cannot choose the colour yourself. These coffee machines are assorted and supplied according to the stock they have.
  • The diameter of the handle is also much larger and the coffee maker is much more comfortable to handle.

In this Renberg Presto Colours, the glass is made of glass, the plunger or filter is made of stainless steel, and the housing is made of plastic (polypropylene). It comes with a black plastic measuring spoon, and well, if you don’t mind the odd detail of having it sent to you in the colour that suits them, the truth is that it’s a pretty correct and colourful plunger coffee maker for the price it has.

Coffee Maker Glass 350 ml, Orange (Tea Maker with Hand Press Tea Maker Coffee Maker with Scoop,...
Coffee Maker Glass 350 ml, Orange (Tea Maker with Hand Press Tea Maker Coffee Maker with Scoop,...
Coffee Fresh brewing; Coffee Filter; Coffee maker 350 ml; Detailed Product Description, please see below...

Renberg piston coffee machine 1 litre

Lovers of large quantities, or those who need to prepare a lot of coffee – for meetings, visits or similar circumstances – will have noticed that no other Renberg plunger coffee machine exceeds 0.8 litres (which for a normal user is already quite large).

Well, if your volume needs are above average, we’re happy to inform you that the Czech company offers the Renberg Q1805, a 1-litre piston coffee maker that also comes with a special spoon for brewing.

Curiously enough, it is not a particularly large coffee maker: its dimensions are 17 cm in diameter and 15.6 cm in height. The enormous capacity it has is because the diameter of the cup has been considerably enlarged so that the coffee maker has a flattened appearance that is very different from that of its branded colleagues.

This 1-litre Renberg coffee maker is stainless steel for the housing and legs and silicone for the handle. There aren’t many options on the market for plunger coffee machines of this size, so if you have the opportunity, don’t hesitate. The capacity is very practical, and the materials are first class.

Renberg – Stainless steel piston coffee machine

And we concluded our review with another Renberg stainless steel coffee maker, very similar to the Smog model with which we opened our review, but with a different design, in the shape of a grid. We could also consider it, like that one, a premium piston coffee maker, or top of the range.

Not only does it have a full stainless steel housing, but it also covers the glass almost entirely, leaving it well protected against the incidents that usually occur in the kitchen.

As a curiosity, it comes with two matching coffee or teacups—a good opportunity to make an original and quality gift.

Is it worth buying a Renberg coffee machine?

It is clear that neither Renberg nor piston coffee machines are the most popular type of coffee machines, but if you are a regular user of a French press, then you are sure to find in Renberg some of the options that fit your needs.

Whether you are looking for cheap plastic, stainless steel, coloured, classic, modern, small size or large capacity piston coffee machine, this Czech manufacturer has all the options available in their catalogue. And none of them is too expensive.

Our opinion? If you are a regular consumer of coffee made using this method, you may want to look at the range of Renberg coffee machines. Quality and variety.