Lavazza is a brand of capsule coffee machines that is very popular in Italy (not surprisingly, they proclaim themselves to be “the Italians’ favourite coffee“). On the Internet, it enjoys a little less popular than the big multinationals (Dolce Gusto, Nespresso, Tassimo, Senseo), but is undoubtedly on a par with any of them.

We could safely say that Lavazza is in second place in terms of popularity and market share, together with another prestigious system such as Illy, with whom it shares similarities and features. Both companies base their success on their own coffee production. Lavazza coffee beans (like Illy’s) are very well accepted by consumers all over the world, and the brand’s other business lines benefit from this inertia.

Lavazza Qualita Rossa, Arabica and Robusta Medium Roast Coffee Beans, Pack of 1kg
Lavazza Qualita Rossa, Arabica and Robusta Medium Roast Coffee Beans, Pack of 1kg
Lavazza's famous Qualita Rossa is great with or without milk; Blended coffee featuring beans mainly from Brazil and Africa
Lavazza Crema e Aroma, Arabica and Robusta Medium Roast Coffee Beans, Pack of 1 kg
Lavazza Crema e Aroma, Arabica and Robusta Medium Roast Coffee Beans, Pack of 1 kg
1 kg pack of medium roast whole bean Lavazza coffee with a level 8 intensity; Enjoy a cup of Lavazza coffee, this blend offers unparalleled creaminess
Lavazza Super Crema Coffee Beans (1kg)
Lavazza Super Crema Coffee Beans (1kg)
Well prepared, it allows you to enjoy all the qualities of a traditional Italian espresso.

This Italian firm is much more prestigious in Europe, mainly due to the great marketing campaign that the aforementioned brands enjoy in this territory. But make no mistake: Lavazza is synonymous with quality coffee. We could place Lavazza coffee machines on a second rung of popularity, as a “quality” alternative (a little more expensive, too) to the big capsule systems of Nestlé, Tassimo and Senseo.

Although they are not marketed on a large scale in some countries (there are few physical shops), we think that our website is a very good opportunity and springboard to make them known and allow any user to buy a Lavazza coffee machine on Amazon to enjoy it at home.

If you order it from Amazon, you can have it at home in two or three days without having to depend on official shops or intermediaries. So… ignorance is no longer an excuse for not considering Lavazza as one of the best options when it comes to buying your domestic machine.

Lavazza A Modo Mio Jolie Capsule Coffee Machine (Black/White) B+
Lavazza A Modo Mio 18000278 Coffee Maker 1500 W, 1.1 Litre, Acrylonitrile Butadiene Styrene (ABS),...
Lavazza a Modo Mio Tiny Coffee machine, 1450 W, 0.75 Liter, Red
0.6 litres
1.1 litres
0.6 litres
Lavazza A Modo Mio Jolie Capsule Coffee Machine (Black/White) B+
0.6 litres
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Lavazza A Modo Mio 18000278 Coffee Maker 1500 W, 1.1 Litre, Acrylonitrile Butadiene Styrene (ABS),...
1.1 litres
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Lavazza a Modo Mio Tiny Coffee machine, 1450 W, 0.75 Liter, Red
0.6 litres
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It is also possible to buy a Lavazza coffee machine in one of the large supermarkets, but we know that not all cities have this opportunity. Fortunately, the distribution of Lavazza coffee machines on Amazon is very wide and there we have the whole range and all the colours to choose from, with no restrictions whatsoever.

Lavazza machines are manufactured by AEG, so it is not uncommon to come across an AEG Lavazza coffee machine in a catalogue. Make no mistake: they are exactly the same as the ones we are talking about here.

Before we start looking at models, we recommend that you take a look at some of the main articles about Lavaza coffee machines (and their products) that we have published on our website to date.

Lavazza coffee machines: approximate prices

So that you don’t have any doubts, here you have all the costs and offers of Lavazza coffee machines updated at the moment:

Lavazza’s main distinguishing feature is the quality of its coffee: 100% Italian espresso in any variety. All the information on its products can be found here: Lavazza capsules.

All Lavazza A Modo Mio coffee machines

These are Lavazza coffee machines designed for private users. They only work with Lavazza A Modo Mio (or compatible) capsules and are clearly divided into basic range models (the simplest and cheapest, Minú and Tiny), mid-range models (Espria, Jolie, Magia) and Lavazza Fantasia, Idola or Desea coffee machines, which we could consider the top of the range of Lavazza and which far exceed the normal price of a machine of this type.

Lavazza Jolie

A mid-range machine, fairly quiet, with a capacity of 0.6 litres and the ability to store used capsules in a container with a capacity of 5 pods. It is the natural successor of the previous Tiny, for those who are looking for a small, uncomplicated coffee machine in their kitchen.

Lavazza A Modo Mio Jolie Espresso Coffee Machine, Black
  • Elegant shapes and soft lines with great attention to detail. With stop & GO backlit button, you can enjoy your moment of pleasure with this Italian coffee
  • Selected coffee, roasted and ground, with slow extraction that maximizes flavours. Every espresso is a good opportunity to be among friends
  • Cheerful and colourful, it adapts perfectly to every style, giving a touch of vivacity to décor and intense and deep pleasure to the palate
  • Maximum capacity 4/5 coffee capsules. Ejection of used capsule automatic, Compatible with Lavazza a Modo Mio coffee pods
  • Water tank capacity 0. 6 L with transparent tank. Removable ABS cup rest with 2 different heights. All the components can be washed in the dishwasher

This model has a more advanced version called Lavazza Jolie Plus, which we review below:

Lavazza Jolie Plus

The difference between the Jolie Plus and the original is simply aesthetic and in minor details (some chrome trimmings, etc.). In fact, the brand’s idea is for the latter to replace its predecessor in the catalogue.

Lavazza A Modo Mio Jolie Plus Espresso Coffee Machine, Gun Metal
  • Small size and elegance. Double button that allows you to choose between normal or long espresso and is available in metallic colours with a chrome finish
  • Selected coffee, roasted and ground, with slow extraction that maximizes flavours. Every espresso is a good opportunity to be among friends
  • Dual button dispensing, practical and efficient. Dual selection programme to prepare a classic espresso or a caffè lungo at a touch
  • Maximum capacity 5 coffee capsules. Ejection of used capsule automatic, Compatible with Lavazza a Modo Mio coffee pods
  • Water tank capacity 0. 6 L with transparent tank. Empty water tank alert

Lavazza Jolie & Milk

The Jolie&Milk coffee machine is the same as the normal Jolie, but with the addition of the official Lavazza frother via a separate coupling, so that the two appliances are integrated into one. Even so, the operation of both will still be separate, so don’t get confused. If you want to make a cappuccino, you will have to froth the milk yourself in the frother, not just press a button and the machine will do it all by itself.

Lavazza Idola

The Idola is a model designed for more demanding users who want a more complete use of their coffee machine at home. The most important differences between the Lavazza Idola and the Jolie, which is the basic model, are as follows:

  • Touch control panel (no buttons).
  • 4 coffee selection options or sizes.
  • Larger tank capacity: 1.1 litres.

Lavazza Desea

If we take the Idola and add to it the possibility of frothing milk and preparing mixed drinks, then we have this spectacular Lavazza Desea coffee machine: the top of the range from Lavazza. In addition to the 4 normal coffee sizes available on the previous model, the Desea has a second control panel that allows you to select the following automatic drinks:

  • Regular cappuccino.
  • Large cappuccino.
  • Spot coffee.
  • Hot milk froth.
  • Cold milk froth.

In these 5 preparations we can choose the amount of milk froth, according to our taste.

Lavazza Fantasia

This also belongs to Lavazza’s top range, although it is of an earlier generation than the ones mentioned above. Among its features, we highlight the 0.9 litre capacity (much larger than its branded sisters), the touch control panel or the presence of an integrated milk tank that allows us to emulsify the milk and serve the froth directly into our cup.

Lavazza Magia

This model could be labelled as “mid-range” within the Lavazza brand. It has virtually all the virtues and the same size/capacity as the Fantasia, but without the presence of the integrated milk frother.

Lavazza A Modo Mio Magia Coffee Machine, Black
  • The Magia Espresso machine is a great way to get your morning coffee kick. The stylish, compact machine lets you create strong, barista-style coffee without having to leave the comfort of your own...
  • Accidentally leaving the coffee maker on is no longer a risk, due to the auto shut off function, which will turn the machine off automatically after 9 minutes of inactivity. Your beverage will be...
  • The stainless steel drip tray is adjustable to fit different sized cups, and is dishwasher proof for easy cleaning, as are the capsule compartments. There’s a large, 1 litre water tank, a used...
  • Capacity 1L , Pod Cup Warmer, Dimensions H24 x W12.8 x D32cm, LM6000-U, 15 bar Pressure, Removable Reservoir, Espresso & Americano

Lavazza Espria

A much more basic model than the previous Magia and Fantasia. Like them, it was launched in 2015, but with much more modest pretensions. It has a capacity of 0.8 litres, and no touch control panel, but apart from these details it is functionally a very similar coffee maker to the two superior models.

The Lavazza Espria coffee machine is not discontinued, but it is starting to become really difficult to find, because if you want to buy a simple and economical Lavazza coffee machine… the choice should be one of the models we have yet to discuss: Minú or Tiny.

Lavazza Minú

If you’re looking for a basic coffee machine and don’t want to spend a lot of money, this Minú is the best option you have to enjoy Lavazza’s magnificent capsules at home. It is a machine with a 0.5 litre tank, small dimensions, automatic shut-off, and it also allows you to select the size of the coffee (short or long) in advance, without the need for you to keep an eye on it to stop the extraction.

As if this were not enough, the price dropped considerably due to the later appearance of the Tiny model (which we will talk about below). Today, it is no longer available.

Lavazza Tiny

The Tiny and the Minú are the two cheapest and smallest Lavazza A Modo Mio coffee machines. We put the Tiny (launched in 2018) as a legitimate successor to the Minú in its sector, sharing the same features and enhancing its virtues.

Of particular note is its interesting button/switch/indicator that allows you to operate the whole coffee machine from a single place. Little by little, it is gradually giving way to the Jolie.

Lavazza LM800 Tiny Macchina per caffè con capsule 0,75 L Semi-automatica
  • Stop&Go button: Choose the desired amount of espresso every time
  • Transparent tank (0.75 Lt): completely transparent to control water level
  • Small/Large Grid: Removable for espresso or long coffee
  • Easy to charge: insert the capsule with a simple gesture

Lavazza EspressGo portable coffee machine

The boom in portable coffee machines has led many companies to jump on the bandwagon with some models in this peculiar segment. This was the case of Lavazza with its EspressGo, a portable coffee machine that worked with Lavazza capsules and was part of the Italian company’s A Modo Mio product line.

It is now discontinued. It was a machine of excellent quality in its segment, but it had little success. If you are looking for the Lavazza portable coffee machine, you should know that they refer to this particular model: EspressGo.

Is there a Lavazza 24v coffee machine?

Unfortunately not. The only Lavazza coffee machine for cars is the aforementioned EspressGo, which can be plugged into the 12v cigarette lighter socket in cars. It is a 12v Lavazza coffee machine, but it does not work with the 24v sockets fitted in trucks.

Discontinued or old Lavazza coffee machines

We have already said that this Italian firm, although not the best known, has a very long history throughout Europe, and because of this it has in its catalogue several old models that are no longer manufactured.

It is possible that you may still find some of these discontinued Lavazza coffee machines in a second-hand shop or through a private seller who still has them in stock, so we will tell you about them so that you can get to know them: they are the Favola, Simpla and Piccina models. More recent, but also no longer available in shops, is the Lavazza EspressGo portable coffee machine, which we have already talked about.

Also, keep in mind that some of the Lavazza coffee machines we have reviewed in previous sections may be discontinued sooner rather than later, either because they have been on the market for too many years, or because they coexist with an equivalent but newer model.

Lavazza A Modo Mio Simpla

The Lavazza A Modo Mio Simpla coffee machine, like almost all Lavazza coffee machines, is manufactured by the prestigious Italian firm Saeco. It is a coffee machine with 15 bars of pressure, which comes in two models: automatic (Premium) and semi-automatic (Extra).

The difference between the two is that the premium model includes various extras such as a dispenser for programming the amount of coffee in each cup, an exclusive system for keeping the cups hot, or a professional frother (Pannarello, they call it) for making cappuccinos or lattes with finger-licking foam. The Lavazza a Modo Mio Extra is a good coffee machine, but Lavazza’s Premium machines were the best on the market at the time of their launch.

Logically this is noticeable in the price, just over £40 higher in the case of the Premium.

Lavazza A Modo Mio Simpla: Main features

  • 15 bar pressure.
  • Each coffee takes 25-30 seconds to brew.
  • 7 different varieties of coffee capsules.
  • Approx. dimensions: 23.5 x 33 x 30.5 cm. Approximate weight: 5 kilos.
  • Removable water tank with a capacity of 0.9 litres.
  • Cord length: 1.2 metres.

Advantages of the Lavazza A Modo Mio Simpla

  • The capsules that you can enjoy with it (up to 7 varieties of Italian coffee) bring together all the essence and tradition of the most authentic espressos. To give you an example, each capsule contains exactly 7.5 grams of coffee, no more and no less. This is the exact dose used by Italian baristas for each cup.
  • It is quite compact for a high-end coffee machine.
  • Nominated for “product of the year” at the Marketing e Innovazione competition in Italy… quite a guarantee, don’t you think?

Disadvantages of the Lavazza A Modo Mio Simpla

  • Only suitable for making coffee, not other beverages.
  • The capsules are more expensive than the other brands, and the coffee machines are not exactly cheap either. Quality has to be paid for, obviously.

Lavazza A Modo Mio Favola

The Lavazza A Modo Mio Favola coffee machine was manufactured by AEG. It was also marketed in two versions, like the Simpla: Favola Capuccino and Favola Plus, which add some interesting extras to the basic Favola. The Favola Capuccino, for example, incorporates an attached cup for pouring in the fresh milk of your choice and making real milk foam from it… finger-licking good!

This is an option found in some other top-of-the-range coffee machines, such as the Nespresso Lattissima. At the time it was a rather exclusive and unusual accessory. This difference added an extra button on the front panel, a button that is only used for making cappuccinos with real milk foam.

The Plus version, on the other hand, added some really cool features such as the illumination of the cup, or the possibility of programming the exact amount of coffee you want for each preparation. It was, however, a rather expensive machine by market standards.

All Lavazza A Modo Mio Favola models included a frother for cappuccinos and Latte Machiattos on the right side of the front.

Lavazza Favola: Main features

  • 15 bar pressure.
  • Thermoblock system to heat water and prepare coffees in just 25-30 seconds.
  • Milk frother for making Cappuccinos and Macchiatos like the professionals.
  • Approximate dimensions are 36 x 33.6 x 27.6 cm. Weighs approx. 4.2 kilograms.
  • Automatic switch-off function.
  • Automatic ejection of used capsules.
  • Hot water function, for brewing infusions.
  • Water tank capacity 0.9 litres, removable.

Advantages of the Lavazza A Modo Mio Favola

  • 100% Italian coffee capsules of the highest quality. Lavazza’s prestige as a brand is evident.
  • Top of the line performance, especially in the Favola Cappuccino and Favola Plus versions. Nothing to envy to the best coffee machines on the market.

Disadvantages of the Lavazza A Modo Mio Favola

  • If you check its dimensions you will see that it is not exactly a small machine.
  • The price is quite high, although it is justified because it is a very high-end coffee machine.
  • The material finish, where plastic predominates over stainless steel, is perhaps a little inappropriate for such a high-end machine.

The Lavazza A Modo Mio Milk Frother

There are so many milk frothers on the market that we should find a good reason to choose this one from Lavazza over any other electric frother. It is a well-made, medium-high quality milk frother and warmer… and it offers the same guarantees as any other similar model on the market with less brand or less name.

All in all, this seems the most logical choice if you need a frother to accompany your Lavazza coffee machine, and thus have everything from the same manufacturer. But as a stand-alone frother you can probably find cheaper options. Here is a list of their technical specifications:

  • Milk frother that works by magnetic induction.
  • 4 functions: heating milk, emulsifying, mixing and cold milk frothing.
  • Maximum capacity: 180 ml of froth.

We would also like to remind you that this same frother is the one you can purchase as standard when you buy your Jolie&Plus coffee machine (see details above).

Lavazza 18200073 Induktions-milk frother MilkUp Neue Generation black
  • Induction milk frother for warming, mixing and frothing, for both hot and cold drinks.
  • Removable stainless steel foaming container, maximum 180 ml, dishwasher safe.
  • Interchangeable accessories with built-in storage space
  • Efficient brewing of milk without noise by heating by magnetic induction.
  • The Italian design with high quality materials offers a modern design and an elegant look in any kitchen.

Four product lines: Lavazza A Modo Mio, Espresso Point, Firma and Lavazza Blue

As with other capsule brands, the Italians at Lavazza market several different product lines: A Modo Mio, Espresso Point and Lavazza Blue.

The most extensive is Lavazza A Modo Mio: a set of coffee machines and capsules designed for domestic use. These are the “normal” ones, and the ones that are the focus of the reviews we are going to give you on this page.

On the other hand, there is the Lavazza Blue line: a different system designed for use in businesses, offices, workplaces and so on. In other words, for many services a day.

Lavazza 10080632 Blue 2312 Espresso/Cappuccino Machine, 1 gal Tank, Silver/Gray, 18.6" Width x 12.9"...
  • Equipped with one-gallon water tank and pre-programmed one-touch buttons
  • Double spout for making two espressos at a time
  • Manual steam and hot water wand

Please note: Lavazza Blue coffee machines and capsules are completely different from A Modo Mio. They are not compatible with each other or with any of the other Lavazza formats.

Thirdly, there are also the Lavazza Firma machines, which are designed for companies and which we will discuss later, when we look at Lavazza industrial coffee machines.

Another option for the hospitality or professional sector are the Lavazza Espresso Point coffee machines, which even include a vending machine in their range. They even prepare consommés thanks to the hot water service!

Lavazza Espresso Point Mini

Lavazza’s Espresso Point Mini coffee machines are an approach of the Italian firm’s traditional on-trade line to the domestic environment. They may seem, at first glance, like unnecessary competition or rivalry for the Lavazza A Modo Mio, but the truth is that they do not even use the same capsules.

One of Lavazza’s peculiarities is that each of its product lines uses different consumables… so Espresso Point capsules are not compatible with A Modo Mio.

100 Capsules Compatible Lavazza Espresso Point - Caffè Carbonelli Capsules 100% Arabica Blend -...
100 Capsules Compatible Lavazza Espresso Point - Caffè Carbonelli Capsules 100% Arabica Blend -...
Arabica blend: delicate and velvety; Deadline 24 months from date of production; Coffee capsules compatible Lavazza espresso point. Weight: 7.5 gr. diameter 44mm
100 Capsules Compatible Lavazza Espresso Point - Caffè Carbonelli Capsules Strong Blend -...
100 Capsules Compatible Lavazza Espresso Point - Caffè Carbonelli Capsules Strong Blend -...
Strong blend sweet and creamy; Deadline 24 months from date of production; Coffee capsules compatible Lavazza espresso point. Weight: 7.5 gr. diameter 44mm

Lavazza Espresso Point capsules are specially designed for offices and workplaces (the natural habitat of this EP Mini coffee machine). In the manufacturer’s own words, the technology they use – called espressure – allows the same professional results to be brought from coffee shops to offices.

As for the Lavazza EP Mini coffee machine, it is quite compact, with a capacity of 1.2 litres and a used capsule container with space for up to 15 capsules. It is available in several colours, and is a little more expensive than the equivalent Lavazza A Modo Mio machine (which will be the Jolie… a simple coffee machine with no advanced features).

Let’s not forget that this is a work-focused machine, designed for a high number of services per day.

Lavazza coffee machines: capsules and consumables

It is the big question that assails many potential buyers. We are used to looking at price and savings before the quality of the coffee we drink. What capsules do Lavazza coffee machines use? What are their prices? Are there compatible capsules for Lavazza coffee machines?

Well, we would like to inform you that Lavazza coffee machines use their own capsule system (they are not the same as Dolce Gusto or Nespresso coffee machines, nor are the soft pods or pads), which cost more or less the same as the other brands, and which have a relatively exciting range of specialities. We talk about them in our guide to Lavazza single-dose capsules. Compatible Lavazza capsules are also available, most of them from Italian manufacturers and roasters.

Lavazza A Modo Mio Delizioso Coffee Capsules (5 Packs of 16)
Lavazza A Modo Mio Delizioso Coffee Capsules (5 Packs of 16)
Well rounded, smooth, aromatic; Rating Out of 5:- Flavour: 4, Body: 3, Intensity: 3.5; 100% Arabica
Lavazza A Modo Mio Delizioso Coffee Capsules (5 Packs of 16)
Lavazza A Modo Mio Delizioso Coffee Capsules (5 Packs of 16)
Well rounded, smooth, aromatic; Rating Out of 5:- Flavour: 4, Body: 3, Intensity: 3.5; 100% Arabica
100 A modo mio Compatible Coffee Capsules - Coffee Taste kit - Il Caffè Italiano - FRHOME
100 A modo mio Compatible Coffee Capsules - Coffee Taste kit - Il Caffè Italiano - FRHOME
Pack 100 compatible Lavazza A Modo Mio Tasting Kit; A journey through the different types of coffee to suit all tastes
Lavazza A Modo Mio Intenso Coffee Capsules (5 Packs of 16)
Lavazza A Modo Mio Intenso Coffee Capsules (5 Packs of 16)
Intense, full-bodied, well-rounded; Rating Out of 5:- Flavour: 3, Body: 5, Intensity: 5
Lavazza A Modo Mio Lungo Dolce Coffee Capsules (1 Pack of 16)
Lavazza A Modo Mio Lungo Dolce Coffee Capsules (1 Pack of 16)
"A-List-Item"> Roast: Medium Composition: 100% Arabica; "A-List-Item"> Carton Contains 16 Capsules

What are Lavazza A Modo Mio capsules like?

Lavazza coffee capsules, as we say, are different from the other formats we know. They are slightly flatter than Nespresso capsules, and flatter than Dolce Gusto capsules.

Each Lavazza A Modo Mio capsule contains 7.5 grams of coffee, and of course they are vacuum-packed. The total number of varieties is not excessively high (up to 9, at the time of writing) but it should be remembered that they are all pure espresso coffee, with no milk powder or other beverages. If you fall short, you can always use compatible Lavazza capsules, so there is no problem in this respect, but… a Lavazza coffee machine without original capsules can fall somewhat short of the mark. Remember that one of the main strengths of this system is the famed quality of its coffee.

Lavazza refillable capsules

Refillable capsules for Lavazza are a perfect option for those who are not satisfied with the varieties in the brand’s “official” range, and who want to save a little on every cup they make. The truth is that refillable capsules (or empty capsules) exist for all single-serve formats, and Lavazza is no exception. They all work in a similar way, and simply differ in shape and size to suit each format.

Here is a selection of empty Lavazza capsules, to be filled with the blend of ground coffee you like best. We can basically divide them into two types:

  • Lavazza steel refillable capsules: these are reusable. With just one capsule we have enough for many uses. Some come with an adapted presser, as if we were working with a normal filter in an arm coffee machine.
  • Lavazza plastic refillable capsules: they come in packs of multiple units – 100 is the usual number – and each single dose is for single use only.

As you can see, empty Lavazza capsules are also available for the Espresso Point format.

General features of Lavazza A Modo Mio coffee machines

As for the Lavazza A Modo Mio coffee machines, these are top-of-the-range machines, with premium features and high prices on most models. This is a summary of the characteristics common to almost all of them:

  • Some have a steamer, an exciting accessory which is not often found as standard.
  • They prepare coffee at 15 bar pressure.
  • They are usually available in several colours to choose from.
  • Their capsules only include coffee, not other drinks such as chocolates or infusions.
  • The coffee is prepared following the purest tradition of Italian espressos (dose size, proportions, blends, etc.).
  • Both the price of the coffee machines and the capsules are slightly above the average of the other brands.
  • The official capsules can only be purchased online (at Amazon or in our Lavazza online shop) or in Lavazza’s physical stores. Another option is to search for coffee capsules that are compatible with the Lavazza system.

Lavazza markets two main lines of machines: Lavazza Blue (for offices and public buildings) and Lavazza A Modo Mio (more oriented towards domestic consumption). At, we focus on analysing the latter.

Advantages of Lavazza system coffee machines over other brands

You may be hesitating between buying a capsule coffee machine of one system or another, evaluating the pros and cons of each. As we have a 360º view of the entire sector, we can help you in this regard and summarise what we consider to be the main advantages of the Lavazza system over others:

  • Lavazza coffee is synonymous with quality and good reputation all over the world. If you are an espresso lover, Lavazza consumables will give you the quality you are looking for.
  • It is a brand with a very long history and great prestige in Italy, the birthplace of espresso.
  • Its range of top-of-the-range machines (among which we highlight the Desea) is quite interesting and innovative compared to what we find in other brands.
  • Silence. Lavazza coffee machines are less noisy than what we are used to from other manufacturers.

Disadvantages of Lavazza coffee machines

On the other hand, and in spite of the generally good quality of this firm and its products, not everything is rosy and there are also “less positive” aspects that we should point out, above all to help potential undecided buyers. In our opinion, these are:

  • Lavazza’s distribution is not as wide as that of other brands. Therefore, it is more difficult to find coffee machines and consumables in physical shops (especially in certain regions). And it will also be more difficult, for the same reason, to find expert advice or reliable technical services. Fortunately, Lavazza coffee machines are well represented on Amazon.
  • The coffee machines are not cheap, especially when compared to Tassimo or Dolce Gusto.
  • The range of capsule specialities in the “official” catalogue is not very wide, and does not include cappuccino or latte capsules. You can make these drinks in some models (the Desea, for example) but fresh milk is provided by the user.

How quiet are Lavazza coffee machines?

One of the areas where Lavazza tries to differentiate itself from its competitors is in the area of noise. Are Lavazza coffee machines as quiet as they seem? Well, the theory tells us that they are, but the practice tells us that it is actually difficult to check and that perception is very subjective.

If you don’t compare it with another machine, it is difficult to tell whether your Lavazza coffee machine makes less or more noise than others.

As an illustrative summary, take a look at the manufacturer’s own official noise measurements for various Lavazza models:

  • Idola: 43 dB
  • Jolie: 44 dB

In general, all Lavazza coffee machines generate between 43 and 44 decibels, but beware, this is measured officially and in a very controlled environment. If, for example, you put the machine on a shelf in your house that vibrates a lot… it will have nothing to do with it.

As a reference, in this video you can hear quite well how the machine works in the preparation of an espresso. And the truth is that the noise seems to be quite contained:

How do Lavazza coffee machines work?

Well, the way Lavazza coffee machines work is quite similar to other single-serve formats, so users who are familiar with other machines will have no problem. For beginners, the process is summarised below:

Time required: 2 minutes.

This is how to use a Lavazza coffee machine step by step (remember to place a cup or glass under the spout before you start):

1. Fill the water tank
Every machine needs a minimum amount of water to work.

2. Insert your favourite pod into the dispenser
A Lavazza coffee machine without capsules is worthless. It’s just a formality, but it’s worth remembering just in case.

3. Pull down the dispenser lever

4. Press the button for the coffee you wish to prepare
This step will depend on the model of machine you are using. On some you will simply choose the size of coffee (short-long), and on others like the Desea you will have to press the exact drink you want to make, such as cappuccinos or lattes.

And you won’t have to do anything else, because in most models of this brand, the capsules dispose of themselves into a container that you will have to empty every 12-15 uses or so. It couldn’t be simpler!

Lavazza coffee machines for the on-trade: the crème de la crème

One of Lavazza’s great commercial strengths is that, apart from being active in the domestic sector, it is one of the leading companies in the HoReCa segment (i.e. professional catering: Hotels, Restaurants and Cafés).

The Italian firm has an extensive network of services aimed at facilitating the work of hotels and catering establishments, and provides all the materials necessary for each business to set up their spaces in the best possible way.

Some examples of Lavazza industrial coffee machines are the LB4700, or the more compact LB4200. The acronym LB indicates that they use the well-known Lavazza Blue capsule system, but the most interesting feature of these machines is the DUO system: a formula that allows businesses to switch between coffee beans and capsule coffee depending on the flow of customers or guests.

Lavazza Firma coffee machine

Lavazza Firma coffee machines are the Lavazza product line designed for businesses. Offices, business centres… places where many coffee services are provided every day but which do not make a living from the hotel and catering business.

All in all, this is a range of products that has had very little traction, and whose market has been mainly focused on Italy, where they are very popular.

It should be recalled that both Lavazza Firma coffee machines and Firma capsules use their own system, which is different from the Italian company’s other business lines. Firma, Lavazza Blue and A Modo Mio are completely different formats.

Furthermore, neither the Lavazza Firma machines nor the Lavazza Firma capsules can be purchased on Amazon: they have to be ordered specifically from the retailer. Curiously, however, we can find some compatible products:

Verzi caffè 100 Capsules Aroma Ricco 100% Compatible with Lavazza Firma Coffee Machines. This...
Verzi caffè 100 Capsules Aroma Ricco 100% Compatible with Lavazza Firma Coffee Machines. This...
Verzi caffè 100 capsules Aroma Ricco 100% compatible with Lavazza Firma coffee machines; Made in Italy product with high quality raw materials.

Where can I buy a Lavazza coffee machine?

The answer to this question is quite simple: it depends on the format of coffee machine you are looking for. We have already said that this brand is in a “second row” in terms of popularity (but not in terms of quality), and this means that its distribution is somewhat less fluid than that of other brands.

Both Lavazza A Modo Mio coffee machines and capsules are undoubtedly the easiest to find, both in physical shops and online. It is not difficult to buy a Lavazza A Modo Mio coffee machine on Amazon, even discontinued models, while consumables can be found on the shelves of your usual supermarket.

A more complex issue is whether you want to buy any of the brand’s other formats. If you want to buy a Lavazza Firma, Espresso Point or Lavazza Blue coffee machine, the easiest way is to contact the brand directly. The only exception is the Espresso Point Mini model, which is more oriented towards private consumption and can be purchased on Amazon.

Lavazza coffee machines offers (used, and more)

The range of Lavazza coffee machines on Amazon is wide enough to accommodate very different models. The simplest ones, such as the Tiny or the Jolie, have a reasonable price. But the rest, not so much.

The aforementioned lack of distribution of Lavazza coffee machines makes finding good prices more complicated than with other manufacturers. With Amazon as the main and almost the only official distribution channel, Lavazza coffee machines on offer are reduced to a few models and to very specific situations of lack of stock or model updates. This is not a brand that usually runs big campaigns on dates such as Black Friday or Amazon Prime Day, to cite a few examples.

Thus, the best way to buy a cheap Lavazza coffee machine is to opt for the basic models: the cheapest Lavazza coffee machine is the Tiny, although it is starting to be sold out of the market and is difficult to find. Of the other machines, the cheapest is the Jolie. Both can be found for less than 100 pounds.

For the rest it is difficult to find good deals, unless it is an older model.

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