H.Koenig is a German manufacturer specialising in the small household appliance sector that markets almost a hundred different references (yes, you read that right, a hundred!). The specialities in the H.Koenig catalogue range from kitchen to cleaning, laundry, hoovers, kitchen robots, although we are interested in the four that correspond to coffee makers.

All products have in common innovation, unconventional design and a quality that places them in the middle range in their respective fields.

The history of H.Koenig begins more than half a century ago, back in 1960, in the old West Germany. Helmut Koenig (yes, the H stands for the initials of the company founder’s name) was a rather ingenious and resourceful craftsman.

He began to create and manufacture the products of his creation in his own workshop. Such was his success that, taking advantage of the industrial revival of the area, he began to expand his business and production to all the factories around him. Soon the firm of H.Koenig, the modest craftsman, became the reference for household appliances in its surroundings.

The brand’s expansion has continued unabated, and today, more than 50 years later, H.Koenig is an internationally recognised company with a presence throughout the world.

Buy H.Koenig Coffee Machine: Prices and Models

Before we start talking about the different coffee makers offered by H.Koenig, and how we can differentiate them, we attach a practical table comparing H.Koenig coffee makers. Here you can review the most important data at a glance and have direct access to the analyses and purchase links.

As mentioned at the beginning of this article, all H.Koenig coffee machines can be considered mid-range products (they are not cheap or basic products, although they do not reach a premium level either).

H.Koenig Drip Coffee Machines

H.Koenig currently has three models of drip coffee machines on the market, all of which are easily recognisable and distinguishable from each other. They all share the same basic qualities and a number of common features but differ in certain functions.

If we order them from lower to higher price range, the range would be composed of the models MG15, Steward and MG10.

They all have a black plastic main body, a metal-coated front, a fairly large water tank with a capacity of 1.5 litres, and a timer that allows us to programme its start at the time that suits us best, without having to be in front of the coffee maker when we go to prepare the coffee. You will see the small LCD screen on all the models.

The essential differences between the three models are as follows:

  • The H.Koenig MG15 has a conventional glass carafe.
  • The Steward or STW25 is exactly the same as the MG15, but instead of a glass carafe it includes a stainless steel thermos jug that is able to maintain the temperature of the coffee for longer.
  • Finally, the MG10 has a glass carafe but differs from the other two in that it includes an integrated grinder. It allows us to enjoy a freshly ground filter coffee with an unbeatable aroma. Naturally, it is more expensive than any of the previous ones.

The following image corresponds to the H.Koenig MG30 model:

H.Koenig XPS15 Express Coffee Machine

In addition to the range of filter coffee machines, H.Koenig also has an economic espresso machine on the market called XPS15. This is a 15 bar pressure coffee machine with a capacity of 1.2 litres.

It has a steamer tube, and perhaps its greatest virtue is that one of its filters is also compatible with the ESE single-dose bags. You can buy it in two colours: black and red, which one do you like better?

H.Koenig XPS15 Espresso Machine, 1360 Watt, Black
H.Koenig XPS15 Espresso Machine, 1360 Watt, Black
Usage of ground coffee or coffee pods; Boiler to prepare cappuccino; 1 or 2 cups; Removable platform

H.Koenig EXP530

This is a totally different machine from the rest of the German firm’s range. It is not a dripper but an express machine, and it is not a mid-range or economic machine but rather competes in the mid-high segment of the industry. As you can see below, its price makes it very clear.

This H. Koenig EXP530 espresso machine has a 1.7-litre capacity and a super robust body built 100% in stainless steel. It includes all the features that an expert coffee aficionado might need to prepare good espressos at home and also includes a very precise barometer that allows us to control the extraction pressure accurately. Only for demanding palates!

Where Can I Buy an H.Koenig Coffee Machine?

The best option is to buy your H.Koenig coffee maker online, as this firm does not have a wide distribution network. Its closest partners are mainly technology chains such as Amazon, Fnac, Rakuten or Redcoon. In other words, these are not the typical makers you will find on the shelf of your usual hypermarket.

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