We know that at Ikea, you can find practically everything, even coffee machines. Yes, friends, in this review we are going to talk about Ikea and Italian coffee machines, a successful combination (like everything that the Swedish brand touches) that in recent times has been extended with other products such as the Ikea integrated coffee machine -now discontinued- or the plunger coffee machines, which we will also talk about later.

The range of Ikea coffee machines maintains the essential lines of the rest of the firm’s catalogue: interesting designs, but without throwing the bells out into the air, almost unbeatable value for money, and an undisguised commercial focus on the wider public segment.

All Ikea coffee machines: Prices and models

Ikea coffee machines are cheap items without electrical appliances, i.e. mochas, French presses or even drippers.

They advertise them as the perfect solutions to enjoy a real Swedish Fika (Fika is the word used in the Scandinavian country to refer to the coffee break and all the rituals that surround it).

But the truth is that they are still medium-low range articles, with a slight Nordic touch in the design that gives them a certain personality.

Ikea Upphetta coffee machine

If you are looking for a French Ikea coffee machine, you have two options: this one or the Egentlig that we will see next. The Upphetta is a piston coffee maker from Ikea that has a lid, handle and foot made of polypropylene plastic (black, you cannot choose another shade). The plunger and finishes are in stainless steel.

The glass has a capacity of 1 litre, and its overall dimensions are 22 cm high by 11 cm in diameter. It is very basic, and its price is significantly lower than that of the Egentlig. We also have a much smaller version, just 0.4 litres, ideal for couples or people living alone.

Home Ikea Upphetta 34oz Glass Stainless Steel French Press Coffee Tea Maker
Home Ikea Upphetta 34oz Glass Stainless Steel French Press Coffee Tea Maker
Can Be Used for Coffee, Espresso, Latte, and Brewed Leaf Tea; Modern Design in Glass, Stainless Steel, and Heat Resistant Black Handle and Lid

Ikea Egentlig coffee machine

The Egentlig is Ikea’s other piston coffee machine. It does not allow a choice of designs or colours but differs from the Upphetta in that the glass is entirely made of double-coated glass. The handle is integrated into the main body of the cup and is temperature-insulated. This makes it more expensive than the previous one, although logically, it is also a higher quality piece.

There is only one model with a capacity of 0.9 litres. Its height is 21 cm, and its diameter is 12 cm.

IKEA Egentlig French Press 903.589.76 Coffee Maker Double-Walled Clear Glass
IKEA Egentlig French Press 903.589.76 Coffee Maker Double-Walled Clear Glass
Egentlig French Press Double Wall Coffee Maker Clear Glass; Suitable for everyday use; Egentlig French Press Coffee Maker, Double-Walled, Clear Glass

Ikea Radig coffee machine

The Ikea induction coffee maker, called Radig, is undoubtedly the most popular of the Swedish firm – at least at the time of writing. This Ikea coffee maker has a capacity of 6 cups (0.33 litres exactly) and dimensions of 19 cm high by 11 cm in diameter.

As you can see, it is a stainless steel mocha with straight lines and a modern cut, far from the classic Italian octagonal coffee maker. Its designers are C.Martin and M.Elebäck.

The handle is made of phenolic plastic, and it is finished in black.

To name one, but for this Radig coffee maker from Ikea, we would have liked to have had more versions or sizes to choose from. What less than the basic 4 and 10 cups, at least.

Ikea Högmodig coffee machine

We finish our tour of the Ikea coffee machines with a drip cone (or dripper, as we like to call it), made up of the cone itself and the glass jar where the coffee is deposited. It has a capacity of 0.6 litres and is designed by Mikael Axelsson. In total, the Högmodig coffee maker from Ikea is 16 cm high.

The filter, as you can see in the image, is made of stainless steel. You can reuse it as many times as you like.

One advantage of this model is that all its components are dishwasher safe.

Ikea Hogmodig coffee machine front view

Is it worth buying a coffee machine at Ikea? Alternatives

Man, if you’re going to make the typical trip to Ikea to spend the whole day there and buy a lot of furniture and stuff for your house, well, yes, you can take a coffee maker with you if you need it. But going there expressly to buy an Ikea coffee maker is not.

Ikea coffee machines are medium-basic profile items, like any of the usual manufacturers that you can find even in your city’s hypermarket. Some alternative brands to Ikea coffee machines, with similar quality and prices, maybe Cuperinox, San Ignacio or Ibili in the case of the Italian ones, Renberg, Bodum or Coffee Gator in the case of the plunger ones. Not by choice!

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