When we talk about a Moulinex coffee maker, we inevitably think of a legendary company. Moulinex has been manufacturing small domestic appliances since the middle of the 20th century and is present in thousands of homes.

The history of Moulinex goes back to the beginnings of its founder, Jean Mantelet, who founded the company in 1956 and remained with it until 1980. For Mantelet, Moulinex was like his “only daughter“, and was largely responsible for both its success and its decline in the mid-1980s.

Once a giant, Moulinex began to encounter various problems to which it was unable to react quickly: an increasingly saturated market, growing competition and a growing demand for technology that Moulinex was unable to meet.

As a result, Moulinex began to see its brand associated with “basic profile” products (to a certain extent, this image still exists today) and began to lose market share. The company had financial problems throughout the 1990s, and finally filed for bankruptcy in 2001.

Buy a Moulinex Coffee Machine – Prices and Models

Today, Moulinex survives as a subsidiary acquired by the SEB Group, and continues to maintain products that are very popular on the market because of their low price, simple handling and functionality. The products are usually distributed in department stores, warehouses and hypermarkets: sales centres that are far from being over-specialised and are usually aimed at a public that does not have high expectations of the technical qualities and performance of their domestic appliances.

Focusing on coffee machines, Moulinex works in the field of filter coffee machines. There are three main models on the market, although only two are actually accepted. The third, the Accessimo coffee machine, belongs to a product line that is well established in Italy.

Moulinex Drip Coffee Machines

As we say, Moulinex is a brand that specialises in entry-level drip coffee machines, the economical ones. It has several models on the market, and so they are related to each other:


Moulinex Accessimo, Moulinex Principio and Moulinex Subito share several characteristic features. They are basic range, functional, simple and economical drip coffee machines. Their external casing is made of predominantly black plastic, the water level can be seen from the outside without having to access the tank, and all three allow access to the filter by lifting the top cover. They use replaceable – paper – filters of size 1×4, and include a glass jug that can be put in both the dishwasher and the microwave.

They also incorporate as standard the usual anti-drip system, which prevents the coffee maker from continuing to operate and serve coffee if the decanter is removed from its original position.

There is really little reason to choose one or the other coffee maker objectively.


The differences between the three Moulinex drip coffee machine models are not many, but we will try to compile them all equally to help the reader make comparisons.

Firstly, we will say that both the Principio and the Subito are sold in two sizes (for 6 and for 12 cups), while the larger Accessimo model stays in the 6 cup capacity. The Subito also has beautiful stainless steel finishes that give it a slightly more robust appearance than either of the other two.

The differences in nomenclature are also clear: The Principio corresponds to the Moulinex FG20 series, the Subito belongs to the FG30 series, and finally the Accessimo is numbered FG5118. Keep this in mind because they are so similar that it may be difficult to differentiate them at first sight, and it may be that in shops you will not find them referred to by their name, but by their reference number.

MOULINEX - Principio -15 tasses-1000 W- Anti-gouttes - Porte-filtre pivotant - Arrêt auto 30 min -...
MOULINEX - Principio -15 tasses-1000 W- Anti-gouttes - Porte-filtre pivotant - Arrêt auto 30 min -...
Design = coffee dispenser; Power = 1,000 W; Tasse number = 15; Capacity: 1250 ml; Design of the flask mm = glass teapot
Moulinex Subito FG3608, Filtermaschine
Moulinex Subito FG3608, Filtermaschine
Glass pouring capacity: 1.25 litres or 10 to 15 cups; Swivel and removable filter: easy to fill, easy to clean
Moulinex Subito FT3608, Filtermaschine
Moulinex Subito FT3608, Filtermaschine
Jug capacity: 8 to 12 cups or 0.9 litres of hot coffee; Drip stop system for serving coffee, even when the coffee maker is in operation, clean

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