Jura is a Swiss company whose headquarters are located in the small village of Niederbuchsiten, a town of barely 1000 inhabitants in the Swiss canton of Solothurn. It is a company with a long history in the industry (founded in 1931) and is very famous for focusing mainly on the manufacture and marketing of high-end automatic coffee machines or premium coffee machines.

If you’re looking for the highest quality in your espressos and you’re picky about the results, you’ve probably considered buying a Jura automatic coffee maker at some point in your life.

Jura automatic coffee machines are designed to make the purest espressos and coffees simply by pressing a button and placing our cups under the nozzle. You can also enjoy this One-Touch operation on most models when preparing cappuccinos and lattes.

They are quite fast, to the point of completing the entire production process (grinding, pressing, extraction and cleaning) in less than a minute. All Jura super-automatic coffee machines work with 15 bar pressure pumps. The steamer tubes can either vaporisevaporise steam – or foam – more like a milkshake – to produce foams with total consistency and finesse.

As Jura has a very wide range of coffee machines with similar characteristics (high-end automatic espresso machines), it is important to know them all and find out their similarities and the differences between them. Which models respond to different coffee machines, which are simply updates of a previous model.

Comparison of Jura coffee machines

When buying a Jura automatic coffee machine online, there are so many lines, ranges and models that the first-time user may feel overwhelmed. So that you can clearly distinguish all of them, here is the first look at their two best seller coffee machines:

Bestseller No. 1
JURA 15079 E6 Coffee Machine, Platinum
JURA 15079 E6 Coffee Machine, Platinum
Introducing a world first - P.E.P. for outstanding barista quality espresso and ristretto; 7 Individually programmable speciality coffees.Frequency 50 Hz
Bestseller No. 2
JURA 15057 E8 Automatic Bean to Cup Coffee Machine, ABS PLASTIC, 1450 W, 1.9 liters, Chrome
JURA 15057 E8 Automatic Bean to Cup Coffee Machine, ABS PLASTIC, 1450 W, 1.9 liters, Chrome
Intelligent Water System for automatic filter detection; 7 Individually programmable speciality coffees

Similarities between Jura coffee machines: Models and prices

All Jura super-automatic coffee machines have several common features, which should be reviewed first. Although they are standard features of Jura models, you will not find them in practically any other automatic coffee machine on the market.

For example, any of these Jura coffee machines are compatible with Claris water filters, has an exclusive ground coffee pre-infusion system (I.P.B.A.S), and includes several automatic cleaning, rinsing and decalcifying programmes.

You can serve hot water through the steamer if you want to prepare infusions on the spot. For the heating of the water, they all use the Thermoblock system.

In addition, the super-automatic Jura coffee machines have a digital display to inform you of what step you are at any given time. The coffee dispenser is height-adjustable and has an extra inlet pipe so that you can use pre-ground coffee instead of grinding the coffee beans in the tank. The latter is ideal, for example, for preparing decaffeinated coffee.

Jura ENA and ENA Micro automatic coffee machines: the compact

Jura’s ENA and ENA Micro coffee machines represent Jura’s commitment to offering consumers the most compact and reduced coffee makers in the entire range.

First, the ENA line was launched on the market, and then the ENA Micromachines was further reduced in size. Both models are the same, with the only difference that the Jura ENA Micro is 4 centimetres narrower than the ENA, and its container for storing coffee beans also has a smaller capacity. The other dimensions, and the performance of both, are identical.

For your reference: the ENA Micro is approximately 23 centimetres wide, while the other models are between 27.5 and 30 centimetres.

Another functional difference with the Jura ENA coffee machines is that the maximum amount of coffee we can use in the extraction is approximately 10 grams (8 ounces). In contrast, with the other Jura machines, we can prepare a coffee with up to 16 grams (16 ounces) of doses.

In short: if you need to buy a Jura automatic coffee machine on the Internet that is small and does not cost too much, these ENAs are just the ones that meet these conditions.

Both the ENA and the ENA Micro follow a sequential numbering (ENA Micro 1, ENA 5…) and currently, the most recent model is the Jura ENA Micro 9. Here are some of the Jura ENA automatic coffee machines currently sold on Amazon:

Jura ENA Micro 1 Aroma Plus Coffee Machine, 1450 W, 15 Bar - Black
Jura ENA Micro 1 Aroma Plus Coffee Machine, 1450 W, 15 Bar - Black
Ultra compact Swiss design without compromise; Fully automatic bean-to-cup coffee machine producing the ultimate espresso or black coffee

Line A

We are going to go in ascending order in the Jura scale, so we start with the ENA, which are the most basic (because they mainly look for the economy of space), and continue with the A-line of Jura, which is already a slightly bigger and more efficient coffee machine.

At the time of writing, the model was on sale in the Jura A1, available in black and white. It is more complete than the ENA but does not yet have the possibility of foaming milk: it comes without a steamer lance. Ideal for those who only enjoy espressos and ristrettos.

However, although the Jura A1 is the current model, we cannot fail to mention one of the mythical models of the Swiss firm, which belongs precisely to this line of coffee machines: the Impressa A5. Another example, already with Panarello, was the Jura A7.

Jura Printed A5

The Impressa A5 is one of Jura’s most complete models. This can also be seen in its price, which is significantly higher than the cost of the models analysed above.

This is because this Jura A5 super-analysedc has absolutely everything: special 3 mm thick aluminium casing, integrated grinder with six different grinder thicknesses, digital display, quite a compact size, automatic preparation (at the touch of a button) of espressos, coffees, cappuccinos and lattes, Aroma+ grinding system (faster and more precise than conventional)… and so we could go on to infinity.

Jura Impressa A5 One Touch Coffee Machine, 1450 Watt, 15 Bar, Platinum
Jura Impressa A5 One Touch Coffee Machine, 1450 Watt, 15 Bar, Platinum
Use with fresh coffee beans or pre-ground coffee such as decaffeinated

Line C: Jura Printed C60

It is no longer sold, but in the past, this Impressa C60 was located between lines A and D, which, unlike line A, included the possibility of preparing cappuccinos as it included the coveted frothing device. However, it did not yet have the additional milk tank.

This means that it does not support automatic cappuccino preparation at the touch of a single button (although you can froth the milk separately and prepare the cappuccino yourself). Instead of focusing only on automatic espresso preparation, the C60 offers superior features and customisation options over other Jura coffee machines.

Special mention should be made of its Rotary Switch control system, which allows the coffee maker to be operated practically by just one button and a digital display.

Jura Impressa C50 Bean to Cup Coffee Machine
Jura Impressa C50 Bean to Cup Coffee Machine
Additional preground coffee selector e.g decaffeinated; Hot water function; Milk frother for latte, macchiato and cappuccino

As we say, line C is currently out of print and has given way to line D.

Line D: with skimmer and cappuccinos

Suppose a user is looking to buy a Jura automatic coffee machine that allows him to make automatic cappuccinos at the touch of a button (i.e. with a direct connection to the milk tank). In that case, the first coffee machine he will find in the Swiss firm’s catalogue is this D line. There are currently two models on the market: D4 and D6 (the card belongs to the latter), and the differences between the two are precisely the drinks they can prepare.

The Jura D4 allows you to make espressos, ristrettos, espressos and double ristrettos, lungos and lungo barista. All of them are single coffees. The D6 also adds the possibility of foaming milk and adding it to make lattes and cappuccinos.

Line E: with digital display

The Jura E-line super-automatic coffee machines now have a digital screen (usually TFT and full colour) that informs us of what is happening in the machine and makes menu navigation and the selection of options much easier.

The traditional model in this range was the E6. Still, we also have the E8, which has an additional input for using ground coffee and 15 programmed automatic specialities, by 11 of the lower model.

Specifically, these are the fifteen preparations that we can make at the touch of a single button on our Jura E8: one or two espressos, one or two ristrettos, double espressos, regular coffee (one or two), speciality coffee, cappuccinos, lattes and flat whites, espresso macchiato (the equivalent of our cut coffee), hot water, hot milk, or water for green tea. A good menu.

Jura 15306 E8 Piano White SC
Jura 15306 E8 Piano White SC
Jura E8 Piano White SC

The Jura E8 is one of the bestsellers in this brand’s catalogue. The lower models are somewhat basic or lack important functions for some consumers, while the upper models are already machines with a price that is close to prohibitive in some cases.

Above this line was the Impressa F8, a superior model to the Impressa A6 we spoke about earlier, but which is now out of print. The next step in the Jura range is now the S line.

Jura IMPRESSA F8 Aroma+ TFT Coffee Machine, 1.9 L, 1450 W, 15 Bar - Piano Black
Jura IMPRESSA F8 Aroma+ TFT Coffee Machine, 1.9 L, 1450 W, 15 Bar - Piano Black
Swiss made bean-to-cup coffee machine combining elegance, convenience and reliability; Create an inspiring range of coffee specialities with fresh beans or pre-ground coffee

Line J

The Jura J6 white coffee machine, marketed in piano white, is a 2.1-litre capacity maker, which we would include in the large automatic espresso machine segment.

We won’t go into too much detail on this machine because it is practically identical to the Jura S8 in terms of performance, size, dimensions and price. Their differences are very, very slight and limited to specific details.

Jura CD White Pressure Coffee Maker J6 Piano
Jura CD White Pressure Coffee Maker J6 Piano
Depth: 43.3 cm. Plug type: Type C/EF - 2 pin (Europlug/FR-DE Hybrid).

Line S

It is rare to talk about “high end” in a firm as prestigious as Jura, where even the most basic machines are true monsters. But it is precisely these Jura S-line coffee machines that mark the beginning, let’s say, the créme of the créme in this exclusive catalogue.

These are top-of-the-range coffee machines from other brands. We can only compare them to examples such as the Xelsis or GranBaristo from Philips Saeco or the Primadonna Elite from the Delonghi automatics. To make them a one-way street, we are talking about machines in the range of £1,500 to £2,000.

Does anyone else give? Yes, Jura herself, that the search for excellence still holds some surprises for us in her catalogue.

Line Z

The Jura Z6 super-automatic would normally be the top of the range for any other manufacturer. But Jura is anything but an ordinary manufacturer. Take a look at its features to understand better why the price of this machine is well over £2000:

  • Optimised hydraulics.
  • 2.4 litre water tank
  • 280 gram capacity coffee grinder with 10 grinding levels.
  • 22 programmed automatic specialities.
  • 3.5 inch TFT screen.
  • Bluetooth connectivity.
  • Variable infusion unit between 5 and 16 grams.
  • Claris water filters.
  • You can create your own coffees and recipes by varying the different parameters of the machine, and save them to repeat later.
  • Options that can be programmed for each extraction: amount of water, coffee intensity, milk temperature, brewing temperature, hot water temperature.
  • LED lighting for the cups and for the water tank.
  • We can tell the coffee maker what time we want it to turn off.
  • Power: 1450 watts.
  • Approximate weight: 12 kilograms.
  • Dimensions: 37 x 32 x 45 cms.
  • Year of launch: 2018.
JURA 15163 Z6 Coffee Machine, 1450 W, Aluminium Black
JURA 15163 Z6 Coffee Machine, 1450 W, Aluminium Black
Introducing a world first - P.E.P for outstanding barista quality espresso and ristretto; 12 Individually programmable specialty coffees

Jura Giga coffee machines: the top of the range

We know that this is sometimes a outside or exaggeration, but in this case, it is one of the least likely to be wrong. The Jura Giga coffee maker is one of the most serious candidates for the best coffee maker globally, at least among those that can be acquired in the commercial home market.

Yes, we are talking about a machine that is almost £5,000 in price, but its capacities and cost exceed even the needs of many businesses. It cannot be considered a professional coffee maker, nor a home coffee machine, nor can it be pigeonholed into any other group. It is simply a luxury coffee maker aimed at those who want and can indulge in a whim of this calibre.

The last version is the Jura Giga 6, although we analysed on the web the previous Giga 5. So that you get an idea (you will be left with your mouth open anyway…)

[analysedox=”B009SKA2K6″ template=”list”]

Spare parts for Jura coffee machines

When we talk about spare parts for Jura coffee machines, we find the typical accessories of super-automatic coffee makers, as this is the only type of machine that markets this brand. The difference is that Jura, being a top-of-the-range manufacturer, also offers a very wide range of spare parts. Practically any element of its coffee machines can be obtained either from Amazon or on request.

To start with, we have the classic descaler (every major brand sells its own) and water filters with their cartridges (note that the filter is not the same as the spare part, these are different accessories).

There are also accessories for Jura coffee machines related to the milk emulsion system, such as rubber bands and sleeves for when one of them breaks,

Jura Cleaning Tablets tub of 25
Jura Cleaning Tablets tub of 25
Alkaline cleaning tablets developed especially for fully automatic Jura machines; Neutral odor
Jura 71794 Claris Smart Filter, 6 Pack
Jura 71794 Claris Smart Filter, 6 Pack
Claris filter cartridge specially developed for Jura espresso/coffee machines.; Always freshly filtered coffee water before each preparation.

Possible alternatives to Jura coffee machines

When someone is considering buying a Jura automatic coffee maker, they are a demanding consumer, very fond of espresso and with some experience in these matters. Not just anything will do.

Jura has positioned itself in the market as a premium brand, with all its models focused precisely on this demanding consumer profile. So if you value other, more generalist, super-automatic brands such as Saeco, Philips or Delonghi (to name the most common), you’ll have to go to the top-of-the-range models to find a fair comparison. For example, in this guide, you will find all the references of this last manufacturer: Delonghi super-automatic coffee machines.

So, the comparison of Jura vs Saeco or Jura vs Delonghi only makes sense if we make it in the Italian manufacturers’ two or three top-of-the-range machines.

As equivalent brands across much of their range, we can cite Siemens or Melitta, for example. And yet, the Jura Swiss compete head-to-head with either of them and beat them if we go to the top segments.

Where can I buy a Jura super automatic coffee machine?

If you’ve read this far, you’ve probably already made up your mind or are close to deciding to buy a Jura coffee maker. And you will have seen that most of the shopping links we have put up are from Amazon.

The case of Jura is not that of a generalist brand. It is a manufacturer with a certain exclusivity, and therefore you will not find Jura coffee machines in any large department store easily. At the most, you will have to go to very specialised shops, and not in all the cities we will have access to them.

That is why we recommend buying your Jura automatic coffee machine dirspecialisedAmazon. They do not always have all the models in stock; for most buyers, it is the easiest and most accessible option, apart from the one they offer by far.

Is it worth buying a second-hand Jura coffee machine? Offers

Second-hand Jura coffee machines can be a highly sought-after item, if you find one because the stock is usually not plentiful. And the reason is the same as for any other high-end machine or brand of coffee maker: there are not many models on the market, and they are also very exclusive machines whose operation is more than tested. Few owners of a Jura super-automatic coffee machine decide to get rid of it after a while.

And there are no offers on Jura coffee machines either. Such well-known brands do not usually lower the price of their products to maintain that elitist and exclusive status that is precisely what they are looking for and what distinguishes them from their competitors.

If you decide to buy a second-hand Jura coffee maker (for example, in the section reconditioned of Amazon), and you are lucky enough to find one at a low price, don’t think twice about it. These are rare opportunities and rarely occur. When faced with such expensive gadgets as this brand, any small discount can mean hundreds of pounds in your pocket.