Morphy Richards Coffee Makers

Morphy Richards is a British company that manufactures and distributes all types of small household appliances, housewares and kitchen appliances.

The Morphy Richards coffee machines are adapted, as it can be otherwise, to the taste of the Central European and British consumers. Hence, the espresso machines are not their leading exponent – although some of them can be found in their catalogue, of course. As you will see throughout this report, we will talk mainly about Morphy Richards, drip coffee makers.

All the models of Morphy Richards coffee makers that we are going to review have a series of common characteristics. They have very moderate price, small or medium size, lack of advanced functions (distinct orientation towards domestic consumption) and almost all of them are available in different finishes or colours.

On the Internet, it is not exactly a brand that we can often find in the usual shops or hypermarkets, but we can buy a Morphy Richards coffee maker at Amazon if we walk fine with the search. Here are some examples:

All Morphy Richards coffee makers – prices and models

Morphy Richards coffee machines are divided into series, like Russell Hobbs coffee machines, and each is sold in several colours.

That is, you can choose the Vector in various shades or the Accent in multiple finishes besides, each model has a numerical nomenclature, precisely like the Russell Hobbs articles.

Without a doubt, there is a singular parallelism between both brands in the United Kingdom. Let us, without further ado, get to know them:

Morphy Richards Prism

We start with one of the most identifiable Morphy Richards filter coffee machines, the Prism, which obviously takes its name from its design and its unmistakable geometric shape.

It is available in two colours, black and white, and has a number of advanced features (or rather: uncommon in the drip coffee machines we are used to seeing) that will be of great interest to consumers of this type of coffee. For example:

  • 3D decorative pattern on the sides of the machine.
  • 1.8 litre water tank capacity (huge for this type of machine).
  • Possibility to select the aroma or intensity of the coffee.
  • Digital display and timer, to program the coffee machine at the time we need.

In our opinion, and having already had more than a hundred reviews of filter coffee machines on our website, this Morphy Richards Prism is one of the drip coffee machines with the best quality-price ratio on the market.

Morphy Richardds Coffee Overflow Machine from Morphy Richards Prism-White 163001, Steel, 900 W, 1.8...
  • Finish: Stainless steel, plastic. Power: 900W. Capacity: 1.8 litres. Heated thermostatic plate.
  • Heat maintenance Yes, up to 30 min. Water level indicator. Illuminated control panel.
  • Removable filter. Additional features ergonomic filter shape (cupcake).
  • Pre-brewing coffee. Timer with Coffee delay function. Three coffee strength settings. Protection against dripping. Non-slip feet.

Morphy Richards Accents

The Accents in the series before the Vector within the Morphy Richards catalogue (not only in the coffee machines, but in all the articles of the brand), so that functionally they are very similar machines, and only differ in design.

The Morphy Richards Accents drip coffee maker has the side panels with a metallic finish, totally polished, while the Vector has them with a three-dimensional effect relief, as we have seen before. Otherwise, the performance and size of the coffee machines in the two series are the same.

If you must choose between the two, the Accents is slightly cheaper, and the Vector has the advantage of being newer. There are no other differences.

Morphy Richards 162011 Coffee Maker Accents-162011, Black
  • Power: 900 W. Type of dish: jug. Vessel capacity: 1.8 l. Temperature maintenance: hotplate.
  • Additional functions: drip block, temperature support hob, programming of start time, coffee power control, water level indicator, display.

Morphy Richards Piston Coffee Maker 46195

A French press with a capacity of 1 litre (about 8 cups of coffee) with a reasonably large stainless-steel body, which barely shows the cup. Available in three finishes/colours: silver, copper and dark grey. Its dimensions are 15 cm high by 9.7 in diameter.

Morphy Richards Accents Cafetiere, 8 Cup - Stainless Steel
  • 1000 ml capacity, serving up to eight cups
  • Boroscilite glass liner for an elegant finish
  • Stainless steel body, holder and lid for durability
  • Soft touch handle and plunger for enhanced safety
  • Dishwasher safe liner. 3 years guarantee

Morphy Richards Coffee On The Go Single Coffee maker

Of course! In a brand of coffee makers like Morphy Richards, you could not miss one of these individual coffee makers, with a thermal cup included, which allows you to make a large American coffee as the canons require, and take it out to drink it before work or during meetings.

Morphy Richards’ single-serve coffee maker is aptly named Coffee On The Go. It includes a stainless-steel cup (with a rubber band so you can pick it up without burning yourself), with a capacity of almost half a litre. It only makes one coffee at a time, and the space it takes up in your kitchen is minimal. And another detail: if you must leave in a hurry, don’t worry. The coffee maker has an automatic switch-off function.

Morphy Richards Coffee On The Go Filter Coffee Machine 162740 Black and Brushed Stainless Steel...
  • Coffee on the go - great coffee, to go.
  • Thermal travel mug - keeps your coffee hot
  • Permanent filter - easy to clean and saves you money
  • Auto shut off - for peace of mind

Morphy Richards espresso machine 47586

Finally, let’s talk about an already obsolete coffee maker, the Morphy Richards 47586. It’s a primary espresso machine, whose popularity is mainly due to its imaginative design, and because it fits perfectly to the needs of a domestic use: small size, steamer, simplicity of use a coffee maker for the whole family.

This was its unique aspect:

espresso morphy richards coffee maker

As we say, it’s a shame it’s out of print. Without the possibility of purchasing it on Amazon, the doors of the Morphy Richards 47586 espresso machine on the Internet seem closed forever.

Is a Morphy Richards coffee maker worth buying?

Yes, it’s a firm that’s not very popular on the Internet, and that lack of knowledge makes it go unnoticed by the public. It has nothing to envy, for example, in terms of filter coffee makers, to the much better-known Russell Hobbs, and the value for money of its Vector and Accents models is almost unbeatable in the market.

If you are a regular consumer of filter coffee, and you prefer it to espresso, we recommend this brand without a doubt.

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